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Robot vacuum cleaner

Automatic clean your fllor when you enjoy your life


1.Accept Paypal, 1Year Warranty, Drop Ship
2.2500MA NI-MH battery
3.Auto recharging.

1. Clean on its own
Automatic sweeping, cleaning and vacuum pet hair, kitty litter and dry particless from any cement floors, tile, wood floor or short-hair carpet.
2. Programmable
Book the sweeping time during one week when you are away from home.
3. Remote control
Remote the robot in your convenience. It's fit for cleaning the specify space
4. Virtual wall
Which made the cleaner working at the confirmed area which you want it to clean
5. Side brush
Which helps to clean the dead angle and raises the sweeping efficiency
6. Auto recharge
The cleaner can seek charging station for charging automatically when the battery is run out. What's more, it can go on working after finished charging.
7. Stair avoidance detector assure
Which helps the cleaner won't drop from the stairs and table
8. Lift sensor
It'll stop working when children get it up, so it's very safe
9. Infrared ray
Which helps to reduce the running speed before the robot bump any obstacle robot vacuum cleaner
1. Virtual wall
2. Remote control
3. Charger
4. Charging station
5. Side brush
6. Filter screen
7. Rolling brush
8. 2*C battery

Robot vacuum cleanerSpecifications
Cleaner size345*345*105mm
Dustbin size130*55*65mm
Charging time5hours
Working time1-2hours
Width of sweeping148mm
Type of BatteryNi-MH
Noise level60db
Input Voltage100-240V
Output Voltage12V
Humidity range80%
Remote controlYes
Remote distance 6m
Time set-up systemYes
DetectorYes, infrared
Programme YES 
Main material ABS
Temperature range<40 centigrade 
Capacity of battery2500mAh
Running speed20meters
Cleaner capacity500ML 
Climbing angle <10
Auto cleanerYes
Number of sensor14pcs 
Auto charge systemYes
Anti-falling systemYes
Side brush functionYes
Virtual wallYes
Charging station size160*160*105mm
Carton size486*400*160mm


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Q:Why will my Sears Whispertone vacuum cleaner not turn on?
Do you need to push a reset button that stopped the beater brush when it got clogged with something (like a sock)? { i e how do you know the motor works if the switch does not turn it (what it?) on. - Hence my idea.)
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Q:s there a place that will let you rent vacuum cleaners for like a few hours or a day?
Yeah. More than one place actually.
Q:Why do you think there are headlights on vacuum cleaners?
So the dog will chase them.
Q:What is the difference between expensive and cheap robotic vacuum cleaners?
The for reviews.
Q:Do people know that dyson vacuum cleaners are ****?
all i can say on this matter is that as a builder i am often at the tip ..they have a pile of old vacuum cleaners Dyson's make up more than half of them!
Q:My PC won't startup properly after vacuuming...?
remove and refit all memory remove and refit graphics card remove and refit heatsink/fan
Q:What is the best vacuum to get?
Well, amongst folks with animals, the Dyson is the favorite. We had the supposedly top-rated (by Consumer Reports) Hoover Windtunnel upright prior to our Dyson (which Consumer Reports has no use for). There is no comparison. I have to empty the Dyson at least three times every time we vacuum our 1400 sf house. I could go a month without replacing the bag on the Hoover. Plus, Dysons don't catch fire. I've seen ads for other makes showing their models picking up ball bearings and all kinds of stuff. Next time I need to pick up hundreds of marble-sized steel ball bearings, I'll buy it.
Q:Handheld battery vacuum--is there one?
Hi, Hope this helps.

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