multifunction handheld vacuum cleaner with UV light

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Product Description:

Product description:


Voltage : 220V 50HZ, 300w


Cable & plug : 4M VED Plug






1.UV Bed Vacuum cleaner with vibration pad

-UV 99% bacteria killing

-Dual suction entries patented

2.No telescopic tube, just for bed and sofa use only

3.Killing mites & bacteria through UV light

4.Universal wheel pneumatic to brush, It's easy to operate,nowhere for deep dust to hide 








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Q:kenmore progressive vacuum cleaner!?
I wouldn't recommend most of today's commercial brand of vacuum cleaners as they're all mostly junk made in Mexico, China, etc. I would recommend a Sebo cleaner- I got one after my Hoover died on my after only 1 year of ownership. I have a Labrador too, along with two kitties and need a dependable vacuum. I bought my Hoover for almost $200 and the Sebo's go for $250-300, not a lot more but they work so much better and have a lifetime warranty and a 30 year on the belt alone! They are German engineered and built.
Q:What is the fear of vacuum cleaners called?
If you can trust Wiki pedia or whatever the heck it's called the fear of vaccum cleaners is OKORDer. Who knew!
Q:Dyson Vacuums?
I have the purple dyson animal 07. I love it for the most part. You wouldn't believe how much that thing picked up the first time, and still picks up. That being said, I got a special deal on mine or I wouldn't have bought it. It was on sale at Kohls for $450, and then I got about $100 Kohls cash back when I purchased it, and a $100 Kohl's gift card by mail, making the Dyson about $250. It's a good vacuum, but not worth $500. There are comparable vacuums out there in the $200- $300 range (Oreck IS NOT one of them, don't get an Oreck). It's very easy to empty, but here's the thing, no matter how good the suction is, the roller still gets clogged and tangled with hair. I have long hair, and we have a golden retriever, so I'm cleaning that roller about every other week. And it makes a really bad sound when it gets too tangled. But I think that would be the case with any vacuum. It is easy to use, and pretty. I think the attachments are also a little pricey. I do like the cleaner, Zorba, that comes with it.
Q:How do you milk vacuum cleaners?
Don't know what you mean
Q:Any ideas for a great vacuum?
I have a Dyson and wouldn't recommend it. Lots of money for a cheap piece of plastic. The brush doesn't get into the carpet, just skims the surface. As far as suction goes, I have a kenmore that does a better job and contains the dust. The Dyson dust catcher is messy to empty and dust flies wherever you empty it. Also, the Dyson requires constant maintenance in removing pet hair attached to the brush and through the chambers. Hair and dust don't always make it to the chamber. If you have any problems with the Dyson, (mine broke after 6 months of use) you have to send it off and wait 4 - 6 weeks for it's return. My suggestion to you is buy a hepa filtered vacuum with or without bags. You'll save money and get a better built product.
Q:Which Vacuum is good for berber carpet?
I've never heard of not using a beater brush on berber carpet. My best friend's dad sells carpet, and they had a bunch of berber in their house, and always used a beater brush vacuum. Talk to a the company that made your carpet and see what they recommend.
Q:Would you rather buy a Small vacuum cleaners or Used The vacuum cleaners at the Car Wash ?
When they are between detailing i have a small car vacuum of my own.. it seems as though every time i relied on the car wash vacuum they were broken or filthy.
Q:anyone know of a car wash that also has vacuum cleaners and such to clean your car out in Winston Salem, N.C.?
Whats wrong with using the one at your home? I use mine to clean my auto interior once a week for 4 o years.
Q:Language: How would you say?
These appliances indicates that you have already identified them, so you don't need such as vacuum cleaners, illuminations, TVs, HDD recorders, air conditioners and such here. If you haven't in fact identified them, you can change these appliances such as vacuum cleaners, illuminations, TVs, HDD recorders, air conditioners and such to common household appliances. You should also eliminate and such even if you don't take either of my suggestions; the such as at the beginning already implies that there are other similar examples so it's redundant as well as repetitive.
Q:Where do they sell mickey mouse vacuum cleaners?
Disney World or search it on OKorder.

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