Never Run Multiple-Textile-Multiple-Membrane

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Product Description:

More cloth membrane welding effect

More cloth membrane construction effect

Composite geomembrane

Products overview:

Shandong yongrun composite geomembrane is by geotextiles length (acupuncture geotextile, woven wire, plastic weaving cloth geotextile, etc) and high polymer materials (HDPE membrane, LDPE film, EVA film, etc.) two or more material after rolling, hot melt compound and into the geosynthetic materials.


My company product money more than 10 years experience in compound earthwork film production, solve the breadth of similar products unevenly, film thickness not divide evenly, composite produce more of the holes, the defects such as factory every piece of product passed strict inspection, make the product is in engineering application of maximum plays its role. Money has developed for I also have two kinds of hot pressing, composite process of the production enterprise, the product to seven meters wide, and the narrow compared with the prices of similar products, reduce the juncture, reduce project cost, shorten the construction period, and at the same time reducing the juncture caused by the improper hidden trouble. Compound earthwork film money instead of particle materials with geotextiles as geomembrane cover to protect the geomembrane impervious layer are not damaged, reduce the cushion layer of particle size gradation requirement, and can play drainage effect.

Money compound earthwork film friction coefficient is big, can prevent the cover of sliding, than pure HDPE film, compound earthwork film of non-woven fabrics have larger friction coefficient, composite geomembrane can make the slope than increase reduce cover an area of an area.

Compound earthwork film money tensile, rent, against the broken, puncture of mechanics high strength. Compound earthwork film have certain othermeasuring deformation, on the bottom cushion the convex defect of stress transmission spread quickly, strain capacity is stronger.

Compound earthwork film othermeasuring and contact surface soil of pore pressure and "easy to lift force float. Money is of certain compound earthwork film heat preservation effect, reduce the soil freezing expansion to the destruction of the geomembrane, thus reduce soil deformation.

Compound earthwork film using money embedded laid, a good anti-aging performance, reduce the engineering maintenance, maintenance. Money composite geomembrane laid construction is simple, reduce traffic volume and cut down engineering cost, shorten the construction period. Product categories:

A film and a cloth othermeasuring cloth: 100 1000 g/m2 film thickness: 0.2 2.0 mm;

Money a film and two cloth cloth: 80 600 g/m2 film thickness: 0.2 2.0 mm;

A cloth, two film othermeasuring cloth: 100 1000 g/m2 film thickness: 0.2 0.8 mm;

More than money more than cloth cloth: the film 100 1000 g/m2 film thickness: 0.2 0.8 mm;

The product specification: wide: 2-7 meters; Weight: 300 2600 g/m2

Use scope:

Composite geomembrane because of their good drainage, excellent plane seepage control characteristics and tensile, rent, against the broken, puncture of mechanics characteristic of high strength, and can be widely used in:

1, JiangDi, lake dam, tailings DAMS and reservoir area, water diversion channel, storage of lead liquid pools (pit, mine);

2, the subway, the basement and tunnel, tunnel lining of seepage control;

3 and roadbed and other foundation saline seepage control;

4, before dam dike, horizontal impervious blanket should be taken, the foundation vertical anti-seepage layer, construction cofferdam, waste field;

5, sea water, fresh water farms;

6, highway, the highway, railway roadbed, expansive soil and the waterproof layer of collapsible loess;

Construction method: A, construction attention:

1, shall be used to use embedded, cover thickness not less than 30 cm;

2, the seepage control system should have: cushion and impervious layer, layer, layer to instruct the transition;

3, soil to solid uneven subsidence, avoid, crack, seepage control within the scope of the grass roots, to remove. And membrane surface laid the sand or small particle size of clay layer for protection.

4, when laying compound earthwork film don't pull it too tight, embedded into soil at both ends of corrugated is better, especially things with rigid materials anchor, should be left expansion amount must be.

5, construction, should avoid stones, heavy direct hit in the compound earthwork film, best edge construction, edge laid membrane, edge covered a protective coating.

Second, juncture:

1, the laid of the compound earthwork film:

A, cleaning the compound earthwork film laying face asks matrix level off, can't have uneven, can not have the sharp objects, such as stones, iron wire, lags, etc, to MieCaoJi spray for weeds.

B, composite geomembrane best direction laid, while the must not taut, should be left expansion amount must be, in order to adapt to the matrix deformation.

C, composite geomembrane both sides are reserved a certain width PE film and PE membrane adhesive layer, laid to adjust each unit when compound earthwork film to, in order to two units of welding compound earthwork film.

D, composite geomembrane laying good, want to live with ShaDai pressure, in case the pneumatic, influence the next step compound earthwork film the edge of the welding.

2, the compound earthwork film welding:

A, for laying good composite geomembrane, edge joint requirements cannot have dirt, water, dust, etc.

B, before welding seams good to adjust the two images edge PE film, the single lap certain width, and level off, without folds.

C, welding, the company sent technical personnel responsible for welding or technical guidance, welding, using a special automatic welding welding double crawling.

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