MZ-X03 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

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Product description



Item:MZ-X03Size:Φ28/410 Material:PP
Packing:Bulk PackingCarton Size: 57*33*39cmPcs/Ctn:2000-2500pcs
MOQ: 30,000pcsDelivery date: 20-25daysPayment Term: T/T by 30% deposit and balance before shipment


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MZ-X03 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

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MZ-X03 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

MZ-X03 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

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Q:How can I open the bottle with my finger?
1 use the posterior teeth to bite the lower side of the bottle cap and push the cap open. If the tooth is not strong enough, it may lose a piece of it. It's not worth it.2 if the hand is large enough, and perennial work such as Mason, a fitter, cocoon on hand, you can use brute force to open the bottle, there is the chance of injury, need to be cautious to.With the help of 3 hand tools: such as keys, bamboo chopsticks, etc., will they hold in the pad between the hand and the bottle, they use this method to pry the cap, skills, use is convenient and does not hurt the hand, it is recommended for men.4 two bottles of cover: this lecture two objects on the tooth cap protrusions fastened by hand, holding two of the good bottle, then like Alice Alice as rod lid. It is necessary to press the top cap properly and firmly, first raise the lower cover to prevent the liquid from pouring out, so that the last one is pried open by other methods.
Q:What are the types of caps?
Overview of the types of plastic caps and different uses:1. uses (brackets are ordinary manufacturing materials): aseptic cold filling bottle cap (PE), hot filling bottle cap (PE), normal temperature without inner pressure (water), PE and PPThe 2 part from the structure and type of plug type gasket, and sealing pad is the plastic bottle.3, from the processing process of injection molding and compression molding.4 from material to HDPE and PP.5 from the connecting bridge divided by injection, once completed and cutting edge completed.6 from size to 28 teeth, 30 teeth, 38 teeth, 44 teeth, 48 teeth, etc..7, from the use of non steam cap, carbonated beverage bottle cap, aseptic bottle cap, heat-resistant bottle cap.8 from the line of teeth, divided by a multiple of 12 or multiples of 9.9 from anti-theft ring locks, points 8, 12 buttons, etc..
Q:What can I do with a cork for a wine stopper?
useCorkPops red wine air bottle opener, 3 seconds to open a bottle, insert the gas needle into the wine stopper, press the bottle to open, save time and effort
Q:What is the bottle stopper of red wine?
Fill plug: This is a kind of identity in the cork family is low, and it matches natural born the same, but because of relatively poor quality, the quality of the surface of the impurities in the holes will have an impact on the surface, with a mixture of cork powder and a binder in cork smear evenly, filled with cork defects and breathing holes. This bottle stopper is usually used to preserve wines of lower quality.
Q:Is there a lid in a fish tank?
Brand fish tank should be covered, otherwise, the water consumption of fish tank under the influence of water transpiration will be great, and it is not conducive to the preservation of fish tank.
Q:What about jam jars that can't unscrew the lid?
Shake the jam jar and twist it again
Q:The lid of the electric pressure cooker is broken. What should I do?
If it is broken parts, broken, you can buy, the entire fall deformation, see if you would like to repair, this did not repair the new, buy the whole pot cover.
Q:How to open the tin lid cool oil.
You can use toilet paper on the cool oil dry, and gently with the teeth, there will be a small deformation, it will loose a lot, you can easily open it.
Q:What if the plastic lid of the jar containing honey cannot be screwed?
The reason why the screw can be unscrewed is because the plastic bottle cap is heated to expand, and there is a trace of warm water diluted to dissolve the thick mouth of the honey, and the bottle cap should be opened
Q:How do I remove the smell of a new thermos bottle?
In the new thermos bottle into the vinegar after heating is about 250g, it is best to vinegar, easy to clean.Cover the bottle for 5-10 hours. Open it and rinse.

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