Multi angle stroke limiter

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1 Application

DXZ-() / () series multi angle stroke limiter is a device imported a new safety protection technology from a French company PORTAN.It is suitable for AC 50 HZ,voltage 250 V and below, DC 30 V and below of the control circuit. On the bilateral control,optional position,corner traveling control and imitate sensor controller of 3 space coordinates, it has great advantages.It is widely apply to the control circuit of tower crane hoisting, port hoisting,various winch and other construction machinery or similiar mechanical.

This product with the characteristics of multiple function,small volume,large transmission ratio,high precision, easily and conveniently installation and regulation, and versatility and so on, acquired more and more widely application.

2 Model No and implication

Check the following form  for Serial numbers corresponding to the transmission ratio

serial transmission ratio12345678
transmission ratio1:131:171:461:601:781:2101:2741:960

notice: 1 nonstandard control loop can increase to 5-6

                 2 the nonstandard transmission ratio which users required should be noted after letter "F"

3 Main technical parameter

1 Limiter working environment

  ambient temperature:-40 °C~50 °C;

  relative humiduty: ≤ 90%

  altitude: ≤2500m

2 transmission ratio:

  1:13 ,  1:960,    1:453   1:660

3 repeat position accuracy

  error of slewing angle of memory can not be more than 0.005 rad (0.3 °)

4 rated voltage:

  AC: 125~250 V  ; DC: 30 V

5 rated current:

  6~10 A

6 sensor potentiometer:

  standard potentiometer 5 KΩ;

  independent linearity bottom 0.1%;

  mechanical angel: 360  °(continuously)

4 dimension and installation

5 Order instructions for users

1 the function of the model No

    according to customers' requirement ,offer the specification and quantity accurate as the examples below

 example 1: DXZ-4/6W

 that is : control loop of the limiter is 4 pcs, transmission ration is 1:210,with sensor.

 example 2: DXZ-6/F660

 that is : control loop of the limiter is 6 pcs, nonstandard, transmission ratio is 1:660, without sensor.

2  standard momery cam (2 T; 3 T) designed with delay function, if the user don't need the delay,change to instant cam switching, please apply for on the order.

3 the maximum efficient rotation of  DXZ limiter is 320  °; ( Or the number of revolutions of the input shaft rotation ratio 0.89 times that is 0.89 xi rotation) .

 example: the efficient number of revolutions of  DXZ -4/7  limiter is 0.89*274=244 rotation.  When used with external gear ratio should be considered.

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