Multiple-core Cable for Automobiles insulated wires

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Product Description:

Description of the product
 Multiple-core cable for automobile is stranded from several insulated wires. In addition to the advantages of the single wire, it is little affected by the environment with longer life, and can be used in the assembly of automobiles.

Construction and Specification
5-core cable :5*14AWG


American wire gauge (AWG)

Insulated diameter(mm)

Jacket thickness(mm)

Outer diameter(mm)









6-core cable:5*12AWG+1*10AWG


American wire gauge (AWG)

Insulated diameter(mm)

Jacket thickness(mm)

Outer diameter(mm)






Picture of cross-section of the product

2、Nonhygroscopic filler
3、Polyester film separation
4、Black PVC jacket

1、12AWG 19/0.465
2、10AWG 19/0.57
3、Nonhygroscopic filler
4、Fibre tape
5、Black PVC jacket

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