Multistage Single Suction Centrifugal Pump DL Series

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General Description
DL series pump is vertical multi stage single suction segmental centrifugal pump. It can delivery clear water or other liquid which is physically or chemically similar to clear water. The temperature of the liquid is 0 ℃-80 ℃. The inlet pressure of pump should be less than 0.6MPa.
DL series pump is vertically installed with advantage of compact structure, low noise and space saving. It is widely used for feeding water in high buildings in city, heat supply system, fire control system, air conditioning system and water supply systems.
Performance range
Capacity: 8-432m³/h
Head: 20-280m

Instruction of pump type

For example:65DL32-15X5
65:Inlet diameter of the pump is 65mm
DL:Vertical multi stage centrifugal pump
32:Rate flow 32m³/h
15:Rate head of each stage 15m
5: Pump stage is 5

The inlet is located in suction stage under pump; the outlet is located in discharge stage above pump. Both of the inlet and outlet are horizontally mounted. The outlet can be installed with the angle 90°,180°and 270°against the inlet according to users’ requirement (usually the inlet and outlet are codirectional ) . The main part of pump consists of suction stage, middle stage, discharge stage, diffusor, bearing frame, shaft, impeller, balance drum and shaft sleeves. The axial force is balanced by balance kettle and the remaining axial force is borne by upper radial thrust force ball bearing. The sealing ring is separately mounted in suction stage and middle stage to prevent high pressure water from leaking.
The radial thrust force ball bearing is mounted above shaft and the sliding bearing which gets lubricated by grease is mounted under shaft. Shaft seal is available with soft packing seal and mechanical seal, and the seals can be lubricated and cooled by pressure water in balance chamber. The pump is driven by vertical motor. View from motor end, the rotating direction of pump is counter clockwise.

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Q:Do i need a new water pump?
The telltale stream should be flowing all the time. Check if this engine has a termister and replace the imbeller
Q:The wiper pump is broken. How much will it cost to fix it?
Hello, what's your car?. General water motor more than ten dollars. Hope to help you, I wish you a pleasant ride
Q:how do i use a water pump from a car or truck to pump water from a small creek?
I agree, the bucket sounds like a better idea, but if you're intent on using a pump, try this. There are several manufacturers who make small (about the size of a coffee mug) portable pumps that hook to garden hoses, and run off of drill power. You can use a cordless drill, so you don't need power at the pump. The pumps are a few dollars, and available at most old fashioned hardware stores. Try Sears. I've also seen an old style hand pump fitted with a garden hose fitting. You can rig a bracket to hold the pump over the water, with the inlet in the water, and use muscle power to pump the water to your chickens. No idea where to buy it though. I hope that helps
Q:What water pump do I have to buy to increase the water pressure of the shower?
its called a demand pump when you turn the shower on it kicks on
Q:Dodge Ram water pump problems?
your right ,when the water pump goes on those it usually does gets the bearings in them,just replace the pump on it and you,ll be fine with it,they usually last between 75 and 100 k,good luck.
Q:Best water pump and filters for hiking?
Most distance and light weight hikers carry a Steripen and a paper coffee filter. The Steripen uses U.V. light to sterilize the water, takes about 1 minute for a liter. The paper coffee filter removes any particulate matter in the water if necessary. Depending on the model they cost from $39 to $109. The one I carry is about the size of a large felt tip pen and weighs around 4 oz. It's rechargeable from a usb port, can be charged from my solar charger. The battery is good for 40 or 50 liters between charges.
If the water pump is leaking, there should be a trail of coolant going down the engine. Gotta find where the leak is coming from to determine what to replace. Upper hose, clamps, radiator? Sometimes ya gotta hose off all the antifreeze, let it dry, then look. Good luck.
Q:Water Pump Problem?
It could be the water pump, it could be many items. Rather than just guessing I would take it to a shop and have them pressure test the cooling system and do a block test. We charge 30 dollars at my shop. At that point, you can decide whether it's worth fixing the car or junking it.
Q:where produce good quality water pump?
Little Giant makes a good, reliable, reasonably priced water pump. You can get them at Grainger, MSC and I'm sure many other places.
Q:need help on how to replace a water pump in a 1999 ford windstar3.8L?
drain cooling system, remove the fan belt. Remove the lower radiator hose, Remove nut from both front motor mounts. Remove alternator. Disconnect power steering pump pressure hose. Disconnect heater outlet tube from waterpump. Remove AC compressor front bracket, leaving compressor in place. jack up left side of motor about 5 inches. Remove waterpump bolts and nuts. Remove the drive belt tensioner pulley. remove the power steering pump with the hose still attached to it. and position it off to the side. Now remove the waterpump and gasket! reinstall in reverse order. This is taken from the Mitchell Repair Software.

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