Multi-span PC sheet greenhouse for seeding

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Product Description:



2- Good for warm keeping. 

3- Strong,Good Looking.



1-Structure: Hot galvanized steel tubes, Triple-A Roof structure per bay. 15 year warranty.

2- Covered by twin-wall polycarbonate sheet.10 year warranty. Anti-storm. Anti-hail. Anti-Snow. Best material for warm-


3-Strength: Long life ,Good looking, Warm keeping. Energy saving in winter.

4-Suitable for heavy snow place, flower market, expensive flower & vegetable planting, research center or restaurant.



1-Outside&Inside Shading system controlled.

2- Cooling Pad & Fan system.

3-Auto-enviroment controlled panel.

4-Rounf Roof instead of Triple A-Style is available with simplified structure.

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Q:can anyone tell me what plastics to recycle?
Plastics which can be recycled via your refuse collection or recycling depot usually have a triangle symbol moulded into the item somewhere. There is also usually a number inside the triangle. The triangle is made up of 3 curved arrows. Most plastic milk bottles you purchase from a supermarket will have the symbol on the inside of the plastic cap if you take a look you should hopefully see what I mean. Hope this is of some help. For years I thought it meant it had been reused by the number of times moulded into the plastic till someone told me it identified the different types of plastics. They really ought to make people aware by publicising this.
Q:what are the compounds of plastic?
Different plastics have different polymers. Polymers are the main component of plastics; it is a long, repeating chain of a semi-simple compound For example, Vinyl chloride is CH2=CHCl Poly(vinyl chloride), or PVC, is CH2- CHCl- CH2- CHCl- CH2- CHCl- ... repeating several hundred to several thousand times. Some plastics have more than one type of polymer, either as a mixture of the two polymers, or they are formed together as a copolymer. (CH2- CHCl - CH2- CHC6H5- CH2- CHCl- CH2- CHC6H5-... is poly(vinyl chloride) copoly(styrene). For recyclable plastics, there is a number code (called the resin identification code) to allow easier seperation; 1 is PETE, or Polyethylene Terephthalate 2 is HDPE, High Density Polyethylene 3 is V, polyvinyl chloride 4 is LDPE, Low Density Polyethylene 5 is PP, Polypropylene 6 is PS, Polystyrene 7 is other, any other recyclible plastic. For some plastics, especially if it is flexible (with the obvious exception of rubber), there is a plasticizer added. This is typically a phthalate or chloride containing compound, and many have been banned because they 'leech' out of the plastic over time, with contact with moisture, humidity, heat or light. There are several safe plasticizers used today. Hope this helped.
Q:Plastic bag survey please anwser?
I used to be into recycling big time. Then I listened to all of the anti-recycling people with an open mind. Sounds like an impossible group, but they make sense. You see, making a hybrid car takes up way more energy than it saves in fuel. Plastic is not worth recycling because it uses up way more energy than making new plastic. We dump way too much oil into it also. Also it is way more expensive. The Earth has survived earthquakes, comets, volcano eruptions, typhoons, tornadoes, ice ages, hurricanes, so on and so on. I highly doubt( as much as the human race has a hard time admitting), plastic bags will end the earth. The earth will open up and swallow us little gnats, before we even come close to hurting it. It is a lot more powerful than people think. It will be here and living way cleaner once we are gone. It did before, and it will again. Although... it does make sense to recycle aluminum, it saves money and actually works. Paper is senseless, we grow two trees to every one we cut down. Hemp would be quicker, but that is another issue. Landfills will never fill up in our time or in 50, 000 years so that is out of the picture. Plastic bags are not great, but they are not going to end us.
Q:Plastic Surgeon Information
problematic issue. research into google. it can assist!
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The plastic bag blows in the wind without interference. It is nature. Lester is doing what feels good and natural. Everybody else is holding back/hiding something about themselves. They are not who they should be naturally. It is beautiful to see that the plastic bag is doing exactly what it should. Everyone else is something ugly due to the way they hide from themselves. That is my interpretation.
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All plastic is recyclable. However finding a place to recycle all plastic is difficult because of the need for high volumes and because of the lack of facilities. I manage many sites where we recycle or divert over 80% of waste from landfill and our most difficult waste stream to recycle is plastic. Because of the reasons I listed.
To make a plastic you start with an organic (carbon based) ingredients and join them together in a condensation process to form very long chain polymers (plastic). A polymer is formed by the combination of one or more molecules into a chain. In plastics these chains are extremely long, which makes them strong. The most common plastics are made from oils, such as polyethene. But you could make them out of most organic compounds. Cellulose from plants is often used also. CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 + CH2CH2 .... becomes CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2 ... (CH2)*n n is greater than 1000 Ethane molecules (gas from crude oil) ==> Polyethene chain
Q:Updates on Biodegradable Plastics?
Bio degradable plastic bags are an issue. In the UK, Tesco, one of our supermarkets, uses these bags but they are rubbish. Often my grocery ends up on the floor because the bags burst. Most shoppers overcome this by double bagging which defeats the point of the exercises. I try to re use plastic bags when possible but all the bio degradable ones do is turn to dust, is this dust toxic?
Q:What are your views on plastic bags?
From what I've gathered, they are a better choice than paper bags. Paper bags require the use of trees, which leads to deforestation, and the associated use of heavy machinery and such to cut down said trees. Paper bags also require the use of more chemicals and glues than plastic bags to manufacture. Also paper bags are much heavier than a plastic bag of the same size, which means they take more energy to distribute them. On the other hand plastic bags are lighter,stronger, and easier to manufacture. It is true they they don't decompose as quickly as paper bags, but they are superior in just about every other way.
Q:Are .2g bbs plastic or metal?
Plastic =D A gun will shoot both, it's just the FPS that's affected. .2g BBs are generally more accurate, but with a shorter range. Which is best will depend on what gun you're using. As a general rule, an airsoft gun should never be firing above 350 FPS, and the lightest ammo that will keep it below this is best

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