Multi-stage Vertical Centrifugal Pump of DL-DLR Series

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     This series of  pump gains the title of National  Patent.  It is appraised  as a kind feconomical  product  to  promote .  Owing to its vertical  installation , this kind of  pump occupies smaller floorand it has many other advantages, such as compact structure, light weight,  long service  life and  saving  energyetc . It is used in municipal area and industry to pump clear water and liquids which are isimilar to water in physical and chemicalproperties .

Series DL pumps are vertical, single-suction, multi-stage and segmental-typed centrifugal pumps that are mainly used for pumping clean water that its temperature is less than 80 and other liquids with similar characteristic of physics or chemistry to water. Type DLR hot water pump transfers the liquid that its temperature is less than 150. Series DL pumps have many advantages such as compact structure, low noisy, small-occupied floor. And they are used for water supply in towns and cities and central heating systems.

Type meaning of pump:

e.g. 65DLx5    65 DLRx5

  65 means inlet diameter (mm).

  DL means vertical multi-stage segmental-typed centrifugal pump.

  DLR means vertical multi-stage segmental-typed hot water pump.

  5 means quantity of impeller.

     The rotation direction of pump is counterclockwise as viewed from the end of motor.

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