Native Corn Starch

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one year

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Corn Starch

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Native Corn Starch



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Packaging Detail:25 KG, 50 Kg Bags Availabe as pr requirement
Delivery Detail:15-30 Days


High Quality Native Corn Starch

Maize Starch Powder

Our Starch Powder

Our Starch is a cereal starch having low Protein & Ash content. Upon dissolving in suitable solvent, Our Starch adopts the consistency of a smooth paste quickly. pH of Starch is generally in neutral range; hence it does not foam excessively neither does it require an anti-foaming agent.  Starch Powder commonly known as Corn Starch is derived Corn.


Industries that use Starch extensively are Textile Industries, Paper Mills, Iron Foundries, Adhesive Industries & Building Industry.

The Food & Pharmaceutical uses of  Starch are equally extensive. It is used in Pharmaceutical Industry, Confectionery Industry, Biscuit Industry & Food Industry.

Technical Data:

Property Values 
Appearance :White Powder 
Odour: Odourless 
pH (10% Aquous Sol): 4.5 - 7 
Particle Size: No retention at 85 Mesh 
Moisture :% 10 - 13 
Starch content on dry basis: 98% 
Total ash on BD cold water: 0.25% Max 
Solubility :0.4% Max 
Viscosity (Redwood Viscometer No - 1.3% Paste at 75° C) :36 - 45 Sec 
Protein Content 0.6% Max 
Packaging: Available in 50Kgs Plastic-lined HDPE bags.

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