Multi telehandler 3 Tons with 3 telescopic booms

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Quick Details

  • Model Number: YGCZJ03
  • Max lifting load: 3000kg

  • Max lifting height: 8500mm

  • Wheel Tread: Front 1460mm Rear 1750mm

  • Wheel Base: 2600mm

  • Total Weight: 7500kg

  • Overall Dimension (with fork):6340mm*2120mm*2390mm

  • Overall Dimension (without fork):5160mm*2120mm*2390mm

  • Engine Model: Quanchai4JR3ABG18

  • Rated Power: 60/220kw/r/min

  • Max travel speed: 20 km/h(empty loading) 15 km/h(full loading)


1.China telehandler 7500kg 
2.Multifunctional applications 
3.Three booms 
5.One year warranty

Chinese new multi telehandler with 3 telescopic booms 


Technical parameters for new telehandler

  • Max lifting load:       3000kg

  • Max lifting height:     8500mm

  • Max lifting load capacity under Max lifting height: 2000kg

  • Max length of overhanging in Horizontal position: 4580mm

  • Load capacity of Max overhanging in Horizontal position: 1000kg

  • Wheel Tread: Front 1460mm   Rear 1750mm

  • Wheel Base: 2600mm

  • Total Weight: 7500kg

  • Overall Dimension (with fork):   6340mm*2120mm*2390mm

  • Overall Dimension (without fork): 5160mm*2120mm*2390mm

  • Engine Model: Quanchai4JR3ABG18

  • Rated Power: 60/220kw/r/min


 Applications for new telehandler 


Telescopic telehandlers, also known telescopic forklift truck, its English name is Telehandler(telescopic boom material handler),

 or telescopic handler. YGCZJ03 telehandler, with excellent translational movements, large stroke stretching functions

and unique small clearance structure, mainly used in:


(1)   The flow of goods logistics industry in the processing of storage, handling, transport links.


(2)   Industrial waste collection, transportation, storage and pretreatment industry.


(3)   The drying of crops in rural areas, collection, packaging, storage and processing operations.


(4)   Small rural soils, rock engineering.


(5)   Outdoor projects, facilities and equipment installation.


(6)   Roads, municipal engineering, telecommunications and electricity facilities, equipment installation.


(7)   Stone plate, stone product container loading and unloading in stone circulation fields.


(8)   The material handling and equipment maintenance in factories and enterprises.


(9)   Cabin materials handling operations.


(10)Maintenance of trees in garden business.


(11)Material handling in low-rise building.


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