New Arrival Mini Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light

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1.Bluetooth version:V2.1+EDR
2.Bluetooth transmission power: CLASS2 4dBm
3.Bluetooth working frequency:2.4GHz
4.Charging voltage: DC5V/500mA
5.Working voltage :DC 3.7V
6.Battery capacity:400MA
7.Music playing time:4H
8.Talking time:8H
9.THD: ≤ 0.1% (3.7V/1KHz/1.8W)
10.Signal to Noise Ratio:≥65 db
11.Speaker parameter :4Ω3W 40MM
12.Bluetooth range :10-20m
13.Colour:red ,blue,silver,black,white


1.Metal sense design
2.Portable, hanging portable design
3.Bluetooth wireless audio transmission
4.variety color for choice
5.With phone handsfree
6.Computer small speakers
7.Car bluetooth
8.FM radio
9.Card speakers
10.LED light

New Arrival Mini Bluetooth Speaker with LED LightNew Arrival Mini Bluetooth Speaker with LED LightNew Arrival Mini Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light

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Q:no sound from computer speakers?
Most of the time you just have to reinstall your sound card drivers. If this just happened then try to use system restore to a date that it worked on. Also check your speakers and check that they are plugged into the back of the computer and the speakers are plugged in to a wall outlet if needed. You can also go to the controll panel ---sounds and devices----audio then look at what it says is the default device. If it doesn't have a default device then use the pull down menu and select one if there isn't one then install you sound drivers and all should be well. If your head phones work well then try to put the headphones in the speaker port. If they work then your speakers are shot if they don't then you need a new sound card. You can get them pretty cheap at micro center or fry's. I hope this helps.
Q:The difference between loudspeakers and loudspeakers
Hello, loudspeaker is the sound of the device, and the amplifier some acquaintance.
Q:Samsung PN50A450 TV hooking up speakers?
The speakers should have a way to connecting them both together. When you figure that out (sorry, can't help you there), plug the audio speaker wire into the audio part on the back of the TV. Just match the cords to their colors. If you can't hear anything, you didn't plug in the wire.
Q:Best quality speaker cable/ gauge for powerful 6x9 Speakers?
Monster S100-I-6 Standard 100 1/4-Inch Instrument Cable (6 Feet) is of very good quality. You can feel it when you touch and use it, you know it will last long. If you want to practice in a little room or sitting by the amp, 6ft will do it. Otherwise you will need a longer cable because if you like to walk while playing, this cable will be very short for that. Great cable, will buy again a longer one for different use. @@@
Q:a question on speakers, drivers, and amps?
yes thats it
Q:Internal speakers not working without headphones.?
Headphones are large for every time i be certain to block out different sounds, precisely administration the quantity if i'm attempting study and % the song merely loud sufficient that i will although concentration, if i do now no longer be certain to disturb others or, if i be certain to maintain my determination of song inner maximum. Headphones additionally grant help to hearken to limitless the sounds you may bypass over otherwise. yet sturdy audio device have a spatial richness and bass effects that no headphones can journey; you may now no longer hear any rather meditated sound by potential of way of headphones (in spite of the undeniable fact that some sound processors can upload imitations) and listening to the bass merely in you ears merely isn't equivalent to feeling the room shake. i could bypass over out on lots by potential of making use of proscribing myself to the two.
Q:How many speakers can I have?
Sounds like you want to hook these speakers up all at once. You can hook up any two of your speakers in series but not three. When you hook up in series you add the impedances and three ( 8 + 6 + 4) would be 18 ohms which is outside the recommeded range. Also, you have to understand that since the impedance of the speakers are different, when you hook up the speakers together in series the power distribution to the speakers will be uneven. The lower impedance speaker will get more of the power and may sound louder. To answer your other question, speaker impedance of 6-16 ohms is per channel. That means you can have as many speakers as you want as long as the total impedance per channel is between 6 and 16 ohms. However, this does not mean you hook up two speakers and get twice as much sound or hook up four and get four times. What happens is the power gets divided up between the speakers so you might have four speakers but the power gets divided up four ways. I hope that answers your questions.
Q:Do speakers really matter?
Not really into the audio but I do know Good speakers will make a bad sound system better and bad speakers can ruin the sound of even the best systems
Q:Laptop speakers sound fuzzy and distorted ?
One thing about speakers is they have magnets in them. I had a laptop that all of a sudden started sounding terrible. I bought replacement speakers and when I took it apart to replace them there was a used staple sitting on the cone attracted by the magnet. It did trash the speaker on mine but yours might still be good by just removing the debris.
Q:How do you demagnetize stereo speakers?
99.999% of all speakers made since about 1930 use a permanent magnet as part of the mechanism. if you demagnetize, it will no longer speak!! Some speakers intended for use near old-fashioned CRTs may have some shielding added to prevent interaction with the electron beam. If you still need to demagnetize, about the only method is to heat the metal above the Currie point. However this will destroy the rest of the speaker components as well.

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