MS9J Modified Emulsified Bitumen Slurry Sealing Machine

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:MS9J

  • Aggregate Tank:1

  • Emulsified bitumen tank:1

  • Water Tank:1

  • Filler silo:1

  • Additive tank:1

  • Productive of mixing box:2000kg/min

  • Diesel engine:Cummins

  • Standard configrued chassis:SinoTRUK

  • Effluent Standard:EURO-3

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:NULL
Delivery Detail:30 days


XRMC MS9J slurry sealing machine is the first choice in CHINA market for the road maintenance projects.


We design and produce MS9J as the firstbrand in China market for road maintenance project.

We are state-owned company,  quality GUARANTEE.

We provide FREE trainning and FREE lifetime technical support.

MS9B slurry sealing machine is not only used to mix general slurry sealing paving material but also used to pave new generation polymer-emulsified emulsified bitumen slurry (Micro-surfacing).

The equipment consists of two main parts, the front part includes emulsified bitumen tank, water tank and aggregate hopper, engine, all driving equipment and raw material supply equipments are installed on the left side platform. Hydraulic oil tank, additive system and water pump are installed on the right side platform. Fine mineral materials and fiber system are installed on the rear part.

The rear part includes all equipment control systems and dual-axis mixing boxing. This machine is compatible with various paving box.

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Q:When is subgrade construction done? Twenty
Should first sun, and then fine, do not fall, the process upside down, more quality problems
Q:What's the use of this roller? What is the difference between a roller and an ordinary roller?
This is a convex block roller, is adding a layer with a convex block device mounted on the original circular surface of the base, consisting of two semicircle. This roller is mainly used for the compactness of roadbed. In general the main base material is not easy to be smooth when compacting it will be used
Q:How long can the paver be learned?
Only the operation is good, there are only 10 buttons, and there are icons, 1 days will be enough.
Q:Failure and maintenance of laser grader
Method for checking hardware faultFor the soft failure of the computer, it can be solved by analyzing the fault phenomena, reloading the system, replacing the software, modifying the software program, or clearing the computer virus. And for hard failure, it is necessary to check and eliminate step by step according to the inspection principle. The following ten kinds of hard fault inspection and judgment methods are introduced:1. plug methodThe "plug" is the plug-in "draw" or "insert" to find fault method. For example, the machine "deadlock" phenomenon, using this method to pull out the plug-in board one by one, and if the machine returned to normal, indicating that the fault is on the board.2. substitution methodT
Q:Where can I find a school specializing in Grader?
Shaanxi Province, Hanzhoung engineering machinery occupation training school (Han Yun Si driving excavator school), located in Hanzhoung City, slope, convenient transportation, after 8 Road, 21 Road, 102 road bus door, beautiful campus environment, standard classrooms, school canteens, basketball courts, table tennis field. The school receives every student with good faith and excellent service, and makes every student become professional and technical personnel, laying a solid technical foundation for its future development.
Q:What do you mean by engineering ground leveling and ground leveling?
The use and classification of grader and the operation mode of grader. First, grader is a kind of earthwork machine that mainly completes the leveling and shaping of large area soil. It is the main working device of shovel blade, and can be equipped with various auxiliary devices (Ripper, bulldozing plate, etc.) to complete the multi functional operation. In all kinds of engineering construction, operation device of flexible grader flat, high efficiency, high precision, so it has become a special mechanical flat plastic used for construction of national defense engineering, road construction, mining, water conservancy, farmland and other infrastructure construction projects. The main purpose of the grader is: roadbed and site leveling; trenching, repair section; repair brush slope; clear the snow on the road; Songshi; mixing, paving pavement materials etc.. Modern leveling machines can be equipped with automatic leveling system, using electronic control technology to improve operation accuracy and efficiency, and meet the requirements of modern construction.
Q:Types of pile drivers
The hammer into the exhaust valve reversing by manual control, can also be installed in the side with the hammer and hammer lifting flange lever automatic control, impact stroke two ways can adjust the hammer. Three diesel hammer body is made of cylinder and piston, similar to the working principle and the single cylinder two stroke diesel engine into the cylinder combustion under high temperature and high pressure atomized diesel combustion chamber by injection pressure generated by the detonation driven hammer working. According to the structural form of diesel hammer rod and cylinder type separation. The guide rod type diesel hammer is pressed on the pile cap with a plunger as a hammer seat, and the cylinder is used as a hammer head to move up and down along the two guide rods.
Q:Ramming machine add gear oil or hydraulic oil
Then, where do you want to add? Generally add hydraulic oil ~!
Q:Road engineering, soil compaction and road roller / Diesel / what is the difference between the two rolling?
To meet the requirements of doing subbase filling and rolling; including earthwork backfilling, bulldozer, layered rolling to meet the design requirements of the degree of compaction, the smoothness of the road not good.No double counting, for example, road subgrade backfill, backfill compacted well, if you want to do is road subbase, rolling, if it is not just the general fill roadbed RCC.
Q:What is the vibration force of a portable flat vibrating wipe machine?
Vibration grinder vibrator has many names, such as vibrator, motor, motor, edit this paragraph it is actually a motor vibration call display

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