MZ-B16 Plastic lotion pump with multi colour

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100000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product description


1.Item: MZ-B16
2.Material: PP
3.Output: 1.8-3.0CC

4.MOQ: 10, 000pcs 

5.Packing: Bulk Packing
6.Carton Size: 57*33*37cm 
7.Delivery date: 20-30days 
8.Payment Term: T/T by 30% deposit and balance before shipment or against by B/L copy.



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MZ-B16 Plastic lotion pump with multi colour




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The  Advantage of our lotion pump:
1) For the first using 2.5-3 times of pushing will workable
2) Many improving leakproof design for guarantee
3) Glass ball which resistant to acid and alkali
4) Non-Toxic pump meeting international standard requirements
5) Accept small order
6) High quality, nice price.

7).Colour depend on customer's request
8).Using innocuity imported raw material, high stability
9).High quality,  Best service,  Low price
10).Lotion pump is applied on the bottles of facial cleanser, hand cream,lotion and so on.


  More than 12 years of experience in the R&D and production of bathroom and kitchen accessories. We are proud to be one of the very few manufacturers that can provide unique coating products and stainless steel pump.


*    Innovative and fresh ideas are always welcomed by our design team. We strongly believe that the constant innovation is the key to the success and long-term development for our customers and us.


*   A seasoned production team ensures us to provide our customers with high-quality products. Most of supervisors in our factory have more than 10 years of experience in the workshop management and plastic production.


*   Equipped with the modernized production facilities, quality stability and reliability of products are effectively guaranteed.


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MZ-B16 Plastic lotion pump with multi colour

MZ-B16 Plastic lotion pump with multi colour

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