Natural Light Reed Cane Fence Panel Screening

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60000 m²
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1000000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1.  Main Features of the Natural Light Reed Cane Fence Panel Screening

size can do as your requirement

Natural Bamboo Fence

black bamboo garden fence with galvanized wire through the middle,

Dia:19-21mm. good quality, cheap price.

2.       Structure of Natural Light Reed Cane Fence Panel Screening Description

black bamboo garden fence

black bamboo garden fencefor garden decoration with hande-made

size:height can be 2000px,2500px,3000px,3500px,3750px,4000px,4500px,5000px.

providing privacy, cover up an unsightly chain-link fence or create a privacy screen

on your patio with this natural reed fence. it is really great product with many uses.

3. Natural Light Reed Cane Fence Panel Screening Images


Natural Light Reed Cane Fence Panel Screening

Natural Light Reed Cane Fence Panel Screening

Natural Light Reed Cane Fence Panel Screening


4.Natural Light Reed Cane Fence Panel Screening Specification


Products Name


Reed fence, Reed screen




A lot of, can be customized




Natural and color Reed




Tonkin Reed


Use of places


Plant support , gardening, farm ,home decrotion




wash clean, high temperature, high temperature drying, roasted straight, mothproof mold processing, sorting, cutting, packing, fumigation, container


Payment Terms


TT,30%deposit,70%balance against B/L




1x40’HQ 10-20days after get the deposit




woven bag or carton




Invoice, Packing, Form A, CO, BILL, Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate



5.FAQ of Natural Light Reed Cane Fence Panel Screening

How to do daily cleaning?

Only use the brush to clean dust from the gap, and then use a clean wet cloth wipe, if relatively dirty also available water directly wash, wash after timely to dry in the air.


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