Multifunctional Biomass Pellet Cooking Stove

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Product Description:


1.8~15KW Cooking Stove 
3.Can be customized 
4.Biomass Pellet Fuel 
5.Multi Functions In a machine 


Multifunctional biomass cooking stove is a well-developed high-end product by us. This series produced in order to response to national policy, namely encouraging clean, efficient development and utilization of biomass, turning “waste” into wealth. This product can replace traditional oil / gas stove and backward   household mud stove which being used in hotels and other industries. It is a multi-purpose stove, can be used for cooking, boiling, heating, etc. Wok, steamer, pressure cooker, kettle and other kitchen utensils can be put on the top of the stove, to meet different needs.


Key Features 

  • Strong thermal power: stove flame temperature can reach to 1,000 degrees when sufficient burning. 

  • Clean and green: Burning ashes are all access to the hopper, no smoke and dust in operating room. 

  • Beautiful appearance: product’s outer packing boards are all use molding, soft colors, beautiful appearance. 

  • Fuel advantage: suitable for straw, wood and other biomass briquette, low operating cost, save 40% than gas stove, 50% than electric stove province, 60% than oil furnace

 Application Range 

Widely used in hotels, snacks, canteens, factories, rural families, bath, warming, floor heating, etc. 



Design out of waterkg/h200~300
Available fuel/Biomass pellet fuel
Overall sizemm1025x550x715
Design powerKW8~15
Reference heating aream260~70
Fuel consumption ratekg/h1.5~3


1.The data is for reference only, technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.

2. Our products can be customized. If any other parameters are needed, please contact me.

 Multifunctional Biomass Pellet Cooking Stove


Q:What's my consideration when i choose a gas stove?

A:  -The style and size of your kitchen.

     -The food or cooking style you prefer.

Q:Can i be a distributor of CNBM?

A: Of course you can.

Q:What are the benefits of being your gas stove distributor?

A:  - Marketing protection.

     - Priority of launching new design.

     - Point to point technical supports and after sales services.

Q: How can i become a distributor of CNBM stoves?

A:  Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.


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The suitable temperature of biogas fermentation in rural areas is 15 - C - 25. Therefore, when the high temperature should be selected feeding, the North should prepare the raw materials in March 4 - May 7 - August feeding, until the temperature rises, there are totally in favor of biogas fermentation, make full use of raw materials; the South team in May can feed, should be in September next year for raw materials, October the material, more than November, biogas pool started slowly, at the same time, prolong the period of biogas fermentation. In a specific day what time feeding, it should be selected at noon to feed.
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Q:I want to do biogas cooking, biogas should be how to do
You go to buy a gas stove, gas stove to cook this is not on the line "affordable, convenient and clean", hope to adopt!
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Only by adding some additives to reconcile can be called bio diesel. Therefore, biodiesel is the main component of fatty acid methyl ester
Q:Hazard of biodiesel in dining hall
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