Multi-span greenhouses garden greenhouse polycarbonate

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Product Description:

Greenhouse Brief Introduction


Width: 8m-150m

Length: 20m - 100m

Roof height: 5m – 7m

Gutter height: 3m – 5m



Made of hot galvanized steel pipe, anti-rust treated, 15-20 years life.

Covered by 150 miron or 200 micron plastic film, 3-ply or by 30 mesh or 50 mesh white insect screen.

Rooling or fixed vent on roof or on sides for natural ventilation. 

Auto-controlled pad & fan cooling system, irrigation system, shade system, hydroponics system, heating system, 

metal table, plant pot, cocopeat grow bag etc is available.


Suggested plants:

Flowers, seeding, hydroponic

Suggested area:

All over the world.


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Try the following:Use special cleaning agent to clean plastic bucket, and then dry naturally.Prepare the soap and put the soap in the sealed space of the plastic bucket. It can remove mildew in one night.
Q:would plastic be cheaper?
ya its a good idea because it is cheaper and cast will also be reduced which is good for costumer because they can get at low price then the old one...
Q:Sta je plastika?[what is plastic]?
Plastic covers a range of synthetic or semisynthetic polymerization products. They are composed of organic condensation or addition polymers and may contain other substances to improve performance or economics. There are few natural polymers generally considered to be plastics. Plastics can be formed into objects or films or fibers. Their name is derived from the fact that many are malleable, having the property of plasticity.
Q:Will hypertufa stick to plastic?
Hypertufa will not stick to plastic. All I can think is to construct a cylinder of sturdy cardboard around the garbage can, a little higher and several inches wider. Put hypertufa into the space between the can and the cardboard. When dry, peel off the cardboard. you will have covered the plastic can with hypertufa, without it needing to stick.
Q:why is my cat obsessed with licking plastic?????
My cat does the samething, I think it is the crinkle sound the plastic makes.
Q:How to dye / recolor plastic pearls?
First, check and see if you can buy a strand of maroon plastic pearls cheaper than paint for these ones. This time of year, lots of costume jewelry is on sale. You can probably get beads of that color at a good price (which may or may not be sold as pearls) that will look better than painted ones.
Q:WHO INVENTED PLASTIC??? help easy 10 pts?
English inventor Alexander Parkes first invented plastic in 1855.
Q:Plastic tablecloth and mod podge bowl?
No - mod podge won't hold plastic together - it has to soak in.
Q:Waste plastics recycling benefits?
Recovery is a kind of sustainable development strategy, industry effect and the long-term interests of the person may cite many examples of the Hebei Wen'an, Hubei Wuhan and other places for medical waste plastic market, selling toxic plastic bags lvjinbujue such as the frequent media exposure, plastics recycling has been far deviated from the original intention and the theme of saving resources, protect the environment. On China's market order and consumer health caused serious harm.
Q:Shoe storage in plastic bins - bad or good?
keep them in the box a bin is for like moving and old shoes but your talkin dress shoes they have those show stretcher that help the keep the shape so box cause its more organized

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