Natural Wood Grain WPC/ Wood Plastic Composited Floor Tile

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Product Description:

Natural Wood Grain WPC/ Wood Plastic Composited Floor Tile

Quick Details


Engineered Flooring

Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Brand Name:



Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring




A new type of building material,originated from wood, better than wood, with nearly no maintenance,waterproof,anti-pest.


1. Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle

2. Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent

3. Elegant and detailed shape design

4. Resistant to cracking and splitting

5. Water-proof, moldy-proof, prevents rotting and moisture, anti-acid, alkali and pest resistance

6. Environmental friendly, fully recyclable and no other hazard chemical

7. Safe to use for many years

8. No painting, no glue, free maintenance

9. Anti-slip, less crack and warp, barefoot friendly

10. Good weatherability, suitable from -40°C to +60°C

11.Easy to process install and clean

12.UV resistance, Fade resistant Durable

13.Dimension stability against moisture and temperature

14. High quality with competitive price.

Product Description:

Main colors available

WPC decking garden products road and pergola

In our website all products are the material object photographs, because the picture machine, the flashing light, the photography technology as well as the personal computing demonstration and so on the various reason, the partial commodities demonstrated the color can with material object some chromatic aberrations, the color all take attain the material object as.


The leading outdoor designers now offers the ultimate in relaxation: stylish, comfortable, durable outdoor WPC products, a

solid foundation, tough against the most extreme weather, including sun, rain, saltwater and snow, but with gentle touch. And

it’s incredibly low maintenance, so you can spend your time relaxing, not refinishing it.

Product Description

Ingredient: 30%HDPE+60%natural fiber(wood powder, bamboo powder, etc)+10%additives(Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidant, stabilizers,

colorants, and etc. )

Surface treatment:

WPC decking garden products road and pergola

Weatherability: suitable from -40° C to +60° C, UV resistance

Performance Characteristics: Long known for the unequalled combination of Uniformity, Durability, Workability, and Beauty

Application: Different WPC products have different usage as below:

Decking board:plank,walk path, bridge sidewalk;

Pole material:handrail, railing, fence, partition,scale board

Flower pots board: Flower pot, tree pool, trash can

Decoration board: outside wall decoration board, sun shade, shutter

Bench slip:rest chair,backrest slip,leisure table

Sign board: sign board, indicator, billboard

Strctural material:post, beam,keel

Integrated uses: flower frame, gallery, gazebo, terrance, garage

Indoor application:ceiling, interior panel,bath room,door pocket and window cashing, partition sound barrier, decorative


Delivery:Normally 10-15days

Package:PE film, carton box, pallet

Installation guide:

WPC decking garden products road and pergolaWPC decking garden products road and pergola

Maintainance guide:

Make sure that you regulaly clean the wood floors in order to prevent dust accumulation. We recommand to clean a small part

of stains as a testing ground to prevent too much chromatic aberration.

Dust and stain— use a hard brush dipped in warm soapy water to remove it.

Mildew— scrub with ordinary wood mode class agents, or bleach to rinse or wipe it directly.

Chalk stains—In addition to the while chalk, other colors can not be removed, you can use bleaching agent with hot soapy

water to wash it.

Ice or snow—Apply calcium chloride or rock salt, it can melt ice or snow, then use hot soapy water to wash it.

Stain soil and dirts— Apply detergent, which contains oxalic acid or phosphoric acid. Whiping the stain for 10-15 mins.

Greasy and oil-based stains—immediately use household cleaning products with hot soapy water to wash it.

Juice and wine stains—Mixed the bleach stain agent and hot soapy water to dilute the stain and wipe.

Warranty: Limited Residential Warranty against rot, decay, splitting, checking, splintering, or termite damage for a period

of ten years beginning from date of purchase under normal conditions of use and exposure.

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Q:Is it good for the bedroom or the carpet? The
Personally think that the combination of two better, summer without carpet, directly on the floor is very cool. Winter carpet on the floor carpet, energy saving, if you feel that the bulk of the carpet away is not convenient, you can buy the United States decorated the cube carpet, more convenient
Q:Will the Feilinger floor fit?
In general, for all the wood flooring, are not suitable for heating, because the thermal expansion and contraction and heating effect, the wood floor of the water will be different from the environment, over time, causing damage to Cao Cao 丨 meter attack intestinal plate Warping, cracking, cracks
Q:Kitchen cabinets over Pergo floors?
i think of that ensure you flow with the wood. it would look quite large with the pergo floor. I quite have pergo in my eating room and lounge, yet we've not placed it interior the kitchen yet. we even have wood cabinets. my neighbor has pergo in her kitchen with wood cabinets and it sounds as though quite large.
Q:Can I lay laminate flooring over an uneven concrete basement floor ?
in is an excellent website that discusses this in details.
Q:Paint garage floor.?/?/?/? ?
If the paint on the floor now is chipping and peeling, then anything that you just put on top of that will fail as the current layer continues to loose adhesion and fall off. So you would have to get the old paint off first. I know it is more work, but doing the job right generally is and if the floor was prepped properly and the right paint or coating used originally you probably wouldn’t be having this problem. Floor paint is different than other paint and the epoxy based coatings designed for garage spaces is different than floor paint. It is harder, more scratch and chemical resistant than most paint. You can rent a floor cup grinder and vacuum combo and should be able to grind off a typical 2 car garage floor in a few hours. Be careful not to gouge the floor. Get an epoxy garage floor coating kit, maybe at the same big box store you rent the grinder at, and follow the directions. Like most projects preparation is key. The biggest reason projects fail or do not turn out as expected is because people skip the preparation, often the hardest and most difficult, and most important part of the project. G. Borders Home Repair, Improvement & Handyman Services Carrollton Home Repair
Q:How do I wax a floor, what product do I use?
NEVER use mop and glow!! it is terrible!!.....first sweep, and clean the floor very well....let dry, then rinse the floor with a bucket of water with vinegar, this will neutralize any soap residue...let dry...go to your local hardware store, or walmart and buy floor wax (ask for help if you need it) then, use a clean mop.....wet the mop with plain water and wring it out ....pour small amounts of wax onto the floor and evenly spread it around with the mop (do not re-dunk your mop) do the entire may need to repeat a second time.....make sure it is COMPLETLY dry before you walk on it.....regular maintenance after waxing is easy too.....just sweep and mop with vinegar not use ammonia based cleaners!! good luck!!
Q:What are the raw materials needed for making floor tiles?
Now the high-end products only three kinds of Ingredients: Mountain jade: jade's primary ore is also called jade waste, radiation is lower than the stone powder, can enhance the end of the product at the end of whiteness, high gloss, good products brick 90 °. Corundum: the hardest stone in nature, the choice of the characteristics of the brick on the brick played a very good role, high hardness, good products can withstand the sound of the Fen cut the amount of lettuce wind drill electric drill 2200 drill per second speed, hungry Brick surface. Quartz powder: the physical properties of stability, after entering the 2300 ° high temperature deformation, no cracking. This three-based materials, good products indispensable. Accessories on a lot, and not necessarily add what, so who can not say who accessories. Each product must match production, with the ingredients are not the same.
Q:Home decoration with what floor is better?
Yes nice, too detailed, thank you oh
Q:Best Floor Cleaner?
pine -sal, laundry soap, any thing that has a grease cutter in it,
Q:Cleaning linoleum flooring ?
Cleaning Linoleum Flooring

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