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Product Description:

Specifications of Module 2 HSS Gear Hobs


-  Material: steel M2 
-  Accuracy: Class A 
-  Coating: TIN 
-  Delivery Time: within 20 days  


Technical Parameters of Gear Hobs


- Material: W6Mo5Cr4V2 (M2)

- Accuracy: Class A

- Outside Diameter: 55

- Core Diameter: 50

- Inner Bore: 22

- Length: 70

- Pressure Angle: 20°

- Lead Angle: 2°20'

- Number of Slots: 12

- Number of Thread: Single

- Direction: Right-Handed Rotation (Straight Flute)

- Coating: TIN

-  Module: 2

- Size: (mm.)



Coating and Material of gear hubs


For material

We provide you materials as follows for you reference


High speed Steel M2

- Component: W6Mo5Cr4v2,

- Delivery Hardness ≤ 255HB

- Harding Temperature: 1220-1240 Degrees

- Hardness ≤ 63 

- Common Used Material


High Speed Steel M35(S705) Provided by the Bohler in Austria.

- Co4.8%

- Hardness≥ 64HRC

- High Toughness HSS

- High wearability

- High Pressure Resistant

- Resistance to Sintering

- Better Material


Powder Metallurgy The Best Material


Wide Range of Option Providing the Following Hobs 

- Standard Gear Hobs

- Pre-shaving Hobs

- Pre-grinding Hobs

- Involute Spline Hobs

- Parallel Side Spline Hobs

- Worm Wheel Hobs

- Sprocket Hobs

- Chamfering Hobs

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