NDM3E Series Electronic Molded Case Circuit Breaker 32A 800A

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Product NameNDM3E Series Electronic MCCB
Standards and CertificatesIEC60947-1; IEC60947- 2
Rated VoltageAC 400V
Rated Current32A~800A
Breaking Capacity50kA~100kA@AC 400V 50Hz
Isolation FunctionYes
Number of Poles3 Poles, 4 Poles
Tripping Characteristics/
Mechanical Endurance20000 times (for NDM3E-125, NDM3E-250), 15000 times (for NDM3E-400), 10000 times (for NDM3E-630,NDM3E-800)
Wiring Capacity/
Electric AccessoriesAuxiliary Switch, Alarm Switch, Shunt Release, Under-voltage Release



· Standard: IEC60947-1; IEC60947- 2

· Rated Voltage: AC 400V

· Rated Current: 32A~800A

· Number of Poles: 3, 4

· Mechanical Life (With maintenance): 20000 times (for NDM3E-125, NDM3E-250);

10000 times (for NDM3E-400, NDM3E-630);

5000 times (for NDM3E-800).

· Rated Ultimate Breaking Capacity Icu AC 50Hz 400V: 50kA~100kA

· Rated Operating Short Circuit Breaking Capacity Ics AC 50Hz 400V: 35kA~65kA


· Communication function: The breaker can be connected with computer to realize remote control, remote-adjust, remote-meter and remote-information.

· Overload alarm non-tripping function: The breaker is with overload alarm non-tripping function. Once the breaker is set with this function, it will not trip when there is overload. Overload signal will be sent through output node to ensure continuity of power supply.

· Protective function against grounding fault: The breaker with protective function against grounding fault can protect the circuit against grounding fault.

· Rapid installing internal accessories: The whole series product can be equipped with modular accessories rapidly.

· 3-segment protection functions: The breaker can provide protection functions against overload, short-circuit with delayed trip and short-circuit withinstantaneous trip. It can be adjusted by customers.

· Self-power: Intellectual controller is powered by circuit breaker itself.

· Pre-alarm indication: LED "Alarm" on the panel flashes and then lights solid when the actual current reaches or exceeds pre-alarm tripping threshold Ip.

· Overload indication: LED "Over" lights solid when the load current exceeds long-time overload tripping threshold.

· Instantaneous tripping function at large current: Breaker is tripped directly by electromagnetic trip unit when there is large current during operation.

· Various connection types and accessories available.



Q1 : Do you accept OEM/ODM?

ODM&OEM are warmly welcomed !!!



Q2 : what’s your payment?


a)We can accept payment terms of T/T, Western Union, PayPal


Samples and trial order accept PayPal ,T/T & Western Union. normal order accept T/T &Western Union 


b) 30% ADVANCE DEPOSIT after buyer's confirmed payment, the balance should be paid before shipping when goods are ready.




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Q:Why the first break circuit breaker, after the isolation switch off it?
when the circuit breaker is broken, the circuit has no current, pull the switch will not produce arc, There will be an accident.
Q:Household leakage circuit breakers, circuit problems
do not know how the points. Maybe 2P, but I do not know. Four holes, up and down two, how to take this
Q:Short trip also tripped, overload also trip it?
second with overload and short circuit protection function ..... leakage protection RCD
Q:How to distinguish between disconnectors, circuit breakers?
mainly used to disconnect the no-load current circuit, isolated power supply, in the sub-gate when there is a clear disconnect point to ensure the safety of other electrical equipment maintenance.
Q:Circuit breaker auxiliary contact is what?
Molded case circuit breaker with plastic structure, is characterized by the circuit breaker shell, the frame made of plastic from the contact, the arc system are placed in the insulating chamber
Q:What is the role of the circuit breaker?
the circuit breaker internal trip mechanism, there is a different coefficient of expansion when the two kinds of metal bonding bimetallic together,
Q:Circuit breaker main circuit control power, how to wiring?
he blocking capacity is equal to the breaking current (the manual specifies the rated breaking current of the high voltage electrical appliance
Q:Does the isolator and circuit breaker able to switch to each other?
When the circuit breaker disconnect the live circuit, the internal contact in the separation of the moment will produce an arc, the higher the voltage or the greater the current, the stronger the arc.
Q:Load switch, vacuum switch and circuit breaker
Circuit breaker: not only can be cut off and connected to the load current can also cut off the fault current, such as short circuit current
Q:Is the zero line going through the circuit breaker?
Three-phase three-wire, the use of protection to zero system, the zero line is absolutely not allowed to go through the circuit breaker, because the zero line is broken,

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