Nanometer Antibacterial PP-R pipe

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Product Description:


Nanometer Antibacterial PP-R pipe 

Size: 20-75 mm

15 years produce experience

Certificate: CE; ISO9001


Features of Nanometer Antibacterial PP-R pipe: 

Sizes: 20 to 75mm 

Pressure: PN1.25Mpa; PN1.6Mpa; PN2.0Mpa; PN2.5Mpa 

Colors: Light grey, white or other colors on request 

Connection: Welding 

Certification: CE, ISO9001


Advantages of Nanometer Antibacterial PP-R pipe:


High Temperature Resistance: the maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70 °C,the maximum transient temperature is up to 95°C


Heat Preservation: low thermal conductivity which is only 1/1500 of brass pipe. And 1/250 of steel pipe.


Non-toxic: no heavy metal additives, would not be covered with dirt or contaminated by bacterium.


Corrosion Resistant: resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion.


Lower Installation Costs: light weight and ease of installation can reduce installation costs by as much as 50%over metal piping system.


Higher Flow Capacity: smooth interior walls result in lower pressure loss and higher volume than metal pipes.


Long Life: more than 50 years under normal conditions


Recycled and Environment-friendly

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Q:How long is the welding time of the wire mesh composite pipe?
Handle the pipe under the light should be lifted and handle, prohibited in the groove drag, rolling, or with forklifts, forklifts, tractors and other hauling pipe.
Q:Plastic steel pipe and lining stainless steel composite pipe steel pipe are the same kind of pipe
Steel pipe and stainless steel composite pipe is two kinds of different materials, I personally think that, as the name suggests is a plastic steel and plastic combination, including plastic lining and coating, and the stainless steel composite pipe is a combination between steel and steel, the most common is the composite stainless steel and ordinary steel!
Q:PSP steel plastic composite pipe which apply the item
Steel plastic composite pipe, plastic steel composite pipe, seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe as the base pipe, painted on the inner wall of high adhesion, corrosion protection, food grade hygiene polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating. By pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, leveling, postprocessing technology made in water supply galvanized plastic composite pipe, is the upgrading of traditional galvanized pipe. Product implementation of the Ministry of construction CJT120-2008 industry standards. Caliber range DN15--DN1200 with flange and pressure trough, coating length 6m, 9m, 12m and variable length, coating wall thickness of 100 microns to 500 microns, usually 350 microns.
Q:What is the difference between stainless steel pipe and stainless steel composite pipe?
Stainless steel composite pipe is made of stainless steel and carbon steel two kinds of metal materials with new materials nondestructive pressure synchronization into the compound, both stainless steel corrosion and excellent wear and beautiful appearance, good bending strength and impact resistance of carbon steel. Conforms to the national energy conservation and the universal principle.
Q:What is multilayer high-temperature wear-resistant composite pipe?
The inner and outer layers of the pipe are made of heat-resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) and the inner core layer is butt welded aluminum (PE-RT/AL/PE-RT). The three layers are permanently bonded together with a special adhesive - designed for maximum requirements, excellent reliability, and extreme durability.
Q:What's the difference between steel wire mesh plastic composite pipe and steel skeleton composite pipe?
Comparison of composite structures for tube manufacturing:The steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe, with high strength steel wire should be (above 1950Mpa) as the substrate, take two times the combined form, with a 54.7 degree oblique wire wound on the pipe, the pipe under internal pressure to the axial and circumferential uniform dispersion force, a higher safety factor used in determining the wire the diameter and density.The welding of steel skeleton plastic composite pipe, ordinary carbon steel wire for steel wire substrate, although thicker, but the tensile strength is 400Mpa, complex process, product quality fluctuation.
Q:Central heating, heating, PPR pipe, or outside there is aluminum pipe? What's the difference?
Low temperature hot water floor heating is a new type of heating construction technology, which is more popular in recent years. At present, low temperature hot water floor heating is generally low in warm water (usually less than or equal to 60 DEG C. The highest more than 80 DEG C) as the heating medium, heating coil made of plastic pipe, buried in the ground in the concrete cushion. Low temperature heating is better in architectural aesthetics and human comfort, but the surface temperature is limited.
Q:Is the coating tube a composite tube?
When the composite triode is formed, the emitter of the first tube is the collector at different polarities, and the current direction must be the same as the base current of the second tubes. The polarity of the composite triode depends on the first tube.
Q:PSP plastic steel composite pipe and lining plastic composite pipe can be used instead?
PSP steel plastic composite pressure pipe is a new type of pipe developed in recent years in our country.
Q:How can the stainless steel composite pipe be welded?
Because the stainless steel thermal conductivity is small, and the welding temperature when the residence time is not too long, so the welding composite layer, should choose a small amount of heat input welding method. At the same time, the welding sequence of composite pipe for the first welding composite layer, after welding base, so the composite layer is the welding quality of the welding process most importantly, it should consider adopting a welding method of high quality, is a composite pipe composite layer is the most ideal welding method.
The company products are strictly produced as the standard of international, country and industry etc. And has already passed the test of national, provincial, municipal and other authority departments testing. Since the products put on the market, we own a good name in china and abroad.The products range has been changed from single into series. Now the company has become a high-tech modern enterprise of scientific research, development, production, marketing, trade and services.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang, China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America
South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Western Europe
Company Certifications CE;ISO9001:2000

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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