Natural Granite 1000*1000 for construction G365

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Product Description:

Type: Granite

Place of Origin: Fujian

Color: Grey,Pink,Red,Black

Density(g/cm3): 2.6-2.8

Surface Finished

Polished,Honed,Flamed,Bushhammered,SandBlasted,Chisselled, Or As Your Requirement

Random Length Slab
























Cut To Size













All special size can be made according to client's demand


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We have owner mining of granite G640,G603,G681,G635 till 2021 year.

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Standard fumigated seaworthy wooden Crate with plastic foam cover

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Within 7 days after received T/T 30% deposit for one container

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1. Our own quarry and factory can offer you the granite, marble ,basalt with good quality and competitive price.

2. We have experienced team including production, inspection, design, after-sale service.

3. We exported our goods to different kinds of markets such as USA, Europe, Mid-East, South America, etc

4. We attend the China Xiamen International Stone Fair every year.

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Q:What is the compressive strength of limestone?
Compressive strength of limestone:Perpendicular to the bedding direction, the compressive strength is 60-140MPa;Parallel to the bedding direction, the compressive strength is 70-120MPa.
Q:What is the effect of granite tiles in the room?
It is understood that China's stone by radioactive level is divided into A, B, C three categories, according to regulations, only Class A can be used for home interior decoration. For many years engaged in construction and decoration industry, Mr. Chen told reporters that the use of granite in the construction industry in Guangdong more than Liu Cheng, although for the small indoor, but the red, green and other granite color is good, often used for interior decoration. Experts advise: the house after the best decoration to do the test After the laying of natural marble, to take a dilution of pollution to reduce pollution. Radon half-life of only 3.2 days, indoor radon concentration in the doors and windows after 20 to 30 minutes can be reduced to the outdoor level. Therefore, the simplest way is to strengthen the ventilation and placement properties such as Hampshire coconut shell activated carbon such a good adsorption products for radon adsorption. Just renovated rooms are best able to detect. If the test results are not qualified, you can use the radiation coating or the installation of lead-free protective plate to prevent the release of radon from the building materials. If the radioactivity index is too high, you must immediately replace the stone.
Q:How does natural stone produce radiation?
No matter is the radiation (including human), because the substance on earth is a radioactive isotope, such as oxygen, oxygen 16 is not radioactive, but natural that contains a certain amount (about one thousandth of the 18 (18) oxygen oxygen is radioactive), basically all the elements are so, you can not smoking?
Q:18 mm marble, more than 1 square meters
Different types of marble density. Probably between 2.5-3.0, according to 2.7 calculation, about 48.6 kg. Density of 45 kg. Density of 55 kg.
Q:How is the sandstone relief model made?
Such as gypsum slurry thickening and then hand up pasteFrom the beginning of the second times, from the gypsum slurry up on the thickness can be larger, and can be mixed to wait a few minutes after the gypsum slurry to gypsum slurry concentration and to thicken the paste. Paste the time to pay attention to step by step, so that the thickness of the various parts of the balance. General one-time female mold is the full size of the full size of the module, the small can be thinner. The edge of the module is on the side of the insert and the plaster is behind the other.
Q:Granite Marble with what medicine is polished
1, the construction process: stone surface finish surface cleaning → stone gap marble glue repair → overall ground grinding 6-7 times → ground drying → ground crystal treatment (K2, K3 syrup) → overall ground conservation (K1 syrup) → ground Clean up. 2, the stone surface to complete the surface clean up: the stone before the crystallization of the ground processing, paving finish the overall surface formation, no color, each stone between the diagonal flush, the ground to clean up the whole, with dry and clean to drag clean, No sand on the ground, impurities. 3, stone gap marble glue repair: stone surface after the completion of the overall clean-up, with marble glue on each piece of stone above the small spots to repair, first of all the original damaged surface with the stone color of the marble glue to repair. And then use a special stone sewing machine on the original stone installation of the seam in the re-neat cutting slit, so that the width of the gap changed almost, and then close to the stone color of the marble glue to fill it (Note: If the past has been done in the seam Processing without the need for new openings). Venom glue must be repaired after the glue can be done under the next process.
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone and natural marble
1 as long as the natural stone will have radiation, will release a radon gas, it is a kind of inert gas, a long time in the human respiratory tract. But as long as the harmful air circulation is not what the problem. The 2 main components of marble is calcium carbonate, so it is very brittle easily broken. After a long time of the 3 sun baked, some stone will appear discoloration. 4 marble density is low, easy to penetrate the dirt inside. 5 marble not seamless mosaic. 6 artificial stone is completely environmentally friendly without radiation. 7 artificial stone main component of epoxy resin and aluminum powder, so it is very hard not to love the 8 artificial stone fracture. Not fade. 9 artificial stone density high, dirt is not easy to penetrate. 10 artificial stone can be seamless.
Q:How is sandstone formed?
They believe that the initial sand is a mixture of different types of sand, millions of years into different layers. If you want to know how many millions of years ago the sand is layered, you can observe the process of the avalanche happened today when similar.
Q:How to identify the natural stone Cheng Qu
White, white teeth Tridacna and brownish yellow, bright appearance, surface is pearly luster; false white stone or crushed clam shell powder or white stone powder and glue which are pressed, white, stiff, surface polishing white shiny, not natural. Tridacna beads surface fine-grained, growth years on behalf of its in the deep sea, genuine luster and delicate, translucent, yellow and white, false Tridacna overall pale, dull.
Q:How to remove the ink stains on the marble for a long time
Artificial marble cracking repair | cabinet maintenanceCabinet artificial stone marble table cracking maintenance, cabinet maintenance, table replacementWuhan artificial stone table cracking maintenance, Wuhan cabinet maintenanceWuhan cabinet door repair, replacement, Wuhan artificial stone table cracking maintenance, replacement, Wuhan tank replacement1, repair of artificial marble table without early cracking, crack repair, water infiltration and influence along the crack in the cabinet cabinet, general materials even Lushuihe and the cabinet is sawdust egger, see water will expand. Mesa in the crack is very small when the water is not, but over time, the cracks will gradually become larger, and even deformation, once the deformation, the table will not repair the value of the new table must be changed.2, the replacement of artificial stone, quartz stone countertops. Artificial stone countertops appear stains or after cracking, replaced by quartz stone countertops, cabinets can significantly extend the service life, because the table is not bad, no problem of cabinets, quartz stone countertops have high temperature, high hardness, scratch resistant, easy oil leakage and easy cleaning, high hardness characteristics of deformation, is artificial the stone table suggested alternative products, serious problems directly for quartz stone countertops.3, replace the bowl blue, pull basket, seasoning basket, drawer slide.4, repair, replace the door panel and the cabinet side seal, replace the door.5, replace the door hinge, handle, to solve the collision between door panels or door panels and the friction between the collision.6, remove the cabinet, cabinet, replace the tank.7, the table hole (sink hole, stove hole), Taiwan Basin to change the basin.

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