Never run composite Geosynthetic Clay Liner

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Product Description:

Bentonite waterproof blanket

Products overview:

Shandong yongrun bentonite waterproof cushion (GCL) is a kind of special used in artificial lake water, landfill, underground garage, a roof top garden, and pools, and chemicals such as yard oil leakage of geosynthetic materials, GCL is made from high expansion of sodium bentonite filling in a special composite nonwoven fabric and nonwoven cloth, the upper between the nonwovens fiber through the special knitting legislation will bentonite locked in the compound machine fabric made of fabric shape and phlegm. The legal system with acupuncture into bentonite seepage control pad can form many small fiber space, make the bentonite particles can't in one direction, the water in the pad when formed in high density of uniform adhesive, water head effectively prevent the water leakage.

GCL is a cross between a CCL (site thick compaction of seepage prevention of clay liner) and polymer materials geomembrane between seepage control pad. Mainly used in environmental engineering of waste landfill, underground reservoir, underground infrastructure project, solve the seal, isolation, leakage problem, the effect is good, fight destructive.

Product features:

1, density of sodium bentonite:

in water pressure formed under the condition of high density diaphragm, thickness of about 3 mm, it's water permeability aX10-11 m/for the SEC, equivalent to 100 times as much as the thickness of the compactness of clay 30 cm, with strong performance since the water

2, have permanent waterproof performance: because sodium bentonite is natural inorganic material, even after a long time or the surrounding environment changes, also won't happen aging or corrosion phenomenon, so waterproof properties is lasting Three, the construction is simple, short construction period: and other waterproof material is relatively simple, construction, do not need to heating and paste, just a bentonite powder and nail, washer and so on were connected and fixed, after construction do not need special inspection, if found defects and easy to maintenance. Waterproof GCL is the existing waterproof material construction period in the shortest.

4, not affected by temperature influence: in cold climates conditions also won't brittle 5, waterproof materials and object integration: sodium bentonite and water response, has 13-16 times the expansion ability, even if the concrete structure in vibration and settlement, within the GCL bentonite also can repair within 2 mm the concrete surface crack 6 and green environmental protection: bentonite for natural inorganic material, harmless to the environment, no special non-toxic influence, has the good environmental protection performance.

Construction method:

1, the connection between the GCL, and the connection between the GCL structure is very simple, and joint sealing also easy to guaranteed.

1.1, simple lap a strip method: in length and width direction GCL lap 25 cm (which the main body part 10 cm, edge part 15 cm), should guarantee the juncture, no noise without drape soil and other materials. In 25 cm from edge points, with artificial or machine shop 10 cm wide, high 1 cm of strip bentonite powder lap in two layers among GCL.

1.2, secret by a joint paste law: general in the seams of compares level with "strip method" directly laid seal, in slope and special point with bentonite cream. (bentonite cream can add in bentonite powder (weight), and continuously even than

1:3 and mixing, until a smooth soft paste).

2, and pipe and structures GCL connection

1. Application "strip method" or "paste method", and carefully sealed structure to connect, the horizontal plane should be careful construction, end GCL guarantee seal.

2. Facade and slope surface laid bentonite pad (GCL), to avoid the sliding, usable pin and to secure its, in addition to cushion in bentonite mat overlap and edge site with the use of steel nail fixed outside, the whole picture of bentonite mat depends on add to nail, flatness bentonite mat solid apply during make-up installed in metope and ground and, when necessary, use bentonite cream touched plasma joint is in wall body. Hole part as a way to deal with.

As need Product principle:

The name of bentonite mineralogy montmorillonite, natural bentonite according to chemical composition and calcium and sodium are divided into two categories. Bentonite has the characteristics of expansion in water, general calcium base bentonite expands, it has expanded their size is only about three times; And sodium bentonite expands, about their size 15 times or so, can absorb 6 times its own weight of water, this expansion of bentonite by the formation of the high density colloid has repels water performance. Use of this performance, people use sodium bentonite to do waterproof materials. For the convenience of construction and transportation, will be locked in the two layers of bentonite geosynthetic materials, and strengthening the protection among the effect, make the whole GCL has certain shear strength.

