Natural and healthy fruit juice unique low-speed extrusion juicer DZ-801

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250000 unit/month

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110-220V AC 50/60Hz 200W
Unique low-speed extrusion type juicing way
Natural and healthy fruit juice
Low noise of motor
Continuous juicing



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Q:What is the wattage of a general Juicer?
The number of Watts in the juicer is large and small, depending on what you do with it. The juice is usually 2200W, so you can keep the nutrients in the fruit. Our domestic juicer is more than 2200W.
Q:The difference between soybean milk machine and juicer
Because I want to drink juice, so I went back to buy a juicer Joyoung, can not tell the juicing function of chicken ribs, then, the juice yield is very low, is full of fine slag, slag is separated, if it is stirring cup thick, so I would like to add some water, or squeezed carrot like the water squeezed out like a thick porridge, ha ha.
Q:Which is the difference between a juicer and a cooking machine?
Function is relatively complete, grinding dry powder, meat, soybean milk, juice, but generally need to be processed two times to eat. Professional Juicer can only play juice, can not do soybean milk. Most cooking machines, however, can crush food, fruit juice, and some soybean milk. However, Xiao Bian believes that the machine is better than soybean milk machine, not easy to clean, but also finished cooking. The cooking machine produces too much juice and no professional juice machine. The cooking machine is better at crushing and mixing. From a professional degree, no water make the juice juicer and other professional liquid things as auxiliary, juicer professional juice is authentic and juice separation; cooking machine also known as multi-functional food processing machine, mixer, juice machine, it is a kind of multifunctional machine the. Most people call it a juicer, but in fact it's a mistake. Cooking machine making juice generally have water or other liquids. For assistance, otherwise made is puree instead of juice, it can choose whether or not the juice separation, can also do other dishes, such as ice, milling, meat and so on, in addition to professional Juicer juice squeezed vegetable juice, can not do other food. Of course, the market now also has the kind of juice combination machine, just need to change, what you want to do, how to do what you want to do.
Q:Part of the recipe for a juicer
Practice:Cut a fresh pineapple into cubes and let it soak in salt water for 30 minutes. Pineapple juice with juice machine, without water, sweet and sour palatability. A pineapple can squeeze two cups. Effect:Apple can provide energy, because it contains sugar. Fresh Apple Juice tastes good, infant and children are very love. So Apple Juice became a perfect drink for young people. Apple juice is a cheap, healthy drink. Fruit juice made from fresh fruit improves the health of the body with perfect taste and supplements the nutrients. Apples are also a source of soluble and insoluble cellulose.
Q:Juice can not replace the egg machine
A juicer is no substitute for an egg beater. This is because the eggbeater is need to continue to work, but not work continuously Juicer design, no fan cooling, when the temperature is too high, the motor sensor will work to cut off the power supply to protect the motor function. Moreover, because the motor of the juicer is a high-speed motor, the torque is not good, and the design speed of the egg beater is much lower than that of the juice extractor, and the output torque is much larger.
Q:How do you clean watermelon stains on the juicer?
Juicer cleaning, it is best to use clean, otherwise it is difficult to clean. I have several ways to clean the juice extractor. You can try it:1. add 1/3 warm water and detergent to the mixing container of the extractor, plug in the power and stir for 30 seconds, then rinse with clean water.2. will filter the opposite side of the faucet, edge washed with gauze wash, it is easy to clean.3., the cutter head at the end of the fiber can be in the direction of its winding slowly out, not too hard, other can use steel wire ball scrub, but don't too hard, lest damage the knife head.4. use one hand index finger to cover the 3/4 at the faucet's mouth, forming a "water gun" to flush most of the pulp, and brush the edges a few times with a toothbrush.5 clean the juicer into small cup of water then add some crushed eggshells, stirring for two minutes, you will find that the juicer is bright as new, better collocation with vinegar and egg.
Q:How can the juicer press the mashed potatoes?
Steam the potatoes first, then squeeze them in. Add some pepper. The water is delicious
Q:Why does the juice press out when you squeeze it out?
Before the juice with boiling water blanched juice, scalded with boiling water can kill the fruit above most of the enzyme, but also make them the Microsoft a bit, and then immediately juice can reduce the loss of nutrients, increase the juice yield, but also can make the juice color and prolong the preservation time.
Q:Is it good to use a hand squeezer?
I bought one before I knew the juice machine. I thought it was too strenuous and troublesome. Now I'm using the juice machine. I think it's not bad. There's a lot of juice.
Q:How much money a cane Juicer
1000 to 2500 or so. The price depends on the type and function.

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