Multi- structure Chinese Knot Carpet

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chinese knot carpet          


cut pile



Face yarn


Pile weight


Total Height



Cotton cloth

1, the product no odor, non-toxic, the same type, not sticky, not moldy, very soft touch.
2, the fabric is soft and strong, comfort and flexibility. Absorb water, dust, and keeping them warm.
3, not degumming, does not go down, meet the machine washable, blanket-type never deformed.
4, easy to clean, adapt to lavage, can be directly into the washing machine washing, hand washing can not deform, do not shed, do not fade.
5, Applications: living room, bedroom, study room, entrance, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and corridors.
6, features: bright colors, very soft feel, can not afford to wire, do not fade.
7, the main advantages: pest control , moisture, non-slip, anti-static, comfortable, luxurious,     elegant, beautiful and economical.
8, Fashion and modern technology as one element, unique creative, beautiful colors.

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Q:How to deep clean carpets without renting a steam cleaner?
This won't really clean it, but if you sprinkle baking soda over the carpet leave it overnight then vacuum up the next morning the carpet will be deoderized really good.
Q:Wat material is good for office carpet?
If you have the condition, carpet with good flexibility can be considered, use time to grow office carpet to belong to a kind of commercial carpet, have Pu, now the office carpet is commonly square carpet. So it is recommended to choose nylon.
Q:best for carpet cleaning?
The best carpet for cleaning is nylon. Most inexpensive berber is made from Olefin, which by it nature is very difficult to clean. Olefin is an oil derivative and once anything greasy goes down it kind of binds to the carpet. As to why the stain reappears, the answers that you have gotten are correct. All carpet cleaning methods only clean the fibers of the carpet not the base. Once it is cleaned it looks clean only to have whatever is down there wick right back to the surface. There is no system that cleans the pad or the backing unfortunately. There are some powders that once placed on the carpet will pull the stain to the surface for better cleaning, but it is a very time consuming expensive process and probably not worth the trouble. The only thing that I can recommend is to make sure when you do have your carpets cleaned that they are using truck mounted steam cleaning. That is the most powerful method in the business and if anything has a chance of sucking up the dirt that is it - Good Luck!
Q:Can you use vinegar on carpets?
The only time that I would use vinegar on a carpet is to spot clean a stain like coffee, cola, or chocolate. You mix 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. Sponge it on, and then keep blotting it with clean cloths until it's gone.
Q:Is there a way to bring life back to old carpet?
well if your carpet is still good, then rip up the carpet and get new padding for underneath it. (that's that spongy feeling that carpet has when it has good padding) I also recommend that if you don't know how to install carpet materials then get a professional to do the job. IN THE END in my point of view TILE is your best bet. I mean unless you like carpet then have at it with the new padding. BUT if you want the best choice of flooring, go with tile. It's much cleaner and easier to work with. (and just from experience: if you get a light colored tile then get a dark colored grout.) it looks great GOOD LUCK!!!
Q:Stain in carpet?
hard one that try milk let it soak fot a bit though.
Q:Carpet how to take care of the cleanest?
1. Clean up in time. Use vacuum cleaners every day. Don't wait for a lot of dirt and dirt to seep into the carpet. After cleaning, it's easy to clean. When cleaning the carpet, be careful to sweep the floor under the carpet. 2, uniform use. After a few years, it's best to put the carpet in a different position so that it can be worn evenly. Once some places appear uneven, gently pat, or gently press with a steam iron. 3, decontamination methods. Ink stains can be citric acid wipe, wipe the place to wash with water, then dry towel to wipe water: coffee, cocoa, tea can get rid of glycerol: fruit juice with cold water and a small amount of dilute ammonia solution to remove the paint stains: available gasoline to washing powder together into a porridge like, painted at night to paint, special the morning of the second day with a towel and then dry warm water after cleaning dry
Q:Should I deep clean brand new carpet?
Depends if it's a good quality carpet. If it's a cheap thin carpet I wouldn't advise you deep clean it as the water will saturate it and also make the underlay and floor boards damp which makes it smell. Unfortunately we have that problem now from washing our carpet. I would suggest maybe using shake n vac if you have that in the states just to freshen it up.
Q:what color towels and rugs?
olive, avocado, or silver and black
Q:my cat wont stop peeing the rug?
I know this may sound gross, but buy some Summers Eve Douche, the Vinigar and Baking Soda, and is your cat Spayed? If not, this may be the problem, if she can hear tomcats outside, this may be her way of saying I wanna night out with the boys! The Summers Eve will totally get rid of the odor, and the baking soda in the douche will absorb any surrounding odors! could buy a second litter box, and place it under the window sill! And if you buy a sprayer, and some rubbing alochol, it will keep your cat away from that area! Don't let her eat it though, it will make her sick! But I would take her and get her spayed if she isn't already! Perhaps she has an UTI..... We need a few more facts.....did you have a second cat who recently found a new home, or passed on? She may be depressed....were you previously home more often, and are now going out more? Maybe she has seperation anxiety.....without knowing the whole story, it's hard to say!

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