Mono Filanment high quality shade net

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Shade Sails & Enclosure Nets

Place of Origin:

Shandong China (Mainland)

Shade rate:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: roll packed with one strong PP bag with one color label piece packed with one strong PP bag with one color label;several pieces put in a carton

Delivery Detail:

15days after the order


Color :Black,Green,Red,Yellow,Blue,etc
Length: As your request
Width: 2~6m
Shade rate: 30%~95%,

Specifications :


100% HDPE Green Sunshade net


HDPE(High-density polyethylene)

Net weight

50-350gsm (as your request)

Net width

6'x20'(1.83mx6.1m),Or other size is available (6meters Max.)

Rolls Lengths

On request(10m,50m,100m,200m etc.)

Shade rate



Green,Black ,Yellow,gray...... ( as your request)


Warp knitted


CIBA( 1-5 year)

Supply capacity

5tons per month

Packing roll packed with one strong PP bag. piece packed with one strong PP bag and several pieces put in a carton. roll packed with one strong PP bag and several one put in a woven bag.

Terms of Payment

1.30% T/T in advance,70%T/T after copy B/L.

2.L/C at sight;L/C 30days;L/C 45days.

3.Western union.

Deliver time

30-45 days after the order confirmed or the deposit released

Function of shading net:

Shade net will Blocks sun &heat, Provides 75% More Shades, Lower temperature, Protect against harmful ultraviolet Rays

Used to provide shade against sunlight and control temperature

Shade net-can also be used-for-greenhouses to protect flowers, trees against frost ,and hail damage It can also used for playhouse ,temporary fencing,

shade fabrics give uniform shading and allow crops to retain more moisture. Our shades can help reduce temperature extremes on plants and slow heat loss at night.

Easy to install with optional accessories if necessary.

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You would not be able to tune a plastic pipe and understsand that no plastics can endure the carbon and heat from a scale rc engine. No matter what the plastic the header or the block will surely melt the pipe. You can make carbon fibre pipes that work exceedingly well but your best bet for sound, air compression and oil displacement is always going to be metal.
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Well many chemicals will dissolve plastic and then you have chemicals all over your work area. Plastic also melts easier and so when you have a reaction that involves heat it can melt the plastic. Glass beakers are much stronger and can stand more heat than plastic and most reactions that will involve a beaker should not get to a higher temp that will melt the glass.
Q:How can I dye plastic parts?
You can do a few things. Either way, it comes down to 'staining' as plastic parts don't have as many fibers as cloth materials do to hold onto color. First, you could get acrylic paint (at any art supply store) and paint the plastic part with a few coats (until thick so you can peel it off when it dries, wait for it to dry hard, not soft) In some circumstances you may be able to 'bake' or iron on color crystals or low melting point plastic beads to your item (though I wouldn't reccomend because your original item is plastic and though it may have a higher heat tolerance, I wouldn't want to risk ruining it (especially if it's part of a larger project) or there are rub on transfers usually intended for dressers, walls, etc, they will easily rub onto plastics as well (also in craft stores near the stencils for borders) they usually come with 1-2 sheets per package in a ton of different designs and a small wooden stick (looks like a cuticle pusher) to rub them on with. or you could always soak it in grape juice or wine or Rit (tie)dye.
Its a question of proper use vs. abuse. Plastics were originally developed as substitutes for rubber, wood and other natural substances that wre being depleted. That's good. It can substitute for metals in many lightweight applications with long life, lower cost and savings in energy. Look at car parts as an example. That's all good. But we live in a society where we throw things away. It is less expensive to buy new compared to repairing the old. So our landfills are filling up with non-biodegradable plastics. I've seen people toss empty soda bottles out of their car windows as they were driving. That's all bad. Recycling is the solution, and not being abusive of our environment.
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Some Chevy bumpers, especially front bumpers are constructed with integral crumple zones. Crumple zones are designed to absorb the force of impact; the crumple zones are designed to flex on impact. As the Chevy bumper flexes, the action of the bending bumper converts the kinetic energy of the car into heat. This way further damage to the car is prevented. Nowadays, car front bumpers are constructed out of rubber, plastic, urethane, fiberglass or painted light metal. These are also durable, though not as tough as the heavy steel used in the vintage cars, but technology has provided them with ways to divert danger away from the occupants of the vehicle. Chevrolet is continually finding ways to make them safer and more effective in shielding the owners from danger.
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Plastics can be formed in several ways including drawing or injection molding. For a helmet, there is a hard outer shell as well as a more compliant inner layer. The outer plastic spreads the energy of an impact over a larger surface area while the softer inner material compresses against your head. Some key words to look for: kevlar, manufacturing, thermoplastic, thermoset (the last two are families of plastics).

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