MRD-ZX Displaying Device of Switch Status

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Switch board condition control and operate device

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Switchgear indicator and operator is mainly used in indoor switchgear with 0.1KV-40.5KV rated voltage.



The control and display device for switchgear is a comprehensive, multifunctional, intelligent and dynamic indicating device for various kinds of 0.1-0.45kV indoor switch cabinet. With simplified panel and well-organized layout, this switchgear accessory provides information about switch status, and it has been utilized in electric power, chemical engineering, railway, mining, metallurgy, cement and other industries. 




1. All the major components are of industrial grade

2. The switchgear operator adopts high-end PIC Microcontroller supplied by microchip Technology Inc.

3. Temperature data at high voltage electrical contacts are transmitted in a wireless way, so this process is safe, reliable and anti-interference

4. As for signal isolation, both discrete input and communication interface adopt optocoupler and switch while 12V relay is adopted for the output. 

5. The software makes use of several leading-edge technologies, such as redundancy, fault tolerance and digital filtering, to ensure its high reliability. So, our control and display device is able to work normally under extreme conditions for a long time. 


Ordering Instruction 


The following information shall be provided when ordering this control and display device

1. Schematic diagram

2. Product name, model and quantity

3. Power supply:AC/DC220V or AC/DC110V

4. Wiring length for temperature and humidity sensors

5. Temperature monitoring point

6. Other special requirement



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Q:Is the installation of railway communication, signal and power related to mechanical and electrical engineering
Communication signal power belongs to mechanical and electrical installation engineering. However, it is different from the mechanical and electrical installation of industrial equipment, especially the railway communication and signal system. The main differences are the following points: 1, mechanical and electrical installation is mainly refers to the installation of equipment, power, monomer debugging, linkage commissioning commissioning. Railway communication, signal, power, but there is a very strong system requirements, including the total network management system debugging, and other railway system of professional linkage debugging. For example, the signal CTCS system, track circuit and the coordination of the work system commissioning; and passenger cars, motor vehicles, truck station shunting system linkage debugging, etc.
Q:In order to ensure the normal operation of the power system and equipment to achieve a grounding
2) protection of grounding: is the electrical equipment in normal circumstances, such as metal parts, such as metal shell, structural frame and the earth to make metal connection. In order to ensure personal safety.3) security is zero: is the electrical equipment in normal circumstances without the metal part of the system and the zero line connection to avoid the risk of electric shock. For three-phase four wire system of electrical equipment, must adopt the method of security zero.
Q:Warranty provisions for power supply lines
According to the "construction quality management regulations," the fortieth: the scope of the warranty and its normal use of the corresponding minimum warranty period of 2 years.
Q:Is the GIS in the electric power high voltage switch cabinet
High voltage electrical (mainly above 35kV) exposed to the air, common substation circuit breaker, isolating switch, bus, phases, equipment, and equipment between between and so must have a relatively large safety distance. This area is relatively large, but also exposed to the outside of the security risks are more. GIS is a kind of technology, the bus CircuitBreakers isolating switch for high-voltage electric appliances shell pack, seal filled with six sulfur hexafluoride gas, according to the elements of seal, not a whole big box, such as every bus from the outside is a large cylinder etc.. This equipment can be very compact layout, and a sealed shell, but also more secure.High voltage switchgear is only a device installed in a cabinet, and this is generally high voltage 10kV, up to 35kV, and then there is no general high switch cabinet this form. Of course, you can also use GIS technology. But generally speaking, GIS is more than 110kV GIS switch station.You can Baidu image search GIS switch station". You can see that the big cylinder together is the GIS switch equipment, large cylinder which is the bus, circuit breakers and other equipment, see pictures more intuitive.
Q:What is the power plant
Is to do the preparation of electricity ahTransformer transformerSmall to power switch, etc.
Q:Buildings, factories, institutions, power distribution room of the power equipment as required
In the vicinity of the power grid in the supply of power on the requirements of their own generators to ensure that the dual power supply. Factories and institutions to see what the main work, if it is steel, hospital, such as the load category one or two categories of power needs of the dual power supply. And the load such as electric furnace, easy to produce harmonics, in order to ensure the power quality of the grid, it requires the installation of harmonic elimination device.
Q:Reactive power compensation methods commonly used in power equipment
The centralized compensation is to set up the reactive power compensation device in the power distribution room to compensate the reactive power in the region. Due to the introduction of several kinds of compensation sampling is set at the point of measurement, so you can minimize the interest rate generated electricity.In the professional field and transmission line compensation (high and low), furnace low-pressure grid compensation, flameproof compensation device etc..
Q:The two devices of the power system have those
Two power system equipment:An auxiliary device for monitoring, measuring, controlling, protecting and regulating the primary equipment in a power system, called a two device, that is not directly connected to the electrical energy.
Q:Three sets of complete sets of power equipment exports what is it
As well as protection, control, measurement and other devices are assembled in a whole cabinet, there are a number of high-voltage switchgear in power plants, substations or power distribution equipment installed after the installation of the power plant is called a complete set of power distribution equipment.
Q:Electric power automation equipment
Power system relay protection, remote control, communication, information technology,

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