Multifunctional Biomass Pellet Cooking Stove

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Product Description:


1.8~15KW Cooking Stove 
3.Can be customized 
4.Biomass Pellet Fuel 
5.Multi Functions In a machine 


Multifunctional biomass cooking stove is a well-developed high-end product by us. This series produced in order to response to national policy, namely encouraging clean, efficient development and utilization of biomass, turning “waste” into wealth. This product can replace traditional oil / gas stove and backward   household mud stove which being used in hotels and other industries. It is a multi-purpose stove, can be used for cooking, boiling, heating, etc. Wok, steamer, pressure cooker, kettle and other kitchen utensils can be put on the top of the stove, to meet different needs.


Key Features 

  • Strong thermal power: stove flame temperature can reach to 1,000 degrees when sufficient burning. 

  • Clean and green: Burning ashes are all access to the hopper, no smoke and dust in operating room. 

  • Beautiful appearance: product’s outer packing boards are all use molding, soft colors, beautiful appearance. 

  • Fuel advantage: suitable for straw, wood and other biomass briquette, low operating cost, save 40% than gas stove, 50% than electric stove province, 60% than oil furnace

 Application Range 

Widely used in hotels, snacks, canteens, factories, rural families, bath, warming, floor heating, etc. 



Design out of waterkg/h200~300
Available fuel/Biomass pellet fuel
Overall sizemm1025x550x715
Design powerKW8~15
Reference heating aream260~70
Fuel consumption ratekg/h1.5~3


1.The data is for reference only, technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.

2. Our products can be customized. If any other parameters are needed, please contact me.

 Multifunctional Biomass Pellet Cooking Stove


Q:What's my consideration when i choose a gas stove?

A:  -The style and size of your kitchen.

     -The food or cooking style you prefer.

Q:Can i be a distributor of CNBM?

A: Of course you can.

Q:What are the benefits of being your gas stove distributor?

A:  - Marketing protection.

     - Priority of launching new design.

     - Point to point technical supports and after sales services.

Q: How can i become a distributor of CNBM stoves?

A:  Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.


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Q:Biogas digesters are not afraid of germs?
Not only has the effect of killing bacteria and parasites, but also because of the fermentation process to produce humic acid
Q:Tung oil into biodiesel cost-effective
Cooked tung oil, also known as light oil, is made from Raw tung oil processing. Is a typical dry oil, conjunctival has better hardness and gloss. Processing method: outside a furnace hearth is built, a large iron pot, with firewood; the first Shi Zifang fried in the pan, to get rid of the stones in the water; hot stones, into the Raw tung oil. With the increase of temperature, the moisture in tung oil evaporates gradually. When the temperature rises to 180 DEG C, the water in the oil has evaporated
Q:How much is the high iodine iodine value range of biodiesel
Pharmacopoeia of injection oil iodine value for 79128. The iodine value indicates how many unsaturated bonds in the oil
Q:Bio diesel can be used
Diesel fuel is the main power of many large vehicles such as trucks and diesel engine and generator, which has high power, low price, quantity of diesel oil demand in China, the main problems of "Application of diesel smoke, we often see the truck black smoke on the road. Black smoke is the main reason for incomplete combustion, air pollution is serious, such as the production of a large number of particles of dust, high CO2 emissions. According to the American Institute of fuel, air pollution problem has become the main engine of fuel burning air pollution, such as nitrogen oxides for the other half of industrial sector emissions, industrial emissions of carbon monoxide as the other 2/3, toxic hydrocarbons for other industrial emissions in half. Exhaust emission of nitrogen oxides and sulfides in air and water can be combined with the formation of acid rain, too much carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas can make the air temperature, the greenhouse effect is often said "". For solve the problem of fuel exhaust pollution and environmental pressure deteriorating, people began to study with other fuels such as ethanol instead of gasoline, the fuel alcohol in North America, such as the United States and Canada and South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina accounted for a considerable proportion, equipped with fuel ethanol engine of the car has been put on the market. Fuel ethanol is not suitable for most diesel powered engines, such as buses, diesel locomotives, and agricultural vehicles, such as diesel engines. And diesel exhaust pollution is much larger than gasoline, so people developed a diesel substitute - biodiesel.
Q:What's the difference between biodiesel and diesel?
2) the pH value is low, so the storage device is the best anti acid corrosion material;3) density than water, the ratio of water to about 1.2;4) with the "aging" tendency, heating should not exceed 80 degrees, should avoid light, avoid contact with air preservation;5) good lubrication performance.
Q:Comprehensive utilization of biogas in rural areas
Comprehensive utilization of biogas:Biogas is a mixture of gases, which contain 60% ~ 70% of methane, carbon dioxide from 30% to 35%, but also contains a small amount of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and nitrogen, etc.. As a high quality gas fuel, biogas can be used for cooking, lighting, and can also be widely used in the fields of power generation, hatching chicken, silkworm rearing, drying, grain storage, carbon dioxide fertilization and so on.
Q:Use and use of Biogas
How to feed methane fermentation?After checking the sealing performance of the methane tank can meet the requirements can be fed. The methane tank feeding, first according to the requirements of article twenty-fifth of the fermentation liquid concentration calculated water injection, quantitative water to the pool, will prepare the raw material first pour half, stir, then pour half of the inoculum and the raw materials are mixed evenly, according to this method, the raw material and the strain in the pool to fully mix net, digester sealing.
Q:What is the main component of bio diesel ah, what kind of raw materials from the preparation, what is the process?
These things can also be found on the internet. I want to ask is, what is the specific ingredients, what can be made from raw materials, the selection of raw materials for more than the existing technology, how large the size of the general plant?
Q:Biogas power generation gasoline engine modification
The operation method of three biogas diesel dual fuel engine and precautions (a), use method 1, starting off gas valve, according to the method of starting the diesel engine, diesel engine starting operation method and not modified as before. 2, after the start of operation: starting with load, the engine throttle in place (usually put a little low position in the middle), when the engine is operating normally, slowly open the valve input biogas biogas. After entering the methane, the oil supply is automatically reduced under the governor, and the engine speed is stable. If the methane input is too much, the engine will appear instantaneous oil supply interruption, resulting in intermittent work sound. In this case, should be at any time to close the small gas valve until the normal operation. In the process of operation, the method of adjusting the rotational speed is the same as that of the diesel engine before modification. With the dual fuel engine speed or load size changes, but also the corresponding large or small to open the gas valve in order to ensure the normal operation of the dual fuel engine and better fuel saving effect. When the cooling water temperature is low and the load is small, the oil saving effect is poor. 3, stop: first off the gas valve, then close the throttle.
Q:How to build biogas digesters
Dug with cement is built around, then the top seal, leave a hole of about 50cm*50cm, to produce biogas materials to facilitate the join, then seal the fermentation to produce biogas, biogas can be used for cooking guide out of plastic pipe, fire etc.!But now there is a special mold, only need to dig a pit directly into the mold can be put into the production of biogas,

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