New API 6A Manual Non-rising Stem Flat Gate Valve

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High Pressure





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Medium Temperature



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2-1/16 through7 1/16

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China (Mainland)

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New API 6A Manual Non-rising Stem Flat Gate Valve
1.API 6A ISO9001 Certification
2. professional designers
3.Top quality

1) Wellhead and Christmas tree (casing/tubing head, casing /tubing hangers, crosses ,flange adaptor. fracturing equipment , tree cap etc)

2) Valve (FC/FLS gate valve, expanding gate valve, Slab gate valve ,chock valve, check valve)

3) Bop(Annular/Ram BOP)


slab gate valve is a bi-directional, with a preferred sealing side valve for application on wellheads, production trees and manifolds with working pressure at and below 5000 psi.

1 API 6A latest edition

2 Forged bonnet

3 Low operation torque

4 O-ring body/bonnet seal

5 Lubrication fittings for easy maintenance

6 Manual or actuated operation

7 Simple design assures low cost

8 Flanged or screwed outlets


Non-rising stem type flat gate valve


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Q:The pressure relief valve leaks on my electric water heater...?
You have already done what you are supposed to do. My only thought is that the thermostat on the heater is bad. I have installed hundreds of State heaters and the only problems I have ever had was a bad thermostat. Good luck. :) But be sure that you have an expansion tank on the heater. I forgot to mention that earlier. 70 PSI is higher than normal, but perfectly acceptable. I always have my house at 70 psi and no problems (also a State heater). I have a 50 gal heater.....I am not as rich as you are....LOL
Q:Two PVC valves?
I own a shop, and understand the system. You must have a filter on one side that allows air to flow into the crankcase, while a metered (PVC) amount is pulled through the engine for a complete evacuation of the crankcase. If you tie both ends together, you would have no air flow through the engine. What it would do is; build up pressure inside the engine, and force the oil out every seal, and crack in the engine. In othe words, it would use oil in a bad kind of way. Air must enter the engine, travel through the engine, and go back through the combustion side of the engine, and exit out the exhaust system. The vacuum inside the crankcase is a different system than the combustion side. If an engine does not create the correct amount of vacuum inside the crankcase, the piston rings will not seal as they should, and allow combustion to enter the crankcase building pressure. The PVC valve is a metering check ball that allows air to flow one way, but not the other, thus hooking a hose between the two sides will not allow the engine to ingest fresh air from any where. The vent cap for one side is a filter, and allows the fresh air to enter the engines crankcase. The air travels through the engine and evacuates the blow by gases from the piston rings. Equal amounts of pressure on both sides of the rings is what keeps the gases from just blowing past the rings. A pressure is actually built up between the top, and the bottom rings that make the rings expand and seal off even better. Upset this pressure on either side of the rings, and you have an engine that uses oil. It will either burn the oil, and/or throw the oil out of the engine. Its not really complicated how the system works, but disrupt the flow, or not have an equal amount of pressure on both sides of the piston rings, and you will have an unhappy engine. This applies to stock engines that come from the factory with a PVC system. Glad to help out, Good Luck!!!
Q:Leak around the power valve?
The kx125 actually has 3 valves in the exhaust, a main, a left-hand one and a right-hand one. Each is fitted with o-rings which require disassembly in order to be reached. This would also be a good time to clean the power valves since they tend to become encrusted with carbon deposits which interfere with their normal operation.
Q:replacing valve cover gasket?
just paint the valve covers ..high temp heat resistant paint... don't go with the cork gaskets ...use permetex silicone 3 bucks a tube and easier to work with
Q:how to intall a new shut off valve?
It might just be the rubber gasket inside the valve You'll need: Screw driver to take off screw for handle, Adjustable wrench(Crescent, spanner etc.) a faucet repair kit which has various sizes of seats Turn Off Water!!!!!!!! Open lowest sink or faucet outside or inside let drain off pressure. have a pan or something to catch the drips. with the screw driver unscrew handle and take off for minute, unscrew top (sometimes you can stop a drip by tightening this top to push on the packing depending on where it is leaking) of valve with adjustable wrench and take off there will be a packing material around shaft of valve (black, graphite grey) refasten valve handle and open valve all the way (counter clockwise) It should come out after unthreading. On the bottom of valve stem should be a screw holding the rubber valve seat try to unscrew the screw holding the rubber seat if it breaks you take to hardware store and find a replacement take top with you ask for help. Re-install the opposite way Make sure when re-installing to put the packing around stem three or four turns enough for the top to compress it and able to screw back on the valve if you over tighten you won't be able to turn valve back off until you can.
Q:After a bout with bacterial endocarditis, scar tissue often stiffens the edges of the heart valves.?
If the heart valves are damaged, they may leak, causing regurgitation of blood. For example, if the mitral valve (between the left atrium and left ventricle) leaks, blood will leak back into the left atrium when the ventricle contracts. This reduces the efficiency of the heart contraction. Regurgitation is easily detected by echocardiography. On routine physical exam it may be detected *if* there is enough leakage/ flow abnormality to cause an audible sound, or murmur, that your physician can hear with his/her stethoscope.
Q:Butterfly Valve?
no theres a reason its there,, to regulate air flow...without it your car will get poor preformance..
Q:Where is the mixer valve on a '94 Dodge Caravan with a 3.0 V6 engine?
which valve are you talking about,fuel injection is mixed automatically with the air and fuel ratio through the injectors,i hope that was what your talking about,good luck.,,PS i don't think a 94 model uses a mixing valve,if it does have one on it it will be before it goes in to the firewall in plain site.
Q:Unsufficient EGR valve lift or....sth?
The hose may puncture some where,their could lose tappet cover you could have blown inlet gasket.Regards Martin.
Q:Control Valve?
A major improvement in the DWEER system has been the development of the LinX (LinearExchanger) valve, which was patented byShumway . This valve replaced eight two-way valves with asingle multi-port spool valve which simplifiedthe system, improved reliability, reducedmaintenance requirements and allowed for fastervalve switching, reducing the size (and thus cost)of the energy recovery vessels. DWEER systemsutilize long vessels which may be installed underthe membrane vessels. Atpresent, the largest available DWEER system has a capacity of 500 m³/h. DWEER (Dual Work Exchanger EnergyRecovery)

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