MZ001-4D screw microsprayer with ribbed collar

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100000 pc/month

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Product decription



1.Item: MZ-004D
2.Material: plastic+aluminium

4.MOQ: 10, 000pcs 

5.Packing: inner + outer package
6.Carton Size: 57*33*39cm Pcs/Ctn: 2400pcs
7.Delivery date: 20-30days 
8.Payment Term: T/T by 30% deposit and balance before shipment or against by B/L copy.


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MZ001-4D screw microsprayer with ribbed collar







The  Advantage of our lotion pump:
1) For the first using 2.5-3 times of pushing will workable
2) Many improving leakproof design for guarantee
3) Glass ball which resistant to acid and alkali
4) Non-Toxic pump meeting international standard requirements
5) Accept small order
6) High quality, nice price.

7).Colour depend on customer's request
8).Using innocuity imported raw material, high stability
9).High quality,  Best service,  Low price
10).Lotion pump is applied on the bottles of facial cleanser, hand cream,lotion and so on.


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MZ001-4D screw microsprayer with ribbed collar

MZ001-4D screw microsprayer with ribbed collar

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