MZ-X02 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

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Product description



Item:MZ-X02Size:Φ24/410 Material:PP
Packing:Bulk PackingCarton Size: 57*33*39cmPcs/Ctn:2000-2500pcs
MOQ: 30,000pcsDelivery date: 20-25daysPayment Term: T/T by 30% deposit and balance before shipment


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MZ-X02 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

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MZ-X02 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

MZ-X02 Plastic cap with ribbed finished

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Q:Why doesn't wine have cork?
The main problem of the screw stopper is that it has caused Wine reduction; in Wine terms, reduce usually means that the aromatic molecule loses oxygen molecules, so its oxidation value decreased, resulting in aromatic compounds once turned into a no fragrance substance.In other words, this decrease shields some of the wine's aroma and flavor. Now many wine makers are aware of the impact of the screw caps on wine. One way to avoid it is to add copper nitrate. The European Union permits the presence of copper nitrates of no more than one millionth of the amount of wine in the United States; the upper limit of the United States is lower, only one millionth of zero point five.
Q:The wine bottle stopper is broken accidentally. What should be substituted for it?
Wine (Red) is a generic term for wine, not necessarily red wine. There are many classifications of red wine. In terms of the color of the finished product, red wine, white wine and pink wine can be divided into three categories. The red Wine can be subdivided into Wine dry and semi dry red Wine, semi sweet red Wine and sweet red Wine, white Wine are subdivided into dry, semi dry and semi Wine Wine sweet white Wine and sweet white Wine.
Q:Why do you throw some water out of a thermos bottle and then put a stopper on it and the cork will pop out?
Hot water produces a lot of steam (ie, more and more gas)At this point, if you put the cap on the gas, you can't run out,But water vapor is still produced, when the water vapor to a certain extent,The bottle cap pops up when the cap is no longer able to hold the gas
Q:I heard that when you cook soybean milk, you should open the lid. But the soybean milk machine can't be opened. So, can't you drink it?
Soybean Milk machine what brand you buy, there are instructions, Soybean Milk machine generally sold on the market are to cover the beans, you only need to add a certain amount of water and waiting for it to boil on the line, you say you want to open the lid and cook beans should be Soybean Milk, paste on the outside to buy their cooking, the lid will overflow the pot,
Q:Thermos bottle plug can not be pulled out to do?
Positive solution: just experienced this matter, even carrying a pot stopper can lift the pot, tight to this degree, ah, parents have wood ah! So I tried every means, now only the solution to the public, hope to save you in the abyss of misery!
Q:How do you change the stopper material?
There are two kinds of wine stopper: natural cork and rotary bottle cap. The old world wine countries, such as France and Italy, have been using the traditional natural cork, which is integrated with the traditional grape brewing technology and wine culture. New world countries like Australia and New Zealand are now using rotary caps more and more
Q:Why are all beer caps 21 gears?
These lids are made in accordance with the internationally accepted German standard DIN6099, to make sure all the lids are the same. This standard not only defines the diameter of the bottleneck, but also the shape of the edge of the bottle cap and the manufacturing material.
Q:What if the lid of the cup isn't tight enough?
Or the sealing ring is too thin, the lid will leak. I made the cup. I hope I can help you!
Q:How do open the wine bottle without a bottle opener?
1. Wrap a towel around the bottom of the wine.2, the bottom of the bottle on the wall or trees, bottles and walls or trees to maintain vertical state, according to the bottleneck of the hand, uniform and strong impact on the bottom of the bottle, cork will slowly be pushed out. If there are no walls or trees, you can hit the bottom with a knee or sole.3. Once the cork has been pushed out of the cork, it can be drawn out by hand or by pliers. Or you can continue hitting rhythmically until the entire cork comes out. If you want to open a carbonated drink (champagne or beer, for example), leave it still for 10-15 minutes before opening the bottle.
Q:The lid of the thermos cup is too tight to open
Like many of the horses you learned in your middle school, the principle of pulling a vacuum copper ball is similar. You can try to soak the cup into the hot water, and then remove the negative pressure when the internal temperature rises. The cup should be opened. Be patient and try more. Heat a little more than 80 degrees, for example, because the thermos cup is not easily heated to the interior.

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