Multi-function Flashlight, LED Torch, LED lighting light, Warning light, Car battery jump start

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Technical Specifications:

- Battery: 11.1V/3.3A High performance polymer lithium battery.

- USB Output: 5V/2A, after full charger it can charging for 10 mobile phones.

- Charging Input: DC13~15V

- Flashlight: 1~3W spotlight LED, can be used continuously for more than 30 hours.

- Lighting: 5730, 12pcs LED, the brightness more than 480LM, full charge can be used continuously for more than 7 hours.

- Warning Flash Light: Red and Green, visual distance greater than 200 meters, full charge can be used for more than 48 hours.

- Car battery jump starter: full charge can be continuously started 4.0, gasoline vehicles 20 times,

- Product Size: 295* 67*67mm

- Net Weight: 486g

the DC charge put into the car cigarette lighter socket, when the car start, its charging.The charging time is related to the output current of the automobile electric appliance.When the battery display shows around 12.6V, its mean charge FULL, it need around 4-5 hours.

Its very new item in the world now, a multi-function flashlight, not only a torch, it can charge cell phones and also start the car battery, its very interesting and very useful product in people's life.

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