New API 6A Manual Non-rising Stem Flat Gate Valve

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High Pressure





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Medium Temperature



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2-1/16 through7 1/16

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China (Mainland)

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New API 6A Manual Non-rising Stem Flat Gate Valve
1.API 6A ISO9001 Certification
2. professional designers
3.Top quality

1) Wellhead and Christmas tree (casing/tubing head, casing /tubing hangers, crosses ,flange adaptor. fracturing equipment , tree cap etc)

2) Valve (FC/FLS gate valve, expanding gate valve, Slab gate valve ,chock valve, check valve)

3) Bop(Annular/Ram BOP)


slab gate valve is a bi-directional, with a preferred sealing side valve for application on wellheads, production trees and manifolds with working pressure at and below 5000 psi.

1 API 6A latest edition

2 Forged bonnet

3 Low operation torque

4 O-ring body/bonnet seal

5 Lubrication fittings for easy maintenance

6 Manual or actuated operation

7 Simple design assures low cost

8 Flanged or screwed outlets


Non-rising stem type flat gate valve


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Q:Mitral valve prolapse have impression on lifetime?
Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is the most common heart defect in population. The prevalence of MVP is about 0.6–2.5%. The occurrence increases with age, and the highest is in young woman. MVP is diagnosed by transthoracic echocardiography when displacement of mitral valve leaflet(s) above the annulus into the left atrium during a systole is present (Fig. 1). The clinical symptoms of the disease are connected with instability of the autonomic nervous system. Fig. 1 Two-dimensional echocardiographic long axis parasternal view of mitral valve prolapse. MV mitral valve, LV left ventricle, LA left atrium, RV right ventricle, Ao aorta Such a large population of patients becomes a problem of social significance, and it is extremely important to determine the influence of MVP as a chronic disease on patients. That is why our trial to evaluate the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in children with MVP was undertaken. There are many publications concerning MVP in adult patients, but no study on their quality of life has been found. The literature concerning HRQOL of children with heart defects is not very extensive; the authors analyzed the problem of patients with serious conditions, such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, transposition of the great arteries, pulmonary atresia, tetralogy of Fallot and non-complex heart defects, like ventricular or atrial septal defect [1–3]. The aim of our study was to evaluate the quality of life of children with MVP and the impact of clinical symptoms on HRQOL. You will detailed information on the link given in sources, as it is long topic.
Q:Installed a iac valve?
Sounds like you have a valve that is not opening up fully. Is the noise coming from within the valve box or from the plumbing inside the house? I am assuming that it is coming from the valve box itself. If the valve is not opeing fully at that 4th station, the low volume of water flowing through the opening is causing a humming sound. And, with a low volume of water entering the lateral lines, your last station heads will not popup all the way, or may not popup at all. Check to make sure that you have no soft, wet, mushy areas on the turf in the last station area that would indicate a lateral line breakage or leek. If you do not see this occuring, you more than likely need to change out the valve and replace it with a new one for that particular system... Hope this answers your question. ...Billy Ray
Q:How to adjust valves?
after someone says take it to the shop, you can get the real service manual offline and do it. you need good feeler gages and a good feel for it. does your require shims or are the rockers adjustable?
Q:Mitral Valve Prolapse..Help please?
ask your doctor but my friends has MVP and she is anow married with one kid gave birth normal delivery
Q:Help, my water heater pressure valve is leaking?
You have to replace the water pessure valve. If you can remove the old one, Take it with you to any plumbers merchants, and get another one, but make sure it is marked with the same pressure as the one you removed. All water heater makes, have different pressures. Good luck.
Q:Hot Water Heater Pressure Release Valve Leaking?
Instructions : 1 Shut off the power to water heater. If electric, turn gas to pilot setting, if a gas water heater. Cut off water supply to water heater as well. 2 Drain the water from tank to just below relief valve. It is not necessary to drain the entire tank. Open a hot water faucet, drain tank from tank drain for approximately three to five minutes. 3 Prepare the new relief valve with Teflon tape. Remove the dip tube and any other connections to the relief valve. Check faucet to make sure water is not running. A slow drip is OK. 4Unscrew the relief valve counter-clockwise with a wrench to remove. Install the new relief valve. Install the dip tube with a compression fitting, if you had to cut it to remove earlier. Make all other connections. 5. Turn the water supply back on to water heater. Make sure water is running from the open faucet before turning the power back on.
Q:Heart Murmer - Slightly Irregular Valve?
Actually this is quite common and is usually not a concern. It is generally felt that the misshapen valve leaves you more open to potential infection, especially when having dental work done. But this is quite rare. Still, if the dentist knows you have the condition they will require you to take a loading dose of antibiotics to protect yourself when you have any work done. Occasionaly I would forget and they would send me home. Geeze. Still, better safe than sorry. In the big scheme of things it means very, very little and you will probably never know its there. There is no need to see a specialist, again, this is very common and very, very rarely causes any problems. Just keep on keeping on and you will be fine. Just consider the antibiotics pre-dental work. All you have to do is call the doctors office, tell them you need some for a dental visit, they will fax over a script to the pharmacy, you pick it up, eat something first, then take the antibiotics and you are done, no big deal. I hope this helps.
Q:can a leaky valve covergasket or old pcv valve cause oil to burn from the exhaust?
a leaking valve cover could only cause oil to burn when it drip,s onto the exhaust manifold that would be mainly under your hood...a plugged or bad P.C.V valve could cause crankcase pressure to build could cause minor oil consumption....if your sure your piston ring,s are in good condition then the valve seal,s would be the next suspect...change your positive crankcase ventilation valve would help to know more it burn more at start up or hard acceleration...that would indicate valve seal,s or guide,s....another thing would be just how much oil does it consume per mile....more detail will insure a more accurate answer...good luck!
Q:hydronic heating zone valves?
Its just an educated guess but I would say it would cause system shock if a valve just snapped shut as against closing gently. Assuming the system was shutting down as a zone valve shuts the control switch opens and turns off the plant whilst the valve is still partly open. With a solenoid unless you fit a timer to pre shut off the plant then shut off the solenoid you would probably cause some plant damage. Also by the time you have wired all that lot up you may as well do the job with a zone valve.

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