Technical index:

The actual usage width 5 m (effective width 5.3 m)

Unit area: 5000 g/m2 quality

Bentonite quality: 4500 g/m2

The permeability coefficient of 5 x 10-more than 11 m/SEC

Expansion coefficient acuity 24 ml / 2 g

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Q:Nanning building waterproof material market where
This depends on what you need packaging materials, and if it is some packaging rope or paper or process raw materials and other different materials to find a different place, generally sold outside the packaging is more like Nanning near the train station Or the trading market,
Q:Rigid (concrete) waterproof roofing shop SBS coil can brush a layer of waterproof paint before?
Third, according to personal experience, SBS membrane waterproof, as long as the quality of waterproof membrane clearance, and in accordance with the requirements of the strict implementation of the implementation, it can be said that the most assured and a roof waterproofing method. Remember: First, the material to cross the border (must be the real polyester carcass), and second, pay attention to the operation carefully in the construction. Just remember these two points, it will not appear too much problem.
Q:Finished house bathroom waterproof household acceptance should be how to accept?
2: waterproof layer should be extended from the ground to the wall, 250mm above the ground. Bathroom wall waterproof layer height of not less than 1800mm.
Q:Cabinet is to buy finished products, or directly to the decoration company to do?
Finished products to buy relatively easy to do some of the cabinet to do more solid material more assured because the plate is also a long-term environmental protection or woodworking directly do better feel that the company can quote their own under the woodworker comparison
Q:What are the key points and contents of the quality control of waterproof material?
1, polymer cement waterproof coating: it consists of a variety of water-based polymer emulsion and a variety of additives mixed with high-quality cement powder composition. Because of its high cost of polymer emulsion components (about 19,000 yuan / T), and the low cost of powder (about 800 yuan / T), it is because the liquid material, powder huge spread, the vast majority of fraud is to use 801 Glue + fossil powder + green dyestuff + cement blending; the other is to change the liquid material, the proportion of powder will be your liquid material consumption, as much as possible to increase the amount of powder. Resulting in poor waterproof coating adhesion, intolerance, after the completion of the finished product should not be too hard to pull down by hand, and was not much ductility of the sheet or even hand rub a few times into a powder, with blisters Will break down into small pieces. Can also be used to cut the finished product coating and then placed in the refrigerator freezer room after 8 hours to remove, gently forced to break will be broken, and the national standard requirements of the material to achieve low temperature flexibility -10 ℃.
Q:Waterproof mortar expensive or dry mortar expensive
Waterproof mortar more expensive. Because waterproof mortar compared to dry mortar, to add another waterproofing agent, emulsifier and other substances. Waterproof mortar regardless of the cost or transport are more cost-effective.
Q:What is the difference between finished mortar and cement mortar?
Finished mortar and cement mortar difference: Cement mortar is the synthesis of three main materials, cement, sand and water, and mixed mortar is the synthesis of four major materials, cement, sand, lime and water.
Q:Developers have done waterproof, decoration house also have to do it
Secondly, before the waterproof layer may be done in the house decoration, paving tiles or other equipment when the installation was destroyed, so that the waterproof layer is no longer a whole,
Q:Self-built concrete house finished three years after the use of large-scale housing wall leakage how to do?
Need to waterproof the external walls, there are several programs. First, directly in the existing external walls of the main surface of the water treatment, the use of technology and materials due to different external finishes and different;
Q:Villa roof leakage what general reasons, what materials to remedy
Third, for some of the city building cover the construction of red tiles leakage, as long as the removal of tiles on the grass, moss or dust after the replacement of tiles, leak-proof effect is the same. For flat roofs, the roof of the obvious cracks, with the tool will be cracked into a "V" or "U" shape, filling the caulking ointment, filled with cracks and above the use of waterproof wrap around the package.

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