MRD-NP Discharging Gap for Transformer Neutral

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Hebei China (Mainland)

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110KV transformer and 220KV transformer




transformer neutral grounding discharging gap

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Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:25-40 days against deposit


Transformer Nuetral Grounding Protection Device
Max earthquake intensity: 8
Frequency:50Hz and 60Hz system
Max wind pressure:

Transformer Nuetral Grounding Protection Device  


Transformer netral titik kesenjangan perlindungan perangkat , Transformer neutral titik jurang peranti perlindungan, 110kv transformer neutral protection gap device,220kv transformer neutral overvoltage protection gap, neutral point overvoltage protedtion device



Most neutral of 110KV/220KV power networks are not grounded. In such systems, the neutral is easy to get overvoltage if struck by lightning or short-circuited by single-phase grounding fault. Besides most transformers are uniform insulated. This will greatly threaten insulation of neutral point. Therefore, we use MRD-NP Transformer Discharging Gap to protect neutral of transformer so as to prevent accidents from happening.


 Operation Conditions


1. Applicable for indoor and outdoor.


2. Ambient temperature:-50~+55 celsius  


3. Altitude: 1500m, if exceeds, we could produce as per specific details. 


4. Max earthquake intensity: 8


5. Frequency:50Hz and 60Hz system


6. Max wind pressure:700Pa



Product Overview

110KV and 220KV is the main voltage grades in power supply grid, due to high voltage the neutral point usually grounds solidly or neutral point of some transformers does not ground based on requirements of relay setting and avoiding communication interference for limiting single-phase short-circuit current. By this way, the neutral point would be overvoltage caused by lightning stroke or single-phase grounding faults. Moreover most transformers are graded insulation, so the the overvoltage hazards to neutral insulation is huge. We must set a protective device preventing such accidents from occuring. MRD-NP transformer neutral gap protector of our company is such a device for it. It is produced strictly as per DL/T620-1997 overvoltage protection and insulation co-ordination of AC electrical equipments, applicable to 110 kv and 220kv power system where transformer neutral point does not ground.


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Q:Power equipment are used, can help to divide some of the details
When drawing the main wiring diagram, the transformer, arrester, capacitor, neutral point equipment and carrier communication can be used to reflect the situation of power supply in normal and accident conditions. Electrical wiring is also known as the main electrical
Q:The cost calculation of power equipment
Fault and professional people to do the cost of fault handling and so on, there is no fixed standard, depending on the site
Q:Electric power equipment start-up and commissioning of the project there is a difference?
The start of the equipment is started in the single test.
Q:The problem of electric power equipment withstand voltage
Although the degree of vacuum is higher than that of the low altitude, the relationship between the insulation strength and the degree of vacuum, especially from the atmosphere to the beginning of the high vacuum. Insulation strength is high - low - high change process
Q:What are the main interference sources of the two power system
The main source of disturbance in power system are: high voltage isolation switch and circuit breaker operation; short circuit and lightning system; partial discharge; two switch operation system; voltage load change and faults when the power grid has sag, interruption, unbalance, harmonics and frequency variation of power frequency and harmonic electric field and harassment; the magnetic field generator and transformer; transmission circuit in the surrounding electric field and magnetic field; high frequency conduction disturbance and radiation disturbance automation equipment, radio equipment; natural phenomena such as lightning, electrostatic discharge, geomagnetic disturbance and dry harassment pulse generated by nuclear power.
Q:What is the power plant
Is to do the preparation of electricity ahTransformer transformerSmall to power switch, etc.
Q:What principles should be followed in power equipment maintenance
Power equipment maintenance should follow the principles are: (1) to implement the "prevention oriented" maintenance policy, so that should be required to repair, repair required good"
Q:1 what are the main aspects of power line fire? 2 what are the main aspects of electrical equipment fire?
Three, should be based on the size of the project need to determine the location of the fire to determine the use of independent electric detector or non independent detectorFour, according to the specific circumstances of the electrical equipment to determine the electrical fire monitoring detector form and installation location
Q:What are the technical measures to ensure the safety of the power line equipment?
5 hanging sign and installing fence (fence).These are the contents of safety regulations (line part)
Q:Is there a warranty period for power equipment?
Now there is no, you can view the relevant national standards for electrical equipment standards, as well as high and low voltage equipment test manual. Online search, easy to get.

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