MRD-NP Discharging Gap for Transformer Neutral

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Hebei China (Mainland)

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110KV transformer and 220KV transformer




transformer neutral grounding discharging gap

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Packaging Detail:wooden case
Delivery Detail:25-40 days against deposit


Transformer Nuetral Grounding Protection Device
Max earthquake intensity: 8
Frequency:50Hz and 60Hz system
Max wind pressure:

Transformer Nuetral Grounding Protection Device  


Transformer netral titik kesenjangan perlindungan perangkat , Transformer neutral titik jurang peranti perlindungan, 110kv transformer neutral protection gap device,220kv transformer neutral overvoltage protection gap, neutral point overvoltage protedtion device



Most neutral of 110KV/220KV power networks are not grounded. In such systems, the neutral is easy to get overvoltage if struck by lightning or short-circuited by single-phase grounding fault. Besides most transformers are uniform insulated. This will greatly threaten insulation of neutral point. Therefore, we use MRD-NP Transformer Discharging Gap to protect neutral of transformer so as to prevent accidents from happening.


 Operation Conditions


1. Applicable for indoor and outdoor.


2. Ambient temperature:-50~+55 celsius  


3. Altitude: 1500m, if exceeds, we could produce as per specific details. 


4. Max earthquake intensity: 8


5. Frequency:50Hz and 60Hz system


6. Max wind pressure:700Pa



Product Overview

110KV and 220KV is the main voltage grades in power supply grid, due to high voltage the neutral point usually grounds solidly or neutral point of some transformers does not ground based on requirements of relay setting and avoiding communication interference for limiting single-phase short-circuit current. By this way, the neutral point would be overvoltage caused by lightning stroke or single-phase grounding faults. Moreover most transformers are graded insulation, so the the overvoltage hazards to neutral insulation is huge. We must set a protective device preventing such accidents from occuring. MRD-NP transformer neutral gap protector of our company is such a device for it. It is produced strictly as per DL/T620-1997 overvoltage protection and insulation co-ordination of AC electrical equipments, applicable to 110 kv and 220kv power system where transformer neutral point does not ground.


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