Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 29

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Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 23

Aislamiento de calor de la serie okorder ladrillo

La serie okorder ladrillo es un eficaz aislamiento térmico, ahorro de energía, baja en carbono, la protección del medio ambiente avanzado, de acuerdo a la norma ASTM la fabricacion de productos.Okorder serie productos son mejores Li Ning y aislamiento en todo tipo de hornos industriales en el sector metalurgico, aluminio, petroquímica, energía eléctrica y materiales de cerámica de vidrio.Pueden ser utilizados como parte de la capa de aislamiento termico o non - Fusion.Los productos han sido ampliamente utilizados en el horno, logra resultados satisfactorios.

Aplicación de la preservación del calor de ladrillo

Industria metalurgica: Blast Furnace, hot alto horno, horno de calefaccion, etc.

Industria petroquímica: etileno horno horno de cracking, producción de hidrógeno, reformador primario, horno de calefaccion, etc.

Industria: horno de rodillos de cerámica, horno, etc.

Industria del vidrio: vidrio horno regenerador, etc.

Industria de carbono: carbono horno, etc.

Sector de la electrólisis de aluminio: aluminio reducción celular, etc.

Otras industrias: horno de tunel, Servicio de horno, etc.

Ventajas de ladrillo del aislamiento de calor

Baja conductividad térmica: mayor porosidad traerá buen aislamiento termico, ahorro de energía.

Alta resistencia al aplastamiento: alta resistencia al aplastamiento, la estabilidad de volumen.

Almacenamiento de calor: pequeños de almacenamiento de calor bajo para absorber más calor, ahorro de efecto es evidente.

Gao Chundu: hierro, metal alcalino de bajo contenido de impurezas.

El tamaño exacto: tamaño de ladrillo precision de procesamiento, forma especial de corte y molienda, acelerar el ladrillo.

Foto de ladrillo aislante

Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 29

Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 29

Mullita ladrillo refractario refractarios aislantes JM 29

Problema común soluciones

1.¿Que productos tienes?

Disponemos de todo tipo de ladrillos refractarios, refractarios materiales de fundicion, mortero, cemento, productos de fibra cerámica, etc.

O usted puede hojear nuestros productos a elegir lo que usted necesita.

2.¿Cómo controlar la calidad del producto?

Con sistema de estricto control de calidad en la seleccion de materiales y el proceso de producción, tenemos la calidad de materiales refractarios y productos de fibra cerámica para satisfacer las necesidades de los clientes.

Desde la seleccion de materias primas, la calidad de nuestro control para empezar.El certificado de calidad de la materia prima es necesaria, cada lote de los productos serán probados en el uso de la línea.En el proceso de producción, el control de calidad por los trabajadores, y luego cada pieza de la clasificación, y mediante la supervisión de la calidad y la inspección.

3.¿Me puedes dar una breve introducción a la aplicación de su producto?

Mi empresa se dedica principalmente en refractarios en el acero, cemento, vidrio, cerámica, petroquímica, energía eléctrica y otras industrias.

4.¿Qué información necesitas si te necesito?

Con el fin de seleccionar los productos adecuados, que nos proporcionará la información, tales como los Estados Unidos, datos técnicos, cantidad de pedido, la aplicación del producto, etc.

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, por favor pongase en contacto con nosotros.

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Q:What are the types of building blocks?
Ordinary housing: building brick (clay brick), and non sintered brick (sand lime brick, fly ash brick, cement brick, etc.)
Q:How to do indoor thermal insulation
Soft packing can also achieve warmth effectTry to change the interior decoration style, whether in visual or make new home warm, in all senses such as the fabric furniture instead of wood or iron rattan furniture, or the use of fabric material packaging wood seat, living room, bedroom stone and tile carpet, lighting equipment can be replaced with warm light lamp. Wall hanging tapestry. When choosing curtain, choose the curtain with thick cloth, thick, insulated and warm effect as much as possible. In addition, the cold tone leather sofa "cotton": a soft warm cotton sofa is the inevitable choice, also can make full use of cotton cushion and pillow.
Q:What is the price of fireproof insulation material?
A preliminary understanding of price through online preliminary understanding, now generally the size of the opening of the cable insulation material manufacturers are on business, early online now have a preliminary understanding, manufacturers investigation after considering cooperation.
Q:What is composite sintering insulation bricks?
Taking the Yangtze River, lake and silt as the main raw materials, the performance indexes of roasting are in line with the technical specifications and technical requirements of the building blocks, referred to as insulating bricks.
Q:What is the price of thermal insulation brick for exterior wall?
Hello, the exterior wall insulation has many practices, useful insulation bricks, but also useful particles of polystyrene insulation mortar mixed (thickness is not the same, the price is not the same);
Q:Can the whole wall of the high-rise building be made of grey insulation bricks?
If the frame structure, it may be so. What is the length of the whole wall? If it is longer, it is necessary to make a constructional column; if the hole is larger, the edge of the hole needs to be made into a border or a constructional column; if the entrance is small, the edge of the hole is about 300mm and needs solid bricks to build better. South wall thickness can be about 190mm, plus plastering design value of 200mm. Personal comments for reference!
Q:If there is a main component of cenosphere light insulating brick.
Light heat insulation brick with cenosphere composition, material properties will be more high, especially the main properties of thermal conductivity
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of external formwork and self thermal insulation block
Exterior wall internal insulation technology, wall insulation is to heat insulation materials on the inside of the outer wall.Advantage:1) waterproof, weather resistance and other technical indicators of finishes and insulation material requirements are not very high, gypsum board, gypsum plaster mortar can meet the use requirement, convenient;2) the internal insulation material is separated by the floor slab and is only constructed within a high storey without scaffolding;3) in the hot summer and cold winter and hot summer and warm winter zone, the inner heat preservation can meet the requirement;4) for the existing buildings of energy-saving transformation, especially at present when the house sold to individuals, the whole building or the whole district unified transformation difficulties, only the possibility of internal insulation. Therefore, in recent years, the exterior wall insulation has also been widely used.Shortcoming:1) because of beam, slab, structural column will cause thermal bridges, more heat loss;2) due to the material, structure, construction and other reasons, the cracking of the facing layer;3) it is not convenient for users to decorate two times and hang ornaments;4) occupy indoor use space;5) the energy saving of the existing buildings is very disturbing to the daily life of the residents.6) wall under outdoor climate, the temperature difference between day and night and the large temperature difference between summer and winter, easy to cause the wall cracking.
Q:What's the price of lightweight refractory bricks?
Insulation bricks according to size, material, performance of different prices are not the same, the same products in different regions also vary slightly
Q:What material is good for indoor thermal insulation?
Own home, if the south, hot summer and cold winter zone, with inorganic insulation mortar or polystyrene particles insulation mortar, the effect is very good;

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