Motor Grader (MG165)CE 1500KG with China

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Product Description:

Motor Grader (MG165)CE 1500KG  with China

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:MG165


Type:Crawler Excavator

Usage:Special Excavator


Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission

Drive Type:Electric Drive


Bucket Capacity:1.0~1.5m³






Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.






Production Capacity:100

Product Description

MG165 motor grader

1. The engine of Cummins has reliable quality and big power output, which can ensure reliable power supply in various working conditions.
2. ZF gear box can supply more than 3 working speeds, which can ensure the reliability and flexibility of operation.
3. Special front and rear axles for graders are adopted to ensure reliable ensured.
4. The internationally advanced hydraulic technology is adopted in the braking system.
5. Newly sealed-hydraulic cylinder and all imported seal components can ensure no leakage of the hydraulic system.
6. Chassis framework and together with the slewing front drum can make sure that the turning radius is small while the flexibility is high.
7. The luxury steering room is completely sealed and with broad vision.
8. The grader's new and unique shape and streamlined engine hood made of toughened glass make maintenance easier and heat radiate faster.
Various optional auxiliary equipments are provided: Front bulldozers, rear rippers, automatic leveling unit and tooth-like rolling ring.

  Rated engine power
  Rated rotating speed
2300 r/min
  Blade (mm)
3965× 610
  Sloping angle for blade
  Swing angle
  Forward speed 1
  Forward speed 2
  Forward speed 3

Motor Grader (MG165)CE 1500KG  with China

Motor Grader (MG165)CE 1500KG  with China

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Q:Asphalt paver asphalt mixer jacking machine grader about how much money ah
Paver 300-400About 1 million of the graderImports and domestic differences are much older
Q:How much litres of gear oil do I need for Xugong Grader?
It's easy to see the transmission model; the 180 transmission model is WG180 and 165, and the transmission model is YD13.
Q:Are there any common specifications for grader tyres?
The following is a common method of tire specification:Example: 185/70R1486H185: tread (mm)70: flat ratio (height / tire tire width)R: meridian structure14: steel ring diameter (inch)86: load index (corresponding to the maximum load of 530 kg)H: speed code (for maximum safety, speed is 210 km / h)Speed code, maximum speed (km/h)M:130N:140P:150Q:160R:170S:180T:190U:200H:210V:240W:270Y:300
Q:Roadbed fill 1 sets of equipment (1 bulldozers, 1 grader, 2 sets of rollers, some truck) 1 days (1 day 8 hours) can fill how many normal?
The range is too big, you work faster, fill height and site foreman command
Q:What's the reason of the low oil pressure gauge in the gear box of Grader?
1. transmission oil level is low; 2. transmission oil filter block; 3. oil pump wear; 4. clutch cylinder leakage; 5. pressure regulator valve fault. Is it a grader, a ZF gearbox?
Q:Laser leveling machine know-how
Grader is the main machine for site leveling operation in highway construction. It can also be used in building engineering, water conservancy projects and farmland construction.
Q:Excavators, rollers, flat machines, dump trucks, loaders, wearing parts what? The more detailed the answer, the better
The most vulnerable parts of the chassis are the ground wheel, the chain, the guide wheel, and the axle wheel,
Q:Introduction and application of grader
Grader is the main machine used for shaping and leveling operations in earthwork. It is widely used in highway, airport and other large ground leveling operations. Grader has a wide range of auxiliary operation ability, because its scraper board can complete 6 degrees movement in space.
Q:What are the economic and durability years of rollers, pavers, graders and loaders?
Under normal circumstances, the quality of good, then reached ten years, the general eight years or so, the quality is slightly worse at six or seven pointsIf the frequency of use is too high and the method is improper, it will shorten its service life.
Q:What do you mean by engineering ground leveling and ground leveling?
Grader is divided into two types: tow and self-propelled. The towed grader is driven by special vehicles: self-propelled grader, engine driven, driven and operated. The former is less used because of its poor mobility and low operation efficiency. (L) according to the number of wheels and tires, according to the number of wheels and tires, they can be divided into four wheels (two shafts) and six wheels (three shafts), of which six wheels are the majority of the two. The layout form of flat locomotive wheel is expressed by total wheel number * driving wheel number * steering wheel number, and driving wheel number is more. Work produced in tractive force is greater; the number of steering wheel, flat machine turning radius is small, generally have the following arrangement: 1 wheels) four wheel grader: 4x2x2 type: rear wheel drive, front wheel steering; type 4x4x4: all wheel drive, all wheel steering wheel; 2) six grader: type 6x4x2: rear wheel drive, front wheel steering; type 6x6x2: all wheel drive, front wheel steering; type 6x6x6: all wheel drive, all wheel steering.

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