Moisture Resistant Drywall Gypsum Board

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CMAX Gypsum Board Drywall Introduction.

Your drywall can be virtually any shape, anywhere. Choose from a wide range of heavy-duty system options that provide code-compliant performance in both fire rated and non-fire rated applications with labor-saving advantages.

1.Gypsum Board Drywall Specification.

Convenient Construction

The plaster board can be constructed easily by nailing ,cuting and planing,and thus it becomes the first choice among home decoration materials.

Raw material

The gypsum board is characterized for lightness and high intensity,dryness operation, green environmental protect, convenient construction and good processing quality.








Surface treatment

Paper/PVC laminated/foil back

Production capacity


2.Gypsum Board of ceiling & wall partition system.

CMAX System is a modern, non-load bearing and quickly assembled on site. The system consists of Gypsum Board screw fixed to lightweight galvanized metal sections and joint finished with drywall system is suitable for all internal applications for commercial and residential.

Exquisite, Modern and Adjustable

CMAX drywall system provides smooth, seamless and crack-free wall surface. Thanks to the distinctive property of CMAX gypsum Board, it allows easy further decoration by either painting or wallpaper work. Moreover, a renovation can be done easily without any disturbance of office building structure.

Durable and Standard Quality

Materials and accessories of CMAX wall system are manufactured by state of the art technology in accordance with international standards, such as, British Standard and The American Society for Testing and Materials. Customers therefore can be assured of safety, standard quality and high durabiltity of PRANCE Wall systems.

Lightweight, Easy to Install and Economic

CMAX wall weight much less than masonry partitions of comparable thickness, thus providing real savings in structural design. This enables quick and easy installation, and produces time and cost savings.

Specially Designed and Patented Materials of Gyproc

High quality galvanized CMAX frame metal sections of drywall system are manufactured by state of the art technology called drywall STEEL, to reinforce the cross section of metal sections. C-Stud is also specially designed to be easy when connected, which suits applications requiring extra strength or for length extension of C-Stud. Ready-punched holes from factory provide excellent incorporation of services.

Applicable to Various Usages as Required

CMAX wall system can be designed to suit various types of office application.
Office buildings requiring extra fine resistance, standard drywall system can provide a half-hour fire resistance. Other drywall Systems are also available to provide resistance up to 2 hours.

Other special properties such as heat insulation wall, high moisture resistant wall, acoustic wall, can also be provided by drywall system.

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Q:how to take down plasterboard to install insulation and then replace board.?
It sounds like you will need to break apart, insulate properly and replace with new Plasterboard. I don't think there's a way to remove it without damaging.
Q:Can I mount my TV & wall mount on plasterboard without a stud?
You're okay. Just drill 6-7 holes and rapidly insert wet glue in there, then stick the tv in there
Q:Does sheetrock(plasterboard) for a ceiling normally sit on top of the sheet rock for the walls.?
ceiling first so as to have a tight seam at the wall, it does not really hold it up per say but allows the installer not to have to cut the rock tight to the wall when installing the ceiling rock.....always cut ur ceiling rock 1/4 less then ur measurement to allow easier installation....if u will check my answers page i detail this in a earlier question...... lic. gen. contractor
Q:How can I stop my budgie from pecking holes in the corners of my plasterboard walls?
you are able to setting up floor fixed twine mildew to cover the wires. that's a contravention of the electrical powered code to run gadget means cords via a wall so which you should no longer legally run any a hundred and twenty volt cables that way. you are able to be breaching a firewall and a valid barrier, which this may well be because of fact it has insulation in it (this may well be actual no rely if that's a shared social gathering wall) . no rely if that's an outdoors wall, you're breaching the vapor barrier and lowering the climate seal on the residing house, additionally a destructive theory. additionally, that's a code violation to run a hundred and twenty volt cable and occasional voltage communication cable throughout the time of the comparable beginning in a hid partition. the only secure selection for concealing the wires in the wall may well be to apply suitable recessed backboxes with properly supported cable between them -- as that's achieved whilst residences are outfitted to accomodate wall mount television's. There must be 2 separate container systems, or a divided container and separated raceways, for the line voltage and occasional voltage cables. My suggestion is patch the holes you have made and run divided wiremold with channels for the two diverse voltages (your development or electric grant keep could have it).
Q:What are the advantages of gypsum board ceiling?
There are two major advantages: first with gypsum board for the ceiling, the weight is only 1/3 of the brick wall, in addition it has excellent fire performance, Sina decoration grab the foreman's decorative function, unique design style, gypsum board surface also do Very smooth, good workability. I hope you can adopt my advice.
Q:Can you hang a large mirror on a plasterboard wall?
Yup, just like the answer before mine say's you need the proper wall-anchors for it and you will all set.
Q:experianced plasterers help me please!!! Can Plasterboard be applied over a shocking wall?
Interesting terminology. Yes, you can put plasterboard or drywall over existing plaster. However, are there any plumbing or electrical considerations? How will you trim corners, baseboards, doorways, etc ? Usually it is smarter to remove the old material before applying new. ps It is wise to remove all loose plaster, as it may release and lodge in the way while applying the new board. Of course, if the whole wall is loose, you have nothing to glue to, and trying to nail or screw plasterboard over plaster is often hopeless.
Q:Will the mirror be glued to the plaster board?
You can stick double-sided tape glass glue, but the glass gel to use the neutral Oh
Q:Gypsum board partition with what norms
7, the installation of gypsum board should be from the middle of the board to the four sides of the plate fixed. The head slightly into the board 0.5 ~ 1.0mm, and shall not damage the paper. 8, gypsum board seams should be used to supply the supply of joints with seams and seams with joints. Gypsum board and the surrounding wall or column should be 3mm slot, in order to carry out cracking treatment. Note that can not be used full of putty instead of caulking putty. 9, the angle should be the angle of protection, vulnerable to the collision site of the sun angle should adopt the metal angle; non-vulnerable parts of the sun angle should be used metal corner paper tape.
Q:Do you use a gypsum board to make a wall that is neither strong nor clean?
Gypsum board can generally do partition, sound insulation is very good. And the construction is convenient. But the wall can not hang something only. When the wall is made, it is usually pre-installed keel frame, and then the gypsum board installed on the keel, and then paint or paste wallpaper, and the concrete wall looks no different. As long as the keel is strong, then the gypsum wall is very strong. However, because the essence of gypsum hard, but not suitable for hanging in the above things, so similar to the frame painting is not suitable for direct suspension, unless you find the keel, nail on the keel above Caixing. If there is no hanging weight, then the gypsum wall is still very practical.

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