Multi- structure Chinese Knot Carpet

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chinese knot carpet          


cut pile



Face yarn


Pile weight


Total Height



Cotton cloth

1, the product no odor, non-toxic, the same type, not sticky, not moldy, very soft touch.
2, the fabric is soft and strong, comfort and flexibility. Absorb water, dust, and keeping them warm.
3, not degumming, does not go down, meet the machine washable, blanket-type never deformed.
4, easy to clean, adapt to lavage, can be directly into the washing machine washing, hand washing can not deform, do not shed, do not fade.
5, Applications: living room, bedroom, study room, entrance, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and corridors.
6, features: bright colors, very soft feel, can not afford to wire, do not fade.
7, the main advantages: pest control , moisture, non-slip, anti-static, comfortable, luxurious,     elegant, beautiful and economical.
8, Fashion and modern technology as one element, unique creative, beautiful colors.

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Q:How are real fur coats, bear skin rugs made?
Many of us wear them, but we don't actually make them into coats or rugs. They're ALREADY sold in stores ready to wear. My very first fur coat was from a curly lamb suede outside, fur inside.
Q:Carpet Remnant and Binding Basics?
You bind an edge on carpet when you are trying to use it as a free lay throw rug. It keeps it from unraveling. There are several methods but extremely hard for a Do-It-Yourselfer to do on a piece THAT SIZE. An 8x10 carpet was cut or intended to go into a full room (probably a bedroom). The normal installation with pad would have stretched it to an edge strip called a stretcher' or nailer. In commercial / office, it would probably have been glued directly to the subfloor. Carpet is made by looping the dyed color strands thru a woven jute (usually jute) grid. Once the grid is cut to fit in a space there is nothing holding the jute from coming unwoven. Making a throw rug is the same until the edge where a bead is sewn onto the jute. It keeps the jute backing from unraveling. So, methods: 1. you can take it to a carpet shop and they can sew in the binder bead for you. 2. you can try running a stitch around the edge yourself. You'll need a carpet needle and some jute. It'll take you a week or so to stitch the edge. Before you do this, think about that bead. The raw edge of a carpet is not that pretty. The bead looks tons better. Take a look next chance at the edge of a simple throw rug. 3. Years ago, I used to weave small (2' x 3') throw rugs. In that world, they used a rubber cement poured thickly onto the backing when it was totally upside down. It took a few days for it to thoroughly dry that thick. As small throw rugs, it bound the backing weave AND provided a skid resistence when it was turned back over in use. The problems with the rubber cement idea are going to be significant for a piece that size. Containment of the liquid gooey glue at the edge will be a real issue while you're pouring it. Being able to lay out something that size for a few days will be a problem. And, it doesn't last very long. Movement against the sub-floor will ball up the rubber cement. Personally, I'd seek out a carpet shop that could install the edge bead. Hope that all helps you. .
Q:Temporary fix for bleach stains on carpet?
I wish!!!! I spilled bleach on my dark blue carpet in my bathroom and I tried alot, even bought some fabric dye. Not much you can do except throw a rug down over it until you get some new carpet.
Q:How do I get the marks off of the wood floors that the rug leaves??
do you mean that it is leaving the rubber backing on the wood floors? if so just use some varsol to remove it. please do not use murphys oil soap or any of those other chemical products. they are the worst thing for wood or painted surfaces. min wax has a product that you can use to clean it up but if it is the original colour from when the floors where originally finishedand and the sun has faded it then you won't get rid of the difference even if you refinish them
Q:How do I get a puppy urine smell out of my shag area rug?
Saturate the area with a spray called ODOBAN. Wal-Mart under the Febreeze only it actually works and it is cheaper. I use it in my boys' bathroom as they are smelly little buggers.
Q:Viscose Rayon area rug?
You can secure it with double sided carpet tape if you are concerned about creep. The home improvement centers sell it and it works very well to secure the area rug I have under my dining room table. Viscose rayon would indeed be a good choice in an area with chair traffic, food and beverages. It won't hold stains or smells like wool does, will be easier to clean than silk and is better quality fiber than nylon. If the flooring that it is going over is hardwood or ceramic tile, you can also purchase a non-skid underlayment that will protect your floors and stop creep. Go for it and enjoy!
Q:Funny Red Carpet game ?
Funny Red Carpet
Q:Carpet scent?
Carpet deodorizer. You'll find stuff like that sold in janitorial supply places, or you can buy it at a rug store.
Q:How much can we expect to spend on carpet for about 900sf of carpet needed?
I you were to walk into my carpet store you would see that prices fall anywhere between $3sf up to 10$ for most pieces. I would say the average installed price with a good quality pad and lifetime installation warranty would be around $5-$6.
Q:What rugs do i need for my new horse?
Hi The type of rugs you buy depends on your climate, whether she is clipped and whether she will live in or out. A full neck turnout rug is ideal particularly if she's clipped. I usually start to rug up on 1st October. A light fleece if stabled is ideal to begin with. As it gets colder a slightly heavier quilted rug is ideal. A few lighter layers are often better than one heavy rug, that way you can remove or add layers. For outdoors you will need to make sure you always have replacements to ensure she always has a dry turnout rug. I like the weatherbeeta range. To prevent any rubbing on her chest, always put a vest on under her rugs. A tip... arabs don't particularly get a heavy winter coat, but if she's not to be clipped but worked in winter, rug her up well to keep her warm (not too warm). The extra layers will prevent too much winter hair growth. My irish draft did not like being clipped and his rugs kept his winter growth to a minimum so he was still able to work comfortably in winter without undue sweating. I hope this helps you. Avis Riding Instructor and Trainer.

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