Never Run Polyester Long Fiber Geotextile

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Product Description:

Filament geotextile

Products overview:

Shandong yongrun dacron cloth glue geotextile is long acupuncture in geotechnical engineering and civil engineering application of a new type of building materials. It is through the polyester filament into nets and consolidation method, its fibres were made into three-dimensional structure.


In addition to have good tensile, tensile, fight against the broken, fight puncture and force the characteristics of strength to learn outside, still have good vertical and horizontal drainage performance and the extension of good performance and high resistance to biology, acid and alkali resistant, ageing resistance and good chemistry can work. It also has a wider aperture scope, the space distribution, and good permeability performance and filter performance.

Use function:

1, different materials of isolation: use in between not (already) road and JiChangLu way to shop, and the foundation, between used in geomembrane and sandy drainage layer between the foundation and embankment, with between soil, bear the additional load and use additional load and use in the foundation soil foundation piles, and between the sidewalk with, parking lot, stadium, below the new and old asphalt layer in between.

2, the reinforcement of soft foundation: use in soft foundation surface the road not used in the airport, roads, railways, landfill, stadium on the soft foundation, prevent soil will geomembrane punctured, prevent the impurities or stone in the landfill geomembrane layer will Pierce.

3, the filter: in the produce of the leakage of the landfill, protect, prevent soil grain geotechnical nets into the soil, protection, prevent soil grain composite invading.

4, drainage: used for geomembrane of drainage, used in the stadium, with railway word in the drainage of ballastless the drainage.

The product specification:

Width: 2-6.2 m, g: 100 g to 800 g/m2.

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Q:What are the types of geotextiles used in railway subgrade
300g, 400g range, I am specializing in the production of geotextile geomembrane and other materials, wish smooth
Q:Geotechnical construction of the weather when there is any requirement
Geotechnical construction of the weather when there is any requirement
Q:Geotextile 150 * 0.5 * 150 on behalf of what
This is the composite geomembrane specifications are two cloth a film, 150 grams of geotextile is 0.5MM in the middle of the film, the following is 150 grams of geotextile, compound into
Q:What is the effect of highway geotextile on highway construction?
Highway geotextile is a new type of civilized artifacts in the construction of the time, laying highway geotextile can improve the carrying capacity of the road, can improve the use of the road in the process of structural damage. As the geotextile has the role of shock absorption, and has a high elasticity and resistance to deformation, so you can make the road to bear the load and stress more uniform. In the project using Hongxiang new geotextile can also improve the rigidity of the road, help to reduce road cracks.
Q:250 grams of two cloth a film 0.8 thick geotextile what price
250 grams of two cloth a film 0.8 thick geotextile per square meter between about 10 yuan -13 yuan, the current price is the lowest in recent years.
Q:Geotextile how to sample
It is best in the middle of a piece of cloth cut 1 square meters on the line
Q:Geotextile and blind tube is how the drainage ah?
After the blind tube is easy to plug, and geotextile water permeable, the combination of the two, so that the drainage effect is better. Hope to help you.
Q:Geotextile business how to run
Geotextile as a geotextile material, engineering applications have been very popular, the market competition is also very intense. Profits have been very low Bulk geotextile transactions are mainly ordered in the form of tender, so please pay attention to bidding information, I wish you success.
Q:Do you want to use glue to connect the geotextile?
Shuo earth geotextile production of drainage board geotextile, Manager Li
Q:Do you have a drainage board and a geotextile on the basement roof?
Hello, generally do not require re-test Huazhi geotextile materials, manufacturers need to answer for your needs

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