Natural Marble with Different Pattern in Different Size

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 1. Description

2Size155x155x5mm  160x160x5mm  250x250x10mm  300x300x15mm, or as customer require
3thickness25px, 50px, 75px, 100px or other thickness your requirement
4ColorSilver, dark red, white, orange, black, light coffee, beige, dark green, ect
5Finishedhoned, polished, sandblasted bush hammered, care picked, Mushroom, Axe-cut, etc. 
6Application:Skirting,Tread & Riser stairs, Bollard, Column,Curbstone, Ceiling,Flooring,etc
Window sill, Kitchen top, Table top, Vanity top, Indoor wall,etc
Statue, Tomb and Monument,etc
Wall cladding,Outside wall etc
7Payment termsT/T 30% deposit and 70% balance against B/L copy or LC term or negotiation
8PackagingThick tiles are packed directly in wooden crates, with safe support to protect the surface& edges, then in strong wooden crates.
9QualityAll stone edges without breaking angle, no crack.
10Min. OrderOne 20GP container,Small order is acceptable, we can ship it by LCL shipment
11Delivery timeAccording to order quantity
12Place of originalFujian,china

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Natural Marble with Pattern in Different Size

Natural Marble with Pattern in Different Size

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40~50 days.


How about MOQ? per pattern.

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Q:How to hang a marble plaque on the wall
Behind the marble glue and adhesive structure wall, the wall and the marble dust and dust clean. There is a dry hanging fixed, it has to find a professional installation staff.
Q:Used for cutting marble and ceramic tile. Can it be used to cut metal?
1, the characteristics of diamond saw blade is not afraid of hard soft2, metal belongs to plastic material, now for marble, glass, metal to "soft" much3, marble, glass is brittle material, hardness is greater than metal4, diamond is a precious materials, although the diamond saw blade is artificial, but it is also very expensive, it is made by powder metallurgy method, namely diamond particles mixed and sintered in metal powder, and then into the edge, edge is wrapped with diamond grinding wheel for grinding metal a small, diamond particles, the head is too diamond cutting marble "blade"
Q:How to do white vinegar on the marble
If it's a natural marble, it's okIf there is nothing to do with artificial marble, wipe clean and then rubbing alcohol, OK
Q:Which kind of marble is the best
In the import of artificial marble, the best in Italy. Price and domestic difference of about 100 yuan per square meter.Natural stone has a certain amount of radioactivity, but the impact on the human body is not as exaggerated as imagined.Choose marble key to distinguish A, B, C three stone standard. According to the National Building Materials Bureau and the Ministry of Health jointly developed the building materials industry standards JC518-93Natural stone products radiation protection classification control standard "stipulated in the class a radiation is relatively small, the use of unrestricted; class B except not easy for the decorated rooms, available elsewhere; the C class is only available building decoration.
Q:Must be used to clean the floor on the floor
1, to keep the floor dry, clean, do not allow to mop the floor with a mop of water, or wipe the floor with alkaline water, soap, so as not to damage the gloss of the paint surface. 2, keep the room ventilation, is strictly prohibited for a long time to close doors and windows, so as to avoid the floor drum deformation. 3, try to avoid sun exposure, so as not to paint the surface of the long-term ultraviolet radiation aging, cracking. 4, the local board accidentally contaminated should be promptly removed, if there is oil, use cloth dipped in warm water with a small amount of detergent scrub, if the drug or pigment, must be removed in the end into the wood surface before. 5, the best every three months to play a wax (except for the addition of wood floors), before waxing to clean the surface of the floor stains. Wax regularly, can maintain the smoothness of the floor, extend the service life of the floor. 6, avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture. 7, it is recommended to place the pedal at the door mat, in order to prevent dust, damage the floor.
Q:The floor of my home is marble, how can scrub very clean?
Expert weapon clean marble less waterMarble is a porous material, it is easy to stain, experts recommend cleaning should use less water.Right wayIs regular with a damp cloth wipe with mild detergent, then wipe dry with a soft cloth to clean and polished. Wear of the marble furniture can be difficult to handle, steel wool wipe, and then use the electric polishing machine polishing, to restore the luster.Using the method of lemon juice or vinegar to clean dirt is good, but should pay attention to the lemon juice of time is best not to stay more than two minutes. Operation can be repeated if necessary, and then clean and dry. For minor scratches, can use the marble cleaner and care agent.
Q:Artificial jade (artificial marble) above the traces of tea how to clear?
Special problems (marks, scratches, burns) solutionOne of the advantages of artificial Dali mesa is scratched or damaged after repair. Most of the scratches can be removed by the following steps. Mark and the injured situation is serious, please consult the sales consultant. To remove dirt, remove marks and scratches also according to different surface to:1) matt surface: 600 mesh sand plate cylindrical grinding, marks, scratches removal with 800-1200 mesh sand circular grinding, finally use 100 clean cloth.2) Ban Yaguang surface: with the above matt surface treatment method, and then use a soft cloth and brightener wipe, and finally wipe with a clean cloth.3) Gao Guang: first surface with 800 mesh sand disc grinding circle direction until scratches disappear, then polished with 1200-1500 mesh sand plate circle direction, then use 2000 mesh sand plate circle direction of grinding, and then polish and low wool polishing machine, the non abrasive surface of optical brightener.(3) Gao Guang surface: grinding with a sponge and non abrasive brightener. Special dirt can be removed, can be used 1200 purpose sandpaper grinding, and then use a soft cloth and light agent (or furniture wax) bright.(4) artificial marble sink: decontamination with detergent and water cleaning. Soak in 1:1 bleach solution for 10-15 minutes, then wash with water to the bottom and around. Basic maintenance:Artificial marble products have excellent physical properties: food, ash, bacteria will not invade their surface. Daily maintenance only with a sponge, Tetra new multi-purpose concentrated cleaner to wipe, can keep clean; to be disinfected, can be diluted bleach and water (1:1) or other disinfectant to wipe the surface. Please remember to use dry towel and into the water stains, try to keep the table dry.
Q:Marble wall surface can be done to do what?
Every time with crystal surface agent area to 2 square meters, step by step to rice polishing, crystal face agent is not overdo sth., whenever the machine grinding dry stone, a glass light was immediately shut down, otherwise with heat generated by excessive friction damage, become the anti effect, especially in the white stone why.
Q:Marble radiation on the human body what impact?
However, in normal life, according to the nuclear radiation data of Jilin province index, both natural marble and artificial marble containing only trace amounts of radiation, as long as the long time of contact, will not affect the health of human body. However, the experiments show that the natural marble radiation is higher than synthetic.
Q:What are the brands of marble in China? What is the difference between each brand's marble?
The color line, hole: effect of poor level of marble color line, cutting holes into slabs of marble blocks need after glue, experts generally do not recognize the non polished, thought is the natural texture, long after the glue will change, showing a slight red or black color

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