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This series of tyre are with good directional stability, driving power, brake force and anti-abrasion performance, long life, good buffer performance and operating stability.

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Q:I need snow tires... Studded?
I'm rocking the Blizzak WS70s this year and I've been very happy with them. Studs are an old technology these days. In fact, non-studded snow tires are actually starting to out perform studded tires. Yup, it's the future and it's pretty cool. Last 5 years I've been using the Nokian Hakkapeliitta. That is a badass tire but can be rather expensive in the larger sizes. Either one is fine.
Q:How to identify the type of car tires
Such as a tire size of 205/55 / R16 91V 205 - refers to the tire width of 205 mm. 55 - refers to the tire flat ratio, that is, the height of the section is 55% of the width. R - refers to the tire for the radial tire (the tire inner layer for the radiation tire manufacturing) 16 - refers to the rim diameter is 16 inches. 91 - refers to the load index 91, on behalf of the tire can bear the maximum load 615 kg, four tires is 615 × 4 = 2460 kg. V-refers to a speed level of 240 km / h
Q:Why are there tires on car tires? Why?
What food tread Pretend to understand! Lead block is to do the balance of the tires used to balance the tire, if you do not have a car to reach a certain speed will shake, the speed is high or low to see the lead block worse and less. There is no impact on the tires, not to mention eating tires.
Q:Tire Question.?
Im but I don't feel like looking. Let me know if Im close. Here I found it quick but they don't include tread depth(or lack of tread). Tire: Goodyear Eagle Speedway Radials Number of Tires: Left-side -- 1,575; Right-side -- 1,575 Tire Codes: Left-side -- D-4170; Right-side -- D-4172 Tire Circumference: Left-side -- 87.3 in.; Right-side -- 88.6 in. Technical Inspection Inflation: Left Front -- 26 psi; Left Rear -- 26 psi; Right Front -- 36 psi; Right Rear -- 36 psi Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front -- 16 psi; Left Rear -- 16 psi; Right Front -- 37 psi; Right Rear -- 33 psi Estimated Pit Window: Every 32-34 laps, based on fuel mileage.
Q:What is the consumption tax rate (tax) of the car tire tax?
The radial tires in the tire tires (radial tires) are tires in the tire structure in which the carcass cords are arranged in the radial direction and there are steel cords that are close to the circumference of the belt. Refurbished tires are exempt from consumption tax. The remaining car tires at a rate of 10% of the rate of consumption tax.
Q:What does the car tire V mean?
Indicates the speed level of the tire. V can not exceed 240km / h, there are other speed grades: Q: 160km / h, R: 170km / h, S: 180km / h, T: 190km / h; H: 210km / h; W: 270km / H; Y: 300km / h; Z: ZR speed is higher than 240km / h
Q:What are the car tires?
Indicates the rim size that matches the tire. Easy to use, such as "standard rim 5.00F".
Q:The difference between car tires 97v and 101w
97 represents a single tire maximum load of 730 kg, v represents a maximum speed of 240 km per hour; 101 that single child maximum load capacity of 825 kg, the maximum speed of 270 km per hour.
Q:How does car tires save?
Treasury to avoid direct sunlight. When the tire is stored, make sure that the tires are away from heat and ozone sources, such as heat pipes and generators. As the tire is a rubber product, so in the driving, parking or storage of tires must be careful not to oil, acid, flammable and chemical corrosion contact, otherwise it will cause corrosion, deformation, softening and so on.
Q:How to build a large car tires
This should be the quality of the Kumho tires after the General Motors for tire matching business, build a large car tires in the domestic sales of small, but the quality is no problem and is new; back to force; these domestic brand quality is almost can be assured to buy.

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