Naked Eye Quad Core Smartphone/3G 7inch Tablet PC with 3D Movies

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Product Description:

Product Description

Super Hi-Vision, Multi-functions glasses-free 3D entertainment smart tablets.
Humanized design, Fashion appearance.
Enjoy immersive, noble and comfortable entertainment experience.

Product Features:
1: High brightness and high contrast
2: High resolution and low crosstalk
3: Capacitive touch panel (5 points)
4: Play all 3D video, games and photos
5: Convert 2D video/games into 3D

Products application:
Home, travel, business, advertisement, education, medical, restaurants, entertainment and so on.
System Memory1G DDR
LanguageEnglish and multi-language
StorageSystem Memory8G  
Extended MemoryExtended to 32G
ScreenLCD screen size7 inches, 3D HD screen
Capacitive Multi-Touching screen
Resolution1280(h)* 800(w)
3DControllable 3D LCD Module
Best viewing distance30-50cm
Video(3D)3DV formatStandard 3D video format
Compatible with MKV, AVI, MP4,3GP,FLV
Picture(2D)JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP format
Video (2D)TypeMKV\AVI\MP4\3GP\FLV
Audio formatsMP3, ACC,WMA\AC-3\DTS
WebcamFront-facing:2.0-megapixels       Rear camera: 5.0-megapixels
SensorGravity Sensor
Expansion InterfaceUSB2.0 OTG, mini HDMI, TF card, 3.5mm Stereo headphone jack,DC Charging interface
Power supplyInput5VDC 1.5-2.0A
Power AdapterInput AC100-220V 50/60Hz
Output DC 5V 2.0A
Product size192.3mm(length)*112.4mm(width)*9.9mm(thickness)
Environment RequirementTemperature-10°C-45°C
Accessories1 power charger, 1 earphine ,1 user manual,1 leather case,1 USB cable,1 Memory Card

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Q:How do I remove pictures from HUAWEI's Tablet PC?
There are many ways, 1 with 51 mobile assistant. 2 if you have no data line, but there are WiFi signals at home, you can download a free wireless data line software, so you can see all kinds of flat files through the WiFi signal in the computer, then you can copy down.
Q:What's the difference between MP5 and tablet PC? Thanks a lot!
Tablet PCs have system, such as Android MP5, the function is rigid
Q:How can Apple iPad tablet PC be set up in Chinese?
You find a friend who knows English, and finds the language settings column from the settings (icons, like a gear) to set the Chinese language.
Q:How do Apple tablets create ID?
Enter the Itunes app store, choose the same point in the free application, click on the application of logo following the "free software" after the login dialog box, click "create new account", welcome screen, click on the lower right corner of the "continue" to appear terms, you can choose the area second in the back, you can change your to the area and click change". Then scroll to the bottom of the page, tick the consent clause and click on the lower right". Next, enter the mailbox, password, verification questions and answers, birthday (can be lied about, many people register here, the year can be filled in 1990 up and down), click the bottom right corner to continue". Then pay the way, click the "no" (none) at the end, and then fill in the bill, send the address, and fill it out. Finally, click "create Apple ID".
Q:What antivirus software is available on Apple tablet?
Hello, this situation suggest you can upgrade to the latest version of try, or contact the official website, customer service is better.
Q:No cable, no broadband, tablet PC how to access the Internet?
Tablet support WiFi Internet access.Open the WiFi on the tablet to see if you can search for wireless signals. If so, ask the neighbor who owns it,You can give your neighbors a penny and use their home WiFi signals.
Q:Does the tablet need to be recharged without electricity?
Look at personal habits, general to no electricity, will be very inconvenient, and then very depressed looking for charger, if in order to use a long life, the best no electricity charge
Q:How do tablets download things?
With the market "or" Android browser search pea pod is market access, after which you can download and install Android search special software.No more software like peas, pods, or 360 mobile assistants directly installed on the computer, and then the data lines are connected to the tablet, and they automatically connect to sync. This allows you to operate on the computer side.
Q:How can Lenovo's Tablet PC camera not be used?
There is a considerable part of the camera can not use the problem is due to poisoning caused by trojan virus, criminals will operate the camera illegal shooting in order to achieve the purpose of profit-making extortion, Jinshan guards can remove the camera caused by a virus of the problem can not be used. And this kind of computer virus defense
Q:How do you do the old crash of the tablet PC (quad core)?
Is rubbish, I have a flat quad core power, always crashes, unable to shutdown boot, can not start, died before the start screen, Taipower is a waste, some time ago bought a MP3 this is wrong, crash, Speechless!

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