Motor Grader Sag Series Full Hydraulic : Sag120

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Motor Grader  Sag Series Full Hydraulic : Sag120

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Model NO.:SAG120



Export Markets:Global

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Production Capacity:500/Month

Product Description

Combines advantages of both hydraulic and mechanical transmission, which is powerful;
Rear axle applies no-spin differential lock technology, enhancing synchronization;
Large torque rotary motor and worm-gear case with overload protection, making the blade more powerful in ground leveling;
Hydraulically controlled inching technology produces outstanding low speed work; 
Step-less speed change, low gear-shifting impact and comfortable operation;
Joystick requires less exertion of physical force and less distance, is able to realize synchronous actions;
Tripple braking (when travelling, when parked, and assisted by the hydraulic system) leading to greater safety and reliability; 
Auto change of gears, easy to operate, highly efficient;
Speed range and initial gear can be set by operator, making operating extremely easy;
Intelligent reversing technology, reducing the time for direction shift; 
Engine cabin door on each of the two sides which can be opened wider, making maintenance points more accessible and giving more space for maintenance work;
Commonly used electrical devices centrally arranged, making it easier to check;
Filters centrally arranged, easier to access and maintain.

Engine Model4BTAA3.9-C125 (Stage II)
Rated Power/Speed93kW/2200rpm
Max. Torque/Speed480kW/1400rpm
Dimensions (Standard)6990mm×2280mm×3350mm
Operating Weight(Standard)8200kg

Motor Grader  Sag Series Full Hydraulic : Sag120

Motor Grader  Sag Series Full Hydraulic : Sag120

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Q:Tiangong PY180 grader Dachai after 6110 engine overhaul of the exhaust pipe to spray oil (crankshaft, pistons are changed) this is going to please God.
The oil may be too much, the exhaust pipe is stretched too much, the 6100 diesel engine is 4 litres, and the engine oil is not enough.
Q:What is a flat ground machine for large ground leveling? Who knows better?
In the domestic grader, it should be the maximum tractive effort.
Q:Which is better, the grader, the boring machine and the skimming machine?
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Q:31 floor machines hanging stalls, no aisle
Hello, after reading your description, I didn't find out what the problem wasIf you do not describe the problem clearly, it is difficult for you to answer the question to help you.I hope you can describe the questions you want as soon as possible in order to help you answer the questions as soon as possible. Thank you for your help. Thank you.
Q:Failure and maintenance of laser grader
he substitution method uses devices that have been identified as the best devices to replace suspected devices and gradually narrow the search area.3. comparison method"Comparative law" is the correct feature (or voltage waveform) characteristics and fault machine (or voltage waveform) are compared, waveform or voltage which component does not match, according to the logic circuit by measuring the signal from the pole, the pursuit of the direction of the source point detection and analysis to determine the fault location.4. measurementMeasuring method, also called static measurement, is to try to pause the computer in a certain state. According to the logic diagram, the meter is used to measure the required level and to analyze and judge the fault.5. liter temperature method"Ascending temperature method" is to artificially raise the environmental temperature, to accelerate some of the high temperature parameters of the poor components "death" to find fault.6. beat methodWhen the machine is running good or bad, may be the cause of the pin component element can weld or poor contact or metal through hole resistance increases the. In this case, the available on inspection method, tapped on the circuit board with a rubber hammer, and then check more easily.
Q:What's the reason for the slow response of laser graders?
The first kind is the large self-propelled grader, and the second type is the plain structure grader.
Q:How much is the grader at Lan Xiang school?
Divided into long-term and short-term classes, semester and learning content is different,
Q:How much nitrogen do you use for the wiper, or Grader?
What's the difference between a wiper and a flat landing machine?Chasing the answerA scraper is a grader. It's not the same
Q:The grader which is better, in the mountain.
It depends on what you do. My SG18-3, usually used to smooth, trenching, scraping slope, pushing earth, soil, winter snow nothing. Control operations are more flexible. There are several types of Shantui grader, generally quite good.
Q:Xugong and Liugong, which grader is good 20?
Xugong's best performance, service, and the market is still the largest Xugong

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