MTU Diesel Generator set

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Control panel options:

1. Manual starting system with low oil pressure, high water temperature, over speed,

emergency stop and re-install protections.

2. Automatic starting system with LED display and auto-connect to Main power after outage.

3. Parallel control system

4. Remote control, measure, communication control system.

Test Before Shipment
1. Each Generator Set shall be put into Testing more than 4 hours totally, tested on idleload, fully

   load and 10% overload.
2. Noise level shall be tested.
3. All of the meters on the control panel shall be tested.

4.The appearance of the Set and the label, nameplate shall be tested. "Voltage available:

   50Hz: 380-400-415V/ 220-230-240V; 60Hz: 220-380-416-440-480V/ 110-208-220- 240V.

   Any special voltage is also available as client's request.

Packing & Warranty
Packing: Wooden, Plywood or Metal Case.
Delivery Time: Less than 15 working days after receiving prepayment.

One year or 1, 000 hours from the date of shipment
(15 Months or 1, 200 hours for Alternator Part).

Payment Terms:

L/C & T/T ( 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery)

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Q:What is the driving brake? Parking brake; the meaning of engine brake; what does emergency braking mean?
The emergency brake has great damage and often inconsistent because of the left and right wheel brake for cars and tires, or due to the adhesion coefficient difference caused by the car head, turn, or lose the azimuth control slip occurred, especially slippery pavement, damage machinery, and even caused the accident so that only when in danger, they can use the emergency brake. Be proactive and prevent early.
Q:What is the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of the turbine turbo vortex turbofan engine?
Turbo, a fan in an engine of an automobile or aircraft, by blowing fuel vapour into the engine by using exhaust gases to improve the performance of the engine.
Q:How does the engine fail to check?
3, gasoline octane number is too low lead to no ignition when the mixture naturally appear more serious knock
Q:What is Changan onuo engine
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Q:Why doesn't the train drive directly?
Modern power train basic has two kinds, one is a diesel locomotive, electric locomotive, steam locomotive basically all eliminated. There is a high-power diesel locomotive diesel engine, by which to drive the main generator synchronization, and then use these to drive the electric traction motor, a traction motor in the train each axis is driven by the motor, driving the train, the locomotive is by AC - DC drive, rather than as a motor vehicle as a direct role in the wheel;
Q:What is the power of the engine?
Torque and power are one of the main indices of the car engine, which is reflected in the performance of the car, including acceleration, climbing ability and suspension.
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There are many ways to eliminate vibration, such as using lightweight pistons, reducing the quality of moving parts, increasing the rigidity of the crankshaft, and adopting the V Type 90 cylinder arrangement engine with the angle of two degrees. But the common method used on motorcycle engines is to add a balance shaft to solve them. The balance shaft is simply a shaft with eccentric heavy blocks and rotates synchronously with the crankshaft. The reverse vibration force produced by the eccentric heavy block is used to make the engine obtain a good balance and reduce the vibration of the engine
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V-type arrangement: the cylinder was two columns, installed in a crankshaft, two cylinders for the V-shaped arrangement, hence the name, a little bit for the small size, but the higher cost.
Q:Car engines: what does V12 mean?
Displacement of about 4 liters of the engine is generally 8 cylinder, such as displacement of 4.7 liters of Beijing jeep JEEP4700. Displacement of more than 5.5 liters of engines in general use 12 cylinder engines, such as displacement of 6 liters of BMW 760Li, use V12 engine. In the same cylinder size, usually cylinder number larger displacement, the power is high; and in the capacity of the engine under the same cylinder number, diameter is smaller, the engine speed can be improved, so as to get bigger promotion power.

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