MotionSensor Lights / C21HI-TP

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The Motionsensor Lights detects people by infrared signals to control the light.

It supports plug and play at the entrance, bathroom, hallway and other locations for needs.




Product Features


●The light turn on automatically when a human body is detected nearby in a dark environment.


The light is on for 30 seconds which remains on if  movement is detected in the sensor range.



MotionSensor Lights   /    C21HI-TP     MotionSensor Lights   /    C21HI-TP 




Technical Parameters


       ModelPower WattageLuminous Flux   IPCCTCRI   Dimension(mm)               Input Voltage



Size Chart (mm)    C21HI-TP

MotionSensor Lights   /    C21HI-TP


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Q:Led night light can not check it
The LED lamp without battery should be checked by plane.
Q:LED patch Nightlight beads which model the long life
LED patch Nightlight beads life: in principle, the smaller the power use more time. But it is also related to the manufacturer and the process specifications.
Q:Such night light 24 hours with many kilowatts
Such night light power, less than one watt, 24 hours of electricity 0.024 degrees
Q:LED night light hurt the eyes?
Generally speaking, there will be no great harm. It must be better than the usual light.
Q:Nightlight 10W power consumption per hour?
Power consumption (kWh) = electrical equipment power (kW) * power consumption time (H)Nightlight 10W power consumption per hour =10W*1h/1000=0.01kWh
Q:A night of night light, how much power consumption using 1W?
Electricity =1w*8h=8w.h=8w.h/1000=0.008kw.h=0.008 degrees electricity.
Q:After the baby was born at night all night a bright night light, it is harmful to children?
Both adults and children, night long bright lights are not a good choice! Can affect the production of melatonin, and the child's physical development is very bad.
Q:What is the night light material
A metal lamp, snakeskin tube, lamp base, the best is LED, bright and energy saving, long service life, generally around 1--3W, can be the night light.
Q:Limiting LED Nightlight in circuit R2 how much value?
If the resistance is not found, the circuit is reliable and without protectionIf the voltage is unstable there, a protective resistor is required.
Q:Night room night light has an effect on the child
Effect of light on sleep as everyone knows the child's growth and development, the growth of children most of the time is in sleep, sleep will secrete growth hormone, so good sleep quality of children, natural health strong, strong resistance.

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