Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China

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Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China


New design multi-functional scissors with soft grip handle, and great for household shearing 

Size: 8.5" 

M.O.Q.: 5000pcs

Size: 9"


Handle:  PP+TPR plastic

Blade: 420 stainless steel with 3.0mm

Available in different handle colors

with a bottle opener on blade

Packing:  PP bag/blister card  etc.

Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China

Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China


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Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China


24cm, thickness:1.5mm


 stainless steel, TPR+plastic handle 


 each one in polybag







 33 cm  x 24 cm  x 23 cm / 72pcs

N.W. / G.W.(KGS):



7 days


45 days after confirmed order(the exact delivery time will be depend on the order date.)





Mutlti-funcional Household Scissors Made in China

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Q:How to teach children to use scissors safely?
The choice of scissors, with the size and strength of the child's palm, choose the size, weight, suitable scissors.
Q:What if the scissors are stuck with 502 glue?
The least effort: let your husband do it, and do not damage the scissors and affect the beauty. Do not buy new ones. Men always have a way. The most wasteful way: throw away the new most cruel way: burn five minutes with a gas stove; the glue can be carbonized at 300 degrees Celsius, but the scissors are horrible.

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