Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Mud Gate Valve Description

Mainly applicable to the equipment of mud circulatory system for drilling wells,theZ23X-35 series of mud gate valves are used to control or shut off the circulation of the mud fuild flow. The trapezoidal thread connection of the mud gate value makes it easy and efficient to install. 

With its high degree of rigidity ,the mud gate value is safe and reliable to operate. The seat and gate of the value are sealed by use of the parallel elastic sealing technology to ensure good sealing effects and ease of opening and closing. The two ends of value,which are connected with the pipeline,are tightly sealed and the close contact is maintained through movable spherical touch. 

In addition ,the swing joints combined with the O-type rubber sealing rings ensure greater sealing effectiveness and require less straightness of the pipeline length where are the value is to be installed.

2. Main Features of Mud Gate Valve

Working Pressrue: 5000psi-15000psi 

Product Spec.: PSL1-3

Performance REQ: PR1

Nominal Size: 50mm-78mm

Working Temperature: P.U(-29-121°C)

3. Mud Gate Valve Images

Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

4. Mud Gate Valve Specification

Mud Gate Valve of High Quality with API 6A Standard

5. FAQ of Mud Gate Valve

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Q:What kind of valve is on this tennis ball cannon?
It's a pneumatic valve with a compressed air tank to power the cannon. Any kind of pneumatic valve should do the trick, just make sure you use the correct fittings for whatever valve you buy. The red lever piece is from a standard pressurized air system for a mechanic's shop. It is probably only necessary as a safety mechanism to discharge the air without shooting the ball.
Q:Intake/Exaust valves? Im stupid?
You're not dumb for trying to learn. In a 4 stroke engine the air goes into the intake manifold and into the intake ports on the head. There it interacts with the valve, which when opened allows the air to be drawn into the cylinder. Then the engine goes through the power stroke and then the exhaust is forced out through the exhaust valve.
Q:inner tube valve (Specialized) too large for the hole in rim (Bontrager)?
Sounds as if you need a tube with a Presta valve stem vs. a Schrader valve stem. Link below showing the difference.
Q:2004 rmz valve adjustment?
Buy a manual for your bike. The question is far too broad to be answered here due to the complex nature of a modern valve train, like found on your RMZ. It involves removing the intake and exhaust camshafts to gain access to the shims underneath the buckets on top of the valves. You must know where to time the cams again in relation to the crank otherwise, it is very possible to destroy your engine if not installed properly...Hence the advice on obtaining a quality service manual beforehand... It's also why the shops charge a seemingly extortionate amount.
Q:How does a thermal bypass valve work?
Many block valves in steam systems have much smaller bypass valves designed to make it easier to control the heating of cold steam lines during startup. Some control valves have by pass valves to permit work on the control valve without interrupting service. The heat exchangers have by pass valves so they can be taken out of service if they are not needed or for repair and maintenance.
Q:How to fix shut off valves in bathroom sink?
the cheapest way is to tear apart the valves and replace the rubber parts then make sure you take the screen off the faucet before you turn the water back on, clean the screen and put it back on and, you're done
Q:asymmetrical two way valve supplier?
Valve company has been able to fulfill the requirements of its customers according to the highest standards, and always consider the customer satisfaction, so we would be grateful to receive their viewpoints and comments. So we also hope to contact us if they need further information, confirmation on any product. Please note that according to continually work on improving our products, all products materials, specification, dimensions, and etc. listed are subject to change without notice.
Q:Where is the mixer valve on a '94 Dodge Caravan with a 3.0 V6 engine?
if it is a fuel injected vehicle and i'm pretty sure it is. It is a computer controled system you have to take it in to get adjusted.
Q:high temperature valves?
google 'inconnel valve' look for foundry equipment suppliers Can you valve the gas away from whatever is hot, or is your gas at 1600 F and 100 PSI ? If so, what are you using for piping ?
Q:home water heater has 175psi pressure relief valve installed.?
they start to blow off at 30-35 psi your talking about temperature relief that is indicated on the tag. open it up a tad and let it slowly splash out (not fully open) see if it drips a few minutes afterward if it does replace it.

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