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Our PE net bag used for packing fruit,vegetables,wood,etc
Lenth: as your request
Colors:all kinds of colors                





20*28 cm




24*30 cm




26*36 cm




32*50 cm




35*60 cm




40*60 cm




red45*75 cm




50*80 cm




Specifications of mesh bag


2.Technic:monofilament,round silk
3.Size  Width:10---100cm
           Lenth: as your request
4.Normal Size:50x80,40x60,70x90 or as your request

5.Colors:all kinds of colors

6.Packing:2000pcs/bale,1000pcs/bale,CTN OR as your request


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Q:What is the difference between the film and the film
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Plastics to see if there are any recycling facilities that will accept other plastics. I focus on Reduce I avoid excess packaging as well as processed foods. I have found that eating real food dramatically reduces my waste.
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PVC resin powder, by model. In our country, the most common is SG-5, then SG-3, SG-7, SG-8 and so on. So what is the distinction between various types, commonly used in industry or the viscosity value of K indicates the average molecular weight of PVC (or the average degree of polymerization), is the length of the molecular chain of PVC, to determine and distinguish between resin grades and corresponding processing parameters. The molecular weight of the resin is related to the physical and mechanical properties of the product.
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not really, it may actually weaken the structure depending on the type of cement and what it's being used for. the best way to reinforce cement is to add steel rebar, this is one of the only known ways to actually make cement stronger and more durable for things like bridges and skyscrapers.

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