Natural Marble in China with Different Size and Pattern

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10000 m²/month

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2Size300x300x10mm  457x457x20mm  600x600x20mm  2800x1600x25mm, or as customer require
3thickness25px, 50px, 75px, 100px or other thickness your requirement
4Colorsilver, golden, white, light yellow, black, light coffee, beige, dark green, ect
5Finishedhoned, polished, sandblasted bush hammered, rough picked, Mushroom, Axe-cut, etc. 

Skirting,Tread & Riser stairs, Bollard, Column,Curbstone, Paving,Flooring,etc

Kitchen top, Table face,etc

Wall cladding Cube,Border,etc
7Payment termsT/T 30% deposit and 70% balance pay against B/L copy or LC term or negotiation
8PackagingThick tiles are packed directly with film in wooden crates, with safe support to protect the surface& edges, then in strong wooden crates.
9QualityAll stone edges without breaking angle, no crack with smooth edge.
10Min. OrderOne 20GP container,Small order is acceptable, we can ship it by LCL shipping to your destination
11Delivery timeAccording to your purchase quantity
12Place of originalFujian,china

 2. Advantages

Popular designs and natural colors.


3. Pictures

Natural Marble in China with Different Size

Natural Marble in China with Different Size

4. FAQ

How about production time?

45~50 days.


Can it be used in kitchen?



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Q:Marble glue and AB glue dry hanging what is the difference
When the stone is installed, the sealing effect between the stone and the stone material ensures that the stone has no pollution, and has a certain elongation and hardness of 20 to 60. Is the marble glue repairing effect, no elongation, hardness of 100 dry hanging stone seams should be stone with silicone glue.Stone dry hanging construction and the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of technology in the contract to make use of the provisions of glue. To prevent the team use the marble glue instead of stone glue dry hanging stone hanging case.
Q:Ceramic tile, marble surface, all throw glaze, what is the difference between glazed tiles
How to prevent the hollowing tiles? The past and present life of vitrified tileRecently, China ceramics for the first time the global collection of cartoon image, the media tracking would greatly. The ceramic is closely linked with the Chinese civilization, the history of ceramics is an important part of the history of Chinese civilization, in the early period of Emperor Yao has painted pottery. The history and development of ceramics, is too rich, too numerous, not repeat them here. Here are a few questions.
Q:Artificial stone is no pollution? Artificial stone and natural marble which radiation is more serious?
As long as within the national standard can be used, and marble by sedimentary rocks in the limestone by high temperature metamorphism and other external factors. Due to its composition of calcite and dolomite radioactive is generally very low, so the radioactive low limestone and metamorphic marble, radiation is very low the natural marble. The radiation is generally very low, can be assured use. If the base material for producing artificial stone containing high radiation, the artificial stone is very unsafe.
Q:How to skillfully remove the stains on the marble
The problem is that the stone on the edge of the bathtub and the rim of the window is stained. The problem should be that the marble has never been protected, or it is not properly maintained. Since the performance of mild cleaning agent is not effective, we recommend using a neutral cleaning agent and powder into a mixture of mud and viscous mixture, the paste will be deposited on the surface of the stone, and then use nylon pad friction. The role of the powder in it is similar to that of a grinding agent, which helps to remove the surface. If this method does not work, it is recommended to use alkaline cleaning agent and clay powder mixed to form a strong detergent solution, the remaining operating procedures as described above.When it comes to scratches on the ground, it is recommended that professional personnel to the scene to observe and RE polishing marble surface. As a result of the RE polishing usually need to use liquid or powder products, or emery polishing pad, so please professionals to operate the best results. To the local stone manufacturers or distributors, please recommend the more well-known stone conservation products, and professional treatment.
Q:What is the size of marble floor tile
Marble floor tile is made of marble floor tiles, used as a marble floor tiles are very attractive, because there is no exactly the same two marble brick. The texture of each brick is unique and distinctive, especially when they are combined in different colors and sizes. This is why marble tiles are installed in a variety of ways that are both decorative and functional. The quality of the brick and its natural beauty make it possible to create a range of different types, different colors, patterns and textures. Therefore, the utility model has the advantages of high abrasion resistance, high finish, waterproof and corrosion protection, beautiful and generous marble bricks, etc. the utility model is used for household, hotels, restaurants, subway stations, densely populated ground and wall decoration, such as airports, stations, docks, etc..
Q:Artificial stone table thickness who knows?
Artificial stone thickness is 12 GB GB, if the number of words can be customized, artificial stone table thickness, the standard is 5 cm.
Q:Difference between marble tiles and glazed tiles
Marble is a stone, is a natural formation, with a certain amount of radioactivity, but the hardness is good, but not a lot of patterns. Glazed tile is only in the surface of the ceramic tile coarse glazed water, a very thin layer, glazed tiles and more good-looking, but the hardness is not very good, not as durable marble.
Q:Marble how to maintain?
If the marble furniture is coffee splashed, or cigarette charred, should be considered please repair.
Q:The balcony is white, what color marble with marble
The balcony is white, and the marble can be beige, beige;Marble beige or grey meters, a little color can see a window and balcony of the position, the overall effect will be more atmospheric.
Q:The marble tea stains on how to do
If it is infiltrated into the marble cracks, can not be removed, if it is present in the surface, as long as the point of clean and clean, with a steel ball gently scrub, clean, cool dry.With edible oil on the surface with a layer of, wait a moment, let the oil penetrate the marble surface, then clean with a dry cloth, after tea will reduce or easier to scrub.It is best not to use a layer of oil before use.

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