Natural Granite 600*600 for construction

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natural granite for construction

Granite tile with its high hardness, wear resistance, difficult to be acid or weathering erosion. Perfect for quick and easy remodels n Obtain the durability of natural granite. Save time and money! These granite tiles are easy to install and fit directly for the project.

Type: Granite

Place of Origin: Fujian

Color: Grey,Pink,Red,Black

Density(g/cm3): 2.6-2.8

Surface Finished

Polished,Honed,Flamed,Bushhammered,SandBlasted,Chisselled, Or As Your Requirement

Random Length Slab
























Cut To Size













All special size can be made according to client's demand


2. Our Strength:

Our Mining

We have owner mining of granite G640,G603,G681,G635 till 2021 year.

Our Factory

Let you get rid of Middle agent who is always draining your profit

QC Team

Each Processing have our owner QC under control,ensure to good quality

Delivery Time

After confirm order,we can offer you delivery timely.

Our Serivce

Yours Success Is Our Biggest Business

3. Package And Delivery Time:


Standard fumigated seaworthy wooden Crate with plastic foam cover

Delviery time

Within 7 days after received T/T 30% deposit for one container

Our Services

1. Our own quarry and factory can offer you the granite, marble ,basalt with good quality and competitive price.

2. We have experienced team including production, inspection, design, after-sale service.

3. We exported our goods to different kinds of markets such as USA, Europe, Mid-East, South America, etc

4. We attend the China Xiamen International Stone Fair every year.

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Q:How to clean up the stubborn stains on the tiles and marble!
The vast majority of marble on the market are not very high density and anti fouling, so try not to have a Dali tea Cola (cigarette will produce smoke smoke knows) Wine red liquid because of the colored liquid but a long time to stay inside that Ronaldo to penetrate into the marble gods in the marble surface will have no way
Q:Stove with a good cleaning stone or natural stone clean
Stove with a good cleaning stone.Microcrystalline stone is in the form of similar high temperature granite, formed by sintering special uniform texture, high density, high hardness, compressive strength, bending resistance, impact resistance and other properties than natural stone, durable, not easy to be damaged, and no natural stone common fine cracks. The water absorption rate of Microcrystalline stone is very low, almost zero, a variety of dirty mud mud, dyeing solution is not easy to penetrate the infiltration, attached to the surface of the dirt is also easy to clean.And the natural stone is not, a lot of naturally formed texture is easy to stain into oil.
Q:What are the disadvantages of imitation marble lines?
PS line belongs to the recycling of waste plastics production, not environmental protection; and the texture is more brittle, easy to damage; shape is relatively simple. But the price is the lowest, so a few years ago, sales are good, but with the increasingly competitive market, PS lines are also exposed shortcomings.
Q:Density of quicklime powder
Quicklime powder is divided into several. The lime used in the decoration project is made of lime, lime and lime powder. Building quicklime is the main component of calcium carbonate as raw materials (such as limestone, etc.), in the sintering temperature below. According to the chemical composition, it can be divided into calcareous quicklime and magnesia quicklime. The content of Magnesium Oxide is less than or equal to 5%, and the content of Magnesium Oxide is more than 5%. Building lime is divided into superior products, first-class quality and grade three. Superior product the pulp capacity of not less than 2.8L / kg grade; the pulp capacity of not less than 2.3L / kg; qualified slurry is not less than 2.0L / kg.
Q:Imitation marble floor tile is how to do?
So I don't know the details of basic materials listed cloth mud and sand cloth machine at home is generally 5600 press molding and then into the kiln is generally line kiln front preheating middle high temperature firing back cooling is basically the way I want to do a master can understand some solutions
Q:What are the shortcomings of the interior wall with sandstone
There is a grade, but there is one thing is to do with the wall decoration of the sand is a good cleaning
Q:How to identify natural stone and artificial stone
Observe the back of the stone to see if there is no small pores, if any, indicating that the quality is relatively poor. From the artificial marble manufacturing process, the manufacturing process to be pressurized and vacuum, under normal circumstances there is no possibility of porosity. Third, with the nail on the surface of the stone, qualified products should not be obvious traces. Artificial marble surface has a certain hardness, if only with the nails can be traces of the surface of the stone, then the quality of this product is too bad.
Q:What are the requirements for producing calcium oxide
Mainly depends on the activity of calcium oxide. Selection of raw materials according to the requirements of the product
Q:Sand wall mural
Their manufacturers sandstone background and the effect of the background of the sandstone wall sculpture murals renderings I send you to see
Q:How should carbon slabs be described
silty or neutral tuff-based, and then introduce the alteration, if there is a tape

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