NB-130 Mud Pump is horizontal triplex single acting piston pump which is suitable to oil

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3NB-130 Mud Pump is horizontal triplex single acting piston pump which is suitable to oil, water well, geothermy, CBM, shale gas, coalfield exploration, freezing well as well as well drilling ,well cementation, workover and other operations in industrial and mining enterprises. It is used for transferring mud, clay gum ,mortar and other medium to the borehole. The pump adopts international advanced technology. It is characterized by advanced structure, reliable operation, good suction performance, long service life of wearing parts, easy for maintenance and repairing and so on.
Structure Features
1.Horizontal triplex single-acting reciprocating pump
2.Pneumatic clutch manufactured according to petroleum standard, easy operation ,long service life
3.Adopting API standard, overall welded structure, light weight ,large strength
4.L-shaped forging alloy steel pump head, improving pressure-resistant and safety of pump head , no phenomenon of string of water and liner damage
5. Herringbone gear transmission, low transmission noise, no axial force, more durable bearings
6. To greatly reduce the opening possibility of the high pressure chamber of pump head, no cylinder liner gland, no sealing problem.’
7.Circulating Cooling system can greatly prolong the service life of piston and relative products
8.Rearmounted liner structure(bi-metal liner),changing the pressure and flow rate by using different dia. liner
9. The connection of pull rod adopts international advanced technology which make piston replaced conveniently. The replacement time is 70% shorter than normal mud.

Main Technical Parameters


Horizontal triplex single-acting
piston pump


3NB-130 Mud Pump

Input power    kW(HP)


Rated stroke number min-1


Stroke length       mm  


Rated input rotating speed      r/min


Dia. of suction pipe  mm


Dia. of discharge pipe mm


Overall dimensions  mm


Weight       kg


Pressure & Displacement

Stroke number min-1

Liner diameter(mm)






Theoretical displacement (L/s)







Rated pressure Mpa






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