Multifunctional Biomass Pellet Cooking Stove

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Product Description:


1.8~15KW Cooking Stove 
3.Can be customized 
4.Biomass Pellet Fuel 
5.Multi Functions In a machine 


Multifunctional biomass cooking stove is a well-developed high-end product by us. This series produced in order to response to national policy, namely encouraging clean, efficient development and utilization of biomass, turning “waste” into wealth. This product can replace traditional oil / gas stove and backward   household mud stove which being used in hotels and other industries. It is a multi-purpose stove, can be used for cooking, boiling, heating, etc. Wok, steamer, pressure cooker, kettle and other kitchen utensils can be put on the top of the stove, to meet different needs.


Key Features 

  • Strong thermal power: stove flame temperature can reach to 1,000 degrees when sufficient burning. 

  • Clean and green: Burning ashes are all access to the hopper, no smoke and dust in operating room. 

  • Beautiful appearance: product’s outer packing boards are all use molding, soft colors, beautiful appearance. 

  • Fuel advantage: suitable for straw, wood and other biomass briquette, low operating cost, save 40% than gas stove, 50% than electric stove province, 60% than oil furnace

 Application Range 

Widely used in hotels, snacks, canteens, factories, rural families, bath, warming, floor heating, etc. 



Design out of waterkg/h200~300
Available fuel/Biomass pellet fuel
Overall sizemm1025x550x715
Design powerKW8~15
Reference heating aream260~70
Fuel consumption ratekg/h1.5~3


1.The data is for reference only, technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.

2. Our products can be customized. If any other parameters are needed, please contact me.

 Multifunctional Biomass Pellet Cooking Stove


Q:What's my consideration when i choose a gas stove?

A:  -The style and size of your kitchen.

     -The food or cooking style you prefer.

Q:Can i be a distributor of CNBM?

A: Of course you can.

Q:What are the benefits of being your gas stove distributor?

A:  - Marketing protection.

     - Priority of launching new design.

     - Point to point technical supports and after sales services.

Q: How can i become a distributor of CNBM stoves?

A:  Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.


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Because the concentration has not reached the explosive concentration. If the concentration is reached, it will explode
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Drainage oil is a kind of organic matter is very complex, which contains various hydrocarbon derivatives, the vast majority is combustible, after processing, improve combustion efficiency on the calorific value and can be used as fuel, at present, the use is very popular in Germany, Germany, most of the garbage truck, sprinkler etc. are used in biological diesel engineSeeking adoption
Q:Biodiesel can be used directly on the diesel car, or to be used in combination with petrochemical diesel?
The power of the engine is not affected (this is positive), and because biodiesel contains oxygen, it will burn more fully and release more heatThe above is only a personal view, if there are different views, welcomed the discussion!
Q:Ordinary diesel vehicles can add bio diesel
At present, the world's annual production of about 50 million new cars, car ownership around the world about 750 million (including motorcycles). With the rapid development of automobile industry, the amount of gasoline and diesel oil increases with the increase of car ownership, but also brings the problem of automobile exhaust pollution. In the past 20 years, although it has made great progress in improving the combustion process and exhaust purification, it still can not meet the requirements. In order to improve the operation performance of vehicles and reduce the emissions of harmful substances in automobile exhaust, the United States, Europe and Japan Automobile Industry Association June 4, 1998 proposed a unified international standard quality automotive fuel "world fuel specifications" class standard. Class II and class III standards for diesel fuels in the world (see Table 1, table 2). From table 1, table 2 it can be seen that the class II standard in the current basis, put forward the aromatics content restrictions, put forward higher standards on sulfur content, cetane number sixteen, class III standard in each index than the class II standards are more stringent regulations.
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In addition to the production of biodiesel from vegetable oil by enzymatic method, has also been reported using bagasse as research results in production of high quality diesel raw material fermentation, allegedly 1 tons of bagasse energy and 1 barrels of oil equivalent (equal to 31.5 gallons per gallon per barrel, equal to 3.7853 liters). As a Canadian technology company is the achievements into productivity, plant has established 6 barrels a day of biodiesel, diesel production as raw material to bagasse, and plans to expand production plant of 25 tons per day of industrial scale. However, the use of microbial fermentation to produce diesel? What is the output rate? No specific reports.
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Rural household biogas digesters into raw materials and strains, after the start, only to strengthen the daily management, in order to make the biogas pool enduring good real estate gas, gas production. If methane stable gas or gas production is low, can not guarantee the need to boil water for cooking three meals a day and evening light, so be sure to put a digester livingorganism view, cannot be used as a garbage pit, what things to dumping, to make the biogas tank stable gas production and gas production of foot.
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Biodiesel(Biodiesel) refers to the oil-bearing crops, wild oil plants and engineered microalgae and other aquatic plants oil and animal fat, food waste oil as a substitute for fossil diesel renewable diesel fuel oil by transesterification process. Biodiesel is a kind of biomass energy, it is a single long chain fatty acid alkyl ester to obtain pyrolysis of biomass utilization technology. Biodiesel is a mixture of complex organic compounds containing oxygen high, the mixture is mainly organic matter in some large molecular weight, including almost all kinds of organic compounds containing oxygen, such as ether, aldehyde, ketone, phenol, organic acid, alcohol and other compound. Biodiesel is made from waste animal by-product of vegetable oil, waste oil and oil refinery as raw material, adding catalyst, with special equipment and special synthetic technology.Interpretation
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Q:Biodiesel need to apply for a production license
A business license by the provincial economic and trade administrative departments, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government or its entrusted production safety supervision and management departments (hereinafter referred to as the provincial approval, issued by the issuing authority); B license by the Municipal People's Government districts responsible for the comprehensive work safety supervision and management of hazardous chemicals (hereinafter referred to as the Department the municipal approval, issued by the issuing authority). Refined oil business license into a business license management.
Q:Biogas and its production process?
Composition of biogas?Biogas is a mixture of gas, its main component is methane, followed by carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen and other components. The biogas composition, combustible components including methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and heavy hydrocarbon gases; non combustible components including two carbon monoxide, nitrogen and ammonia gas in the methane. In the composition of methane content is 55% ~ 70%, the carbon dioxide content is 28% ~ 44%, the average content of hydrogen sulfide was 0.034%

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