Multi- structure Chinese Knot Rug

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chinese knot carpet          


cut pile



Face yarn


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Cotton cloth

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Q:Define commercial carpet cleaning?
Commercial carpet cleaning is a cleaning services for commercial places where high-traffic area on the brunt of dirt can be easily found on carpet. There a commercial cleaner provides better carpet protection, extend the life of the carpet and make regular cleaning faster and easier. It demands hard work to provide instant relief from odor for fresh, clean places.
Q:how to get soy sauce out of carpet?
soak the damage parts in lukewarm water. scrub lightly with laundry soap, leave the soaps and suds on and put the carpet under the sun leave it for like 2-3hours. soak it again on water, rinse the carpet. *soaking and drying while soapy makes stains evaporate with hot air.
Q:my toddler just threw up all over my new sisal rug...?
My only suggestion - make your husband responsible for this problem immediately, and walk away. You did not want the rug for just this reason, and any move for you to take responsibility means you buy into the idea that this was an appropriate purchase. Stick to your guns, call him or text him and let him know his fabulous rug has experienced just the thing you knew would happen, and just drop it in his lap. The minute he brought it into the house, he took responsibility for whatever happened next- so don't do it for him. At all. This isn't just about the rug, of course- it's about power and who makes the decisions. If he wants to make them, it's up to him to do whatever it takes to follow through. Not your job, and it wasn't a joint decision made with your input. Call him, let him know he has a problem, and walk away. Not one paper towel- I'm not kidding. Or you will own the #$% rug and the blame for the spot your cleaning efforts make.
Q:Carpet stain in new apartment?
carpet stains can be removed with a paste of 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar and 1/4 cup salt or baking soda. Rub into the carpet stain and let dry. Vacuum up the residue the next day. White distilled vinegar is a popular household cleanser, effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs, due to its level of acidity.
Q:need help with the rug!!!!?
Going to go with throw rug as you don't say if you already have wall to wall carpeting. Blank and while would bring some zing into your room. It's up to you of course as to what pattern you would pick. Decide if you would like fringe or plain edging. Fringe is nice, but can get to be a little demanding as keeping it lined up. As to what kind, again that's your choice. Plush or other wise sounds good to me. Sounds like a lot of black and that's OK. A couple pillows on the bed (accessories) in gray or even red or both. Maybe some gray and/or red other accessories to add a little more bam to the decor. Much happiness ..... sounds coo!
Q:How do you match the carpet colors?
The color of the living room carpet should be in harmony with the color of your TV wall, wall, floor, and furniture. In a room inside, the color is best not too much, too many colors, giving a kind of eye busy, hand disorderly feeling, the color is too little, sometimes will feel the living room is too monotonous. In the living room color, as with people wearing, the same is the color, but three principles
Q:How do I get my cat to stop peeing on the rug?
After Harlee started in the one spot, the smell will cause her to keep going in that spot. (I've tried home remedies, but this was much more effective and easy.) There are carpet cleaning formulas with enzymes available at either pet stores or Walmart (in the cleaning section). This is just poured into the rug and left wet to air dry. It will take care of the smell and the cat will not return to that spot. As for Harlee, she may have smelled something offensive to her little nose and had a fit, but she may also have a medical issue. I might be worth a vet visit to have her checked out.
Q:My pony is afraid of his rug...?
When he is in a stable put it on the back wall so he gets used to it then a week later just move it closer to him if he gets scared put it back on the wall. When he accepts the rug just gently lay it on his back, again go back a step if he spooks. hen when that is ok do it up and leave it there for about an hour, afterwards take it off adn then it should be problem solved. Good Luck!
Q:How do I get a puppy urine smell out of my shag area rug?
Saturate the area with a spray called ODOBAN. Wal-Mart under the Febreeze only it actually works and it is cheaper. I use it in my boys' bathroom as they are smelly little buggers.
Q:clean carpets?
Red stains are the hardest to remove but you have several options. Spot Shot carpet cleaner will give you instanteous gratification and it can be used for other purposes, too, like cleaning upholstery. Wine Away sold at kitchen stores and Cost Plus also works on red based stains. Some red dye based stains can also be removed with a solution of oxyclean and water, but be careful to test it on an inconspicious area first to determine whether it will change the color of your carpet. Sometimes a simple paste of borax and water works and you can let it dry and vacuum it up.

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