Multi Cyclone Vacuum cleaner

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Multi Cyclone Type
Soft start
High suction power

Multi Cyclone Type

Soft start 7 stage filtration


High suction power

Hose swivel 360 degree rotation

Power consumption:1200

Voltage: 220V/240V

Noise:<80 db


Dust capacity:2.0L

Cable length:4.8M

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Q:I think I've got myself involved with an incompetent employer. How long should I stay?
I would start sending out resumes tomorrow.
Q:Best vacuum cleaner? .?
love the roomba but its not that cheep unless you look and get lucky on OKorder
Q:What is the best and affordable vacuum cleaner ?
They all suck!
Q:Who are you hoping for for the Iowa Caucus?
Ron Paul
Q:Which is better: bagged or bagless VACUUM cleaners?
bagless is the best,, and you can wash out the container with bleach water
Q:What would be the best vacuum cleaner to get for both hardwood floors and carpets?
I use a dyson on my floors and it works wonderful, though i don't use the power head on the hard wood floors and the rotation on the brush can cause damage but the normal head that comes with it is fantastic. Some vaccums have ranges where they are suited for pet hairs I am not sure about dyson as I don't have pets in the house, but with 2 girls in the hosue with long long hair it helps to have a good vaccum and my choice is dyson!
Q:How do Dyson vacuum cleaners actually maintain their suction while others do not?
I bought this thing because of their exceptional advertising. I hated this ridiculously expensive vacuum so much that after 3 months, I went out and bought a Kenmore for less than $100. This vacuum works 100% better and the chord has a button and retracts into the machine. I love it and am getting rid of the Dyson. *** I wouldn't buy it.
Q:are all motors the same size in kenmore canister vacuums?
I would think not. Look at the specs for vacuums you might be interested in and compare the amps or watts or whatever electrical spec is in vogue this year for vacuum cleaners.
Q:How come some dogs are afraid of hoovers?
transforming into up my dad might constantly vaccuum the canines. It became a canister form vaccuum. They have been German Sheps and had no actual subject with it. He wouls start up them as doggies and supply them a variety of of interest and treatsas long as they lay nevertheless. It became an wonderful thank you to handle the fur. My lab/ coonhound mixture is a splash apprehensive approximately it, yet tolerant. My ridgeback bites on the vaccuum if he's interior the abode and that i'm doing the flooring. we can't even attempt him, he's a undesirable candidate for it.
Q:Why do dogs hate vacuum cleaners?
They don't.. Dogs that haven't been socialized to the vacuum or a dog that has been teased w/ a vacuum might act like that. Normal well balanced dogs don't do that. Edit : The vacuum does not hurt their ears, most of my dogs love to be vacuumed.. The rest of them just lay there and make me vacuum around them... 10 dogs and none of them are afraid... Hmmm... None of them are death.. It MUST be that they are socialized well and well bred, well balanced dogs who have no ridiculous fears..

